Live and learn.

             Today, I read a post by my blogger friend, Vidya Sury, on the greatest teacher of all: Life. It felt like I had been nudged out of my reverie. It  does happen quite often, that we read an article in a newspaper, or a page out of a book while casually leafing through it and we stumble across the precise words that we need to hear/read at that moment. We are awakened out of our slumber and given a light knock on our heads. It feels as if the Big Guy sitting up there is telling us, “Wake up, you nut case! Wake up and get your a** moving!”

           And all  the dreams that we had been chasing in  bright daylight scurry  like a herd of rabbits, bringing us to our senses. That’s Life! She  (as Vidya correctly says that “Life can only be a ‘she’ for being so patient and awesome!”) does care about us, corrects us when we go wrong, teaches us lessons when we really need to learn them and leave us enlightened and enriched ! What would we do without such a kind teacher!

          I wonder why we discontinue learning once our formal education comes to an end ?  Why do we consider ourselves Mr/Ms Know-alls, when, in fact, this learning is a life long process?  At every stage, in every situation, we learn something that leaves an impact on our minds; a lesson, which helps us on our journey. There have been some things that I, too,  have  learnt – some, the hard way, and some, quite subtly. Life is pretty considerate, that way, isn’t she? She knows us much better than we do!

          Like, today, as I was reading a religious text, I came across a line that said that I was supposed to make use of the skills I had been blessed with and not just while away my time. What would be the difference between me and an animal if all I did was eat and sleep? And, just a while later, I read this post by Vidya, that prompted me to open up my lappy and type this post! My writing skills received some much needed greasing, and my mind, some much needed exercise!

        And, it is not just life that teaches us lessons, but, death does, too! It teaches us how momentary everything in this world is. Here today, gone tomorrow! So, call up mum! Everyday! Instead of tiring your fingers and straining your retina by texting all the time, simply call up the person! Hearing your loved one’s voice at the other end, listening to their tinkling laughter, brings about such an amazing warmth to the heart! You never know when will be the next time you hear that voice! Or, if you ever will!

       These days, as we see skinny females strutting about their so-called perfect bodies, my heart goes out to those who spend endless agonising hours, criticising themselves for not being like those screen goddesses. What a pity! Why is it that we don’t love ourselves for how we are! And, whoever said that those zombies you see on the catwalk are ‘beautiful’? No, they are not! They are starved, malnourished, pathetic, sad creatures, desperate for some attention!  Taking care of our bodies and minds, loving ourselves the way we are, will bring about a confidence that will bring a natural glow to our faces! Therefore, repeating these lines to myself, I have finally begun caring and loving the ‘me’ that I see in the mirror. Exercise well, eat right and look sexy! Be an enigma to the world around you and have some fun: that is my mantra!

        You know, Life does a good job on us all; it’s just that we need to trust her well, and watch everything fall into its rightful place at the rightful time!

        And, finally, the latest lesson I have learnt, is keep your posts not-too-short and not-too-long, and watch the footsteps coming your way increase! So, ciao for now! Until later…

      Take care,
       Love yourself,
       And, keep smiling!  🙂

Today’s post has been written for Wordy Wednesday.
Today’s prompt: Letter E. 



Published by shilpagupte

Do you know the secret to living a happy life? Eat. Pray. Love. Or, watch what you eat, wish well for all and fill your heart with love! That's precisely what I try to do through my blogs: 'Metanoia', the wellness blogazine, and 'Fictionista', my blog for fiction and non-fiction. Welcome to my virtual homes!

23 thoughts on “Live and learn.

  1. This post was so appropriate for me – thank you. This is why. For the past few months, I have been constantly asked after a speaking gig……. Why did you have to go through all that? How did you not get bitter or angry? My answer, depending on the circumstance, goes something like this: If I had not gone through all that trauma, I would be in no position to help the hundreds and even thousands of people who need empathy from someone who has been down their path. My talk show is a result of all the “past stuff” and now helps so many. So, not only is life a teacher but so much more.


  2. I just read Vidya's post… and true why should we stop learning. There are so many life lessons that we need to learn, sometimes unlearn .. it's never-ending. I feel Death is probably the strongest teacher… it helps you sort out whats important and what's not.


  3. How absolutely wonderful to read this, Shilpa. Sometimes epiphanies come from the most unexpected places and we must always be grateful for all the lessons that life can teach us. Blessed is your life. I am so glad you appreciate it and put it down for us to read as well 🙂


  4. I enjoyed reading this wonderfully introspective post. It was almost like following your footsteps as you wandered around the corners of your mind and heart, resulting in these insights about life, learning and progressing. The older I get, the more I am convinced that real learning actually begins when the formal education ends! Thank you for this post, Shilpa. Helpful reminders.


  5. Well said that life is a teacher. How often we choose to learn however is up to us. But I also agree with Carol that life is so much more – I like to think of it as a journey that enigmatically unfolds.


  6. Yes, Carol. I agree with you. I, too, have had incidents happening in my life that did make me bitter and angry, but I held on, kept going. ANd, as a result, today I am a much better person than I was earlier. Today, I can empathise and understand people and their minds much better, and that in turn makes me feel so good about myself. It makes me proud that I am not the sort who would hurt people and move ahead with my ego intact but with another heart broken . I am glad I held on to life and let her lead the way. I am in a much better position today!


  7. Thank you Shailaja!
    Yes, epiphanies come from the most unexpected places and thankfully we have been blessed with such receptive minds that we not only listen to these, but also implement on these! At times, I feel that Life must be feeling much more grateful for us having learnt from her, than vice versa! 🙂


  8. Almost everything that made me who i am today, I learned outside the pages of textbooks. Life taught me so many lessons – some scary, some blissful – but they moulded me. And it is a journey that will continue. No matter how much I think I finally know everything, there will always be a situation which will teach me something I had not realized yet about myself


  9. Life teaches us some unforgettable lessons, doesn't she?
    I'd have to mirror what Roshan said and reiterate that most of the things that I've learnt – are from my experiences. And it definitely nudges us out of our reverie at times.


  10. Oh yes! She does teach us some unforgettable lessons, and mostly through some bitter experiences. And, I feel we all ought to go through these, to learn things and come out smarter and saner.


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