Memories of my college days.

                It has been more that 20  years since I left college, but even after all this time, I have not been able to forget a single day of those three  memorable years I spent at my alma mater. And, I met but one friend from back then, instead of the three, in whose search I hopped on to FaceBook!

               I studied at a women’s university. And, let me tell you, it felt so comfortable there! My friends from other colleges would ask me how we girls survived without any eye candy! But, frankly, I never missed any. Having just girls all around was very comforting. Wear anything, sit anywhere, behave any way you want…no bothers. No bothers about boys whistling, or their cat calls, or their comments on our clothes, or getting harassed for no fault of ours.  If I got a chance, I would do it all over again. Get enrolled in that very same college and have all the fun, all over again.

            There are some memories that stand out. Like, this particular girl in  my class, who loved dressing up  like a boy. I remember the first day of college. I had been late in getting an admission, so I had missed out on some days. So, there I was, sitting comfortably in my new class, surrounded by girls, and suddenly the door opened and in popped  this boy! Our professor stopped mid-sentence, turned at ‘him’ and asked ‘him’ to settle in quickly. I was aghast! What was a boy doing in our college? I looked with a huge question mark at the girl sitting next to me, who giggled and told me ‘he’ was a ‘she’!  It took me many days to get comfortable around ‘her’. Whenever we all sat in the canteen, having our girlie talks, like clothes or  skin care, and she asked about some or other skin problem, or some new outfit, I would look at her in wonder… and wonder whether all that I heard had really come from a girl!

           There is an incident that I can never forget. On the day of our annual function, where I was a part of a group who was to perform a classical dance number, I had invited my parents and younger brother to encourage us all. At the entrance was ‘she’ managing the invitees. The moment my parents and brother stepped in, she stopped them. “No boys allowed!”, she said sternly to my brother. Thankfully, I was right there to ask her to let him in as he was my  younger brother. The look on my brother’s face told me, had I not been there, he would have broke into a fight with ‘her’! He hissed at me,”If boys aren’t allowed, what is HE doing here?” I shushed him and told him, that ‘he’ was a ‘she’. My brother’s jaw dropped down to the ground!

           Oh! There are such wonderful memories — and some funny ones, too — of those days. I get all  nostalgic, and desperate! I am repeating it here, but, if there really had been a time machine, I would rush back to those carefree days of my college life, gather all my long lost friends, and relive those fun days all over again.



NaBloPoMo November 2014

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