My colour palatte.

            My blogger friend, Mayuri Nidigallu, suggested a colourful prompt on, well, COLOURS.  Lovely prompt, Mayuri, considering how dull and boring our life would have been had it not been for colours! 

          People relate colours to their moods or emotions at any particular time. But, for me, colours remind me of my favourite food and the nature around me. Right since I can remember, dark brown has been a favourite. As a kid, when I walked down a street, vehicles, buildings, even clothes in this colour caught my eye! I was  very attracted to the colour, though, I know not why! 
        As I grew, I realised the colour reminded me of my favourite chocolates – the bitter chocolate. Its rich, dark brown colour has always had a magnetic effect on me and aroused my taste buds like nothing else!  I find the sin food almost orgasmic in nature. I have this dazed look in my eyes when I watch  the chocolate sauce being poured onto the pristine white  vanilla ice cream! It simply makes me go weak in the knees! 
       I love the colour so much so, that even my lipstick and nail paints have to be in brown or its different shades! Each time I apply my lipstick, I feel as though I am smearing my lips with my beloved chocolate! Even as I write these lines now, I am salivating at the mere thought of the sinful Black Forest Cake, and the dark chocolate pastries and the chocolate sauce sitting snug in my fridge, waiting for me to bring it out and pour myself a spoonful! Mmmmmmm….!

      Next comes the aquamarine blue. Oh my! I just have to bring the shade to mind and instantly the sparkling blue waters of the ocean flash before my eyes! The endless stretch of virgin golden sands, with pretty shells sprinkled all over and the aquamarine blue waters that kiss the horizon, and me, of course, relaxing on a beach chair, with a wide-brimmed hat protecting me from sun tan and a book in my hand – sheer bliss! Now, who wouldn’t want to be  in such a place!? Tell me.
        I so love this colour, I tend to choose outfits or sarees in this hue! Just imagine draping yourself in a silk saree in aquamarine blue, a matching or, maybe, golden blouse stitched in some sexy style, dangling blue and gold earrings and a dash of dark brown lipstick. And, you are done; ready to paint the town blue…err, red! 
      There are many more colours that I like: white,  olive green, baby pink, ochre yellow, maroon  and, yes, black. The colour defines magic and mystery. Imagine (again!) being draped in a  black  chiffon saree, classy diamond jewellery, and yes, my dark brown lipstick ( but, of course!), and you are sure to cast a spell on every eye in the room. What say?  My mother would beg to differ, though. She never approves of my black outfits. According to her, black is not even a colour. Many an arguments I have had with her when I went shopping during my college days.  Now, she has given up. She knows it’s pointless arguing with me on certain matters.

       Ah, I feel so tempted to go shopping now. However, that is not possible right at this moment Sigh.  I guess, I will just go and find that stash of chocolates I have kept well hidden in the fridge. My taste buds have been crying hoarse since I aroused them with all that chocolatey talk!

     A BIG thank you, Mayuri, for the prompt! I so enjoyed writing this post. It has made me feel bubbly and happy  again!

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Do you know the secret to living a happy life? Eat. Pray. Love. Or, watch what you eat, wish well for all and fill your heart with love! That's precisely what I try to do through my blogs: 'Metanoia', the wellness blogazine, and 'Fictionista', my blog for fiction and non-fiction. Welcome to my virtual homes!

9 thoughts on “My colour palatte.

  1. Thanks for taking it up, Shilpa!
    I think I know you a little more through this post 🙂 You know, you are the only person I know who likes the colour Brown. Sacchi! And the reason and description you've given for Brown makes me wonder why I never thought of it the way you did, moreso because I LOVE dark chocolate too!
    Aqua is a beautiful shade too, and again your description is lovely.
    I am on the fence about Black, I sometimes love and at other times it drains me.
    Really good to read this post! Keep smiling!:)


  2. What a fun post about colours, Shilpa! I had to laugh at how much you love brown which is not considered a popular colour. I have to agree that it is the colour of some wonderful things like chocolate so I like brown, too.

    And your love of the aquamarine coloured sea captivated me and I could see myself on the beach, too. I miss the Bras d'Or Lake in Cape Breton, the inland sea that is a magical aquamarine blue.

    Do you like Cindy Lauper's song True Colours? That is one of my favourite songs.

    What a fun and exuberant post in a tribute to colours! I enjoyed it, Shilpa! What does direct dil se mean?


  3. Thank you so much, Cat!
    I haven't heard the song, but now that you mention it, I will surely find it on You Tube and listen to it.
    Direct dil se means directly from the heart..Dil means heart. 🙂 And, I wrote this post in half an hour, my fingers flying over the keyboard as words poured from out from my heart! 🙂


  4. This was a truly interesting prompt, and a very enjoyable read. I used to never enjoy colors as a teen – on myself, I mean.

    It's not that I had anything particularly against colors, but I vividly remember, there was a point of time, when 90% of my wardrobe was in 'shades' of black (yes, such a thing exists!).

    Over the years, I have come to love colors – not only in my wardrobe, but in the decor of my house as well. In fact, now I have to keep a firm check on it, lest I look like a human rainbow.


  5. What a fun post, Shilpa! You are the only person I know who loves brown. And those reasons – pretty logical. 🙂
    Like you, I love colors. What's life without them. I love blue – any shade. I end up picking blue almost all the time. 🙂 This post feels like as if I'm talking to you. Very genuinely written 🙂


  6. Haha! I guess, I AM the only person under the sun to love BROWN!
    True, Parul, colours add a magical touch to our life and to life around us – be they bright or mellow.
    And, thank you! I am glad you enjoyed reading this post. I too like it when the blogger seems to be talking to us through his post. That's what we all do, isn't it? Talk to the world! 🙂


  7. Eh? There ARE shades of BLACK?!!! Wow! I ought to look it up on the net! But, I agree, black is a mysterious colour – it just grabs your attention just by BEING itself!
    Good to know you have begun admiring other colours, too! 🙂


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