A blessing.

                 Vicarious. it means, experienced in the imagination, through the feelings and actions of another person.

The word just popped into my head today, and had me thinking if I have ever enjoyed or experienced something vicariously.  And, as if in answer, my nephew, P, came bounding down his room, waving his storybook, shouting excitedly “Ma, you promised me you would read the rest of the story today! Come, let’s go and read!”

Yes, my nephew calls me, Ma. That’s short for Mami (aunt) in Marathi. It also means mother. And, because he is my sis-in-law’s son, people  find it odd why he calls his aunt, Ma. Well, he calls me so because of  a request I made my sis-in-law the day he was born. I asked her if she could teach him to call me Ma, as Chikoo won’t be able to call me so. The overwhelming sense of happiness, contentment on being called, “Mother”, is incomparable to anything, ever. That is what I realised when he began calling me, Ma. That is what I realise today, when he demands I leave all work aside and tell him a story, or cook his favourite meals, or play with him, in short, do all the things his mother does for him. Through him, I am experiencing motherhood. Through him, I am experiencing a blessing bestowed upon women by our Creator.

I also experienced pregnancy vicariously. My dear sis in law took me through this journey: morning sickness, food cravings, mood swings, the baby’s movements, everything. She would tell me what she was experiencing at any time of the day, and how it felt. The baby kicking and moving within her womb, kicked and moved within my heart. It was such a gratifying experience, which would not have been possible without her. And, for that, I will remain ever so grateful to her. I may not know the intricate details about the physiological changes that a woman undergoes during pregnancy. I may not know anything about the pain that she goes through during labour.  But, I do know how it  feels to be a mother.

I am glad we humans have this ability to learn about  things from others that we can’t experience ourselves. I could experience a miracle that is childbirth. I am sure there are countless people out there, who have experienced many such joys vicariously. Isn’t that a blessing?

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15 thoughts on “A blessing.

  1. How beautiful this bond that you share with your nephew is, Shilpa. Before I had my own kids, I had something similar with my sister's daughter. She was literally born in my arms. Her first few months were spent in my house and I loved her fiercely. Today, she is almost sixteen, and I feel like she is my first born. The beautiful bond continues.


  2. Pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood are such incredible experiences on their own. To be able to experience them through another person…that is a whole other kind of pjenominon. Truly, what a blessing it is to have such a companionship and for a baby to be born to not one but two doting mothers…!! Wow. What a post.


  3. That is so sweet Shilpa. You, your sister-in-law and your nephew are all so special. It takes an incredibly sensitive person to feel motherhood the way you have.


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