Sexy Chefs!

      The title of this blog is surely going to seem uncomfortable to some, but, you will also agree that there is definitely something sexy about men in the kitchen, or should I say, male chefs! Everytime you switch on some cookery channel, you will find men in their crisp white uniforms, with the chef’s hat ( or is it cap?) swinging around in the kitchen, preparing some or other mouth-watering recipe. There are women chefs,  too, but, men make it far more interesting, except for Nigella Lawson! Be it Gordon Ramsay (agreed, the guy is somewhat  crazy, but he is surely a sight to see!), or be it our very own Sanjeev Kapoor, men do make better chefs than women…..definitely more entertaining! Whoever said that cooking is a woman’s job, or that a kitchen is a female domain, is surely going to curse me and call me  names, but, this is what I feel.
    I do have proof of what I am talking! My husband of 16 years is a man passionate about food. Yes, his physique will vouch for it!  I remember, when we were to get married, he assured my parents that they need not worry about their daughter as he could cook everything, except chapatis so, I would never go hungry!! 🙂 But, it was only when I saw him in action- in the kitchen, that my heart skipped a beat! Sundays would be my favourite days as I didn’t have to bother about what to prepare for breakfast ,lunch or dinner……I got whatever I asked for, prepared with much love and presented in a very professional manner. I used to get a feeling that Sundays were spent in restaurants!  He would cook anything that we asked of him. It was such a relief! It really felt like Sunday! Now that he is a busy guy with a hectic social life, I really miss those Sundays.
       For your information, hubby can cook anything, from mutton biryani to veg dishes and everything in between… you name it.. In fact, 90% of what I know today, i learnt from him! I really wasn’t all that keen on learning what my mum tried teaching me before marriage. But, thankfully for my husband,  I just had to scream from the kitchen when some thing went wrong. In would breeze my knight in shining armour to save my honour! He is such a sight to see when in the kitchen. Be it chopping, sautéing, roasting or frying….the love that he puts in it all is to be seen to be enjoyed. And at such times, I stay out of the kitchen. I only enter once he has had his party (read, once he has finished cooking). Then I have mine…well, the kitchen needs to be cleaned up!!
      A friend of mine is equally passionate about cooking. When I ask him what he had for dinner, he not only tells me what he ate, but also tells me how he prepared it. It feels like I have been handed  a menu card of some high-end restaurant! I can only imagine what a sight he must be, zipping about in his kitchen, deftly handling the cooking equipments and dishing out yummy cuisine for his family!  The passion with which these guys  not only cook, but also explain the entire procedure, speaks volumes about how much they love the act of cooking. And, I think, this passion for food and their culinary skills, is what makes them confident enough to handle all those tools as well as themselves in a female-dominated area and that is exactly what makes such men look SEXY in the kitchen!..(.as opposed to those clumsy fellows who would be all lost if asked to spend a minute in there!). They all look super cute,  indulging their fantasies of being some big shot, super chefs, dishing out exotic stuff for hungry souls! I am sure wives of such men will agree that it is akin to watching a live cookery show!
   Ahh!! It’s been quite a while since I watched a cookery show myself! I think tonight I will plead with hubby darling to revive old memories on one of these days. It will give me a chance to just put up my feet and feast my eyes on my super, sexy chef in action!

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Do you know the secret to living a happy life? Eat. Pray. Love. Or, watch what you eat, wish well for all and fill your heart with love! That's precisely what I try to do through my blogs: 'Metanoia', the wellness blogazine, and 'Fictionista', my blog for fiction and non-fiction. Welcome to my virtual homes!

8 thoughts on “Sexy Chefs!

  1. Haha!
    I'm not sure if men make better chefs, but yes, I have heard quite a few women say about the 'oomph' factor in men who know their way around a kitchen and can whip up the tasty meals. 😉

    I'll share one of my posts via PM too.


  2. Hahaha.. I can totally agree with you Shilpa!
    Male chefs really look drop dead gorgeous!
    Some examples- Gordon Ramsay *_* , Joe Bastianich *_* , and closer to home: Vikas Khanna *_*

    I've done a blog post in which I have called myself Mrs. Gordon Ramsay (Yeah, that's the extent to which I have crush on him!) Check it out here:

    Happy eating (and star-gazing in the kitchen! 😛 )


  3. Wow Shilpa you are a licky girl to get restaurant food every Sunday. My hubby did not know how to light the gas,till 50 years of our marriage. Later on,he HAD to enter the kitchen, The whole family, incuding the maid, fell ill.I can write my next blog on this. Good idea!
    I agree that male chefs are sexy and great cooks. At home these ''experts'' don't know the way to their kitchen.


  4. Agree agree, most of the male chefs are so hot and sexy. Its like if they weren't a chef they could have a successful career as a model somewhere. Makes watching them cook even more interesting and fun doesn't it? Oh off to find a cooking show on TV to watch. 🙂


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