Do I enjoy growing old or do I fight against it?

Enjoy ageing!

  As we reach our 40s, the one question that keeps popping in our head is, “Am I growing old?” We have reached middle age, of course we are bound to get edgy!  I mean, who enjoys growing old? Or, being called, “Oldie”?

I did find the whole progression rather interesting, though! After celebrating my 40th birthday, I began reflecting on my past, noticing the changes in me, my body and my personality, my attitude towards life, and I began feeling good I was inching towards old age. Although, age is just a number for me, and I take good care of myself and don’t feel a day above 21, it’s not something I can deny, right? I am growing old!

Well, I don’t cringe anymore when kids address me as, “Aunty!”

So, frankly, I am enjoying growing old!  There are some aspects of ageing that get my thumbs up. The maturity, the intuition, the perception that I have gained thanks to the passing years, have helped me become a better human being. Or so, I would like to believe! They have helped me change my perspective, accept people and situations as they are, and view the world and not cringe with discomfort.

About the situations I can not change – well, I am learning to live with them. We really don’t have a choice, do we? Life isn’t in our control, nor is people’s behaviour. We may as well learn to live with it all, for, it will soon pass. My old age mantra – “This, too, shall pass!” helps me each time.

With age, I have learnt to treasure the people who have come into my life, more than the ‘things’ that I have been accumulating. It is because of age that I know the difference between the two, and the importance that needs to be given to the former, and not the latter.

However, the visible aspects of ageing like wrinkles and grey hair, achy joints and a dipping enthusiasm, are things that make me agitated. Oh, and the terrible mood swings, too!

There was a time, though,  not long ago, when I dreamt of “growing old gracefully”. My friends would nod their heads and look at me with the “we shall see” look. But, the sighting of the first grey on my crowning glory made me run to get it ‘fixed’.

‘Lines’ now mean something that I see more on my face than on the pages of a book!  Fine lines and laugh lines keep appearing like apparitions out of the blue! One day they aren’t there, and the next day there are two!  Thankfully, there are quick fixes for all these oldie problems!

That must make me sound shallow, right?  Where’s the wisdom that I gained with age gone? I know, there will be a time not far from today, when I will be all wrinkly and grey. There will be a time, when my joints will creak under my weight and my vision will be blurry; when I will have not sparkling white teeth, but shiny, golden ones! But, that’s life!

We keep changing our ‘clothes’ from time to time. But, we also keep gaining so much with every change. And, it is best that we take it all in our  stride and keep moving ahead, with our head held high and our spirits, higher! Don’t they say that wine tastes better with age? The same applies to us, humans, too!

NaBloPoMo November 2014

Published by shilpagupte

Do you know the secret to living a happy life? Eat. Pray. Love. Or, watch what you eat, wish well for all and fill your heart with love! That's precisely what I try to do through my blogs: 'Metanoia', the wellness blogazine, and 'Fictionista', my blog for fiction and non-fiction. Welcome to my virtual homes!

17 thoughts on “Do I enjoy growing old or do I fight against it?

  1. I’ve been thinking a lot about growing old/er. And I’ve realised, just like you, that there’s no point in struggling with the inevitable. I don’t much mind the physical aspects of it other than the loss in stamina but that is mostly because I haven’t been consistent with my exercise. Also, the first time someone called me aunty in the gym I kind of freaked, but I have learnt to be okay with it since then. It’s fine I think, like you say – Old wine :-).

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  2. At 65, there are physical issues, yes. But keeping a zest for life is a part of aging that is so necessary. The culture of the United States does not value aging and that has to change.

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  3. Your post polarized me to accept my age as some number in the 40’s sequence, stealthily approaching to that of 50’s!
    Till date, I used to change the camps for my convenience when it came to accepting age! If it suited me, I thought of myself as a young lady not a day older than 21 as you mentioned. Hahaha!!! And when giving someone “gyaan”, i used to flaunt my grays!!!
    Hmm..not any more! Wine is a good analogy that goes well down my throat too…

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  4. Oh Shilpa I simply love the way you have embraced your growing old . It is something we all have to face and far better we accept it rather than fight it . Of course we miss the agility of youth, the energy and the vigour. But then we have the wisdom and experience to enjoy life with more pleasure .

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  5. Oh I was nodding as I was reading it Shilpa; you have penned it down so so well. Yup I had the same epiphanies when I hit 40….
    My mantra is to be fitter and healthier now and also to cherish the small stuff in life – I am over the material aspects and wishlists of travels, clothes, etc.
    40s I feel are so sorted and calm!
    Unlike you I am awaiting the white in my hair- I hope it happens fast as I just love the salt and pepper look to death! 😉

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  6. Its a losing battle so I have just accepted it! As someone with a decade ahead of you I can confidently say, lines add character, the additional weight lends substance to anything I say and there is help to deal with salt and pepper hair
    I do strongly object to ‘Aunty’ though…

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  7. Strangely, I am quite happy with my age. Yes, I am reminded that we are getting older and that is inevitable. I, however, feel very proud of how I’ve earned my lines and wrinkles especially in terms of my family and work. The two things I dislike about this aging are working harder to stay in shape and the horrible hormonal fluctuations as we edge closer to menopause. Rest, I am much more self assured now.

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  8. Well, when I get to 40s I will tell you how I feel but now somedays, I want to go back to 20s. To that zone of carefree living and not worrying about parents’ health so on and so forth. So growing old, I am more thinking about my loved ones than my own self. Good food for thought post, Shilpa!

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  9. I have a friend here who hates it if my daughter calls her Aunty. My daughter is 18. It got me thinking as to how I perceive age. I think I like it. I love the white hairs and the laughter lines. I love the relaxation life is bringing as I grow older and most of all I love my kids growing up.

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  10. I still cannot believe you are in your forties! I honestly thought you were my age. I will admit I’m not a fan of the greys in my hair and have got them touched up. The lines have started slowly but probably will hit later. In any case, at the moment, people still seem to think I’m in my twenties so hopefully, I’ll look like I’m in my thirties when I hit 40!

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    1. Hahaha…thank you, Sanch! That’s a huge compliment! ❤ I guess, I ought to thank my genes for the youthfulness! 😛
      And, you are lucky, too! I too thought you were in your late twenties!
      Lucky we!!!


    1. Yes, Shilpa! Mid forties to be precise, and I can’t believe it, either!
      I still have to fall in love with my greys…guess in a few years’ time I will. Fat isn’t present, touchwood. It’s just the hormonal changes that drive me mad that I have to get used to.


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