We women, and our men.

                  While on the topic of husbands…

                  Hindus celebrate a festival, called Vat Pournima. It is a festival observed in the Western Indian states. Pournima,  means the full moon, and Vat is  the Banyan tree. So, this day is celebrated on the full moon day in the month of June, when women pray for the longevity and prosperity of their husbands by tying a thread around the banyan tree.
              Women observe a fast for their husbands for the entire night, till the next morning. After ending their fast, they worship the banyan tree, sprinkling water and wrapping  threads around the tree trunk, after which they go 7 times around the tree, praying for the well-being of their husbands.

             On this day, one can see many women dressed in bridal finery, gathered around a banyan tree, offering their prayers. I was not quite aware of this day, I mean, the specific date of this festival. So much was the extent of my ignorance that one fine day, I just stepped into the elevator of our building to see a neighbour, all dressed up and holding a pooja thaali.  I enquired what was the occasion, to which she looked at me with ridicule and replied that it was Vat Pournima, didn’t I know that? !
           I would keep hearing from others how they wished for not only the well being of their husbands, but also prayed for the same life partner for the next seven births. Phew! Living with the same man for seven lives! Do men wish for similar things?
          For that matter, do men even celebrate such a festival, when they pray for the well being and prosperity of their wives, and ask for the same wife life after life? I have my doubts on that. We keep hearing about their inside jokes, that if they can tolerate their wives day in, day out, then they can very well tolerate their crazy bosses! And, also about  how they feel that variety is the spice of life! 
          Hmm…variety. Isn’t it so true? I mean, we keep believing that change is constant. We keep changing our wardrobe, our hairstyles, our interests, just to add some zest to our  life. Then why not change life partners? I mean, why not pray for a different life partner in the next birth? We keep grumbling about our husbands all the time, don’t we?  Then, why be hypocrites and pray for the same guy for each and every birth we get?  Come on, girls, have a break!

        Pray for that hunk of a guy you secretly drool over each time he comes on the screen and sets it on fire! Pray for that very understanding and sensitive guy you keep unconsciously comparing your husband with! Pray for anybody you wish! Who knows, you might not even be born a woman in your next birth!

      Jokes apart, why not pray for a good life with the guy you are with, in this life? Why not pray to God to bless your man with some extra patience on days when you are going through a tough time? And, why not badger the husband, and ask him to pray for your longevity and prosperity?!

*Note: This post is not written with the aim of instigating you girls in any way. It is just a different, slightly humorous way of looking at life and its ways. A little bit of fun never harmed anyone, did it? 🙂


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