A hug a day…

I meet and greet my close ones with a hug. Unless I do so, I just don’t feel I have met them. It feels wonderful and warm and loved when mum hugs me. When dad hugs, it feels like I am a little girl all over again. It’s another matter, that dad still thinks of me as a little girl, who needs his help in anything and everything.
           Hugging my best friend is absolutely amazing, as we meet once in a couple of months, Wish we could do it over the phone. But, whenever we meet, we simply wrap each other in one big bear hug and we can feel all the stress melt away! And, the best hug is reserved for my son, Chikoo. Because when I hug him, I not only feel his overpowering love, but also his soft, satiny fur, his warm breath and his sloppy kisses! Although, such moments are few and far between ( Chikoo likes his space! ), whenever they do occur, I simply make the most of them.
            A hug, they say, has some  very good effects on the body and the mind. It helps release the feel good hormone, Oxytocin, which makes us feel warm and loved within. I fully agree with it. In fact, I think, that God gave  us two arms just so that we could wrap them around our loved ones and help drain away all the stress and tension that builds up from going through the  ups and downs of life. But, I do feel bad for people who have inhibitions regarding the proximity that is required for hugging. They don’t realise how much they miss out on! 
          Just one hug can totally change a grumpy child into a chirpy little birdie , can relax a stressed out spouse and refresh a troubled and  lonely grandparent in an instant, making her feel wanted and cared for! So, come on! Go all out and hug your people. Make their day. What is it that holds you back? 

* Priya, this one’s just for YOU! 

NaBloPoMo November 2014+

Published by shilpagupte

Do you know the secret to living a happy life? Eat. Pray. Love. Or, watch what you eat, wish well for all and fill your heart with love! That's precisely what I try to do through my blogs: 'Metanoia', the wellness blogazine, and 'Fictionista', my blog for fiction and non-fiction. Welcome to my virtual homes!

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