The lucky ones.

 Mira stood staring at the showcase which was stacked with baby socks and shoes in every pastel hue. There were dainty socks in  baby pink and powder blue and lemon yellow and virgin white. All sprinkled with a generous amount of polka dots and teddy bears and puppy pictures all over them. Some also had a delicate lace at the top, and some, satin ribbons. The tiny shoes too came in a wide  range of designs and colours. Blue, white, red, pink, yellow,  with  pictures of baby animals, stars and odd shapes and cartoon figures.
      She gazed at it, hypnotised by  all the rich stuff in front of her. She felt she could spend her entire life in this shoe shop! How lucky these  kids were! All the fancy stuff they could have for themselves as soon as they stepped into this world! It made her envious of the lives they lived, the comfort and the luxury they were blessed with. Oh, what she would give to be born  to families that could afford the best of the best for their children!

    “MIRA, THERE YOU ARE! How many times have I  instructed you not let Rahul baba out of sight in the mall! You know how he wanders off on his own, don’t you? Oh god, where is my baby gone?  If something happens to him, Mira, I am not going to pay you a single paisa, do you get that, you idiot girl! ? Now, GO, look for him!”

    Mira sighed and  started walking towards the toy section in search of her employer’s little boy; her mind still lost in all the fancy footwear she had gaped at. How she wished she could swap places with these lucky kids.

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25 thoughts on “The lucky ones.

  1. Touching story.
    Yes, it's the dream of some less-privileged kids to swap places with the lucky pampered kids whose parents can afford such shoes.


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