The Calling – Unleash your true self. Book Review.

The Calling – Unleash your true self, is an inspirational book written by Priya Kumar. An award winning and a bestselling author of books like ‘I am another you’, and ‘License to live’, Priya Kumar brings for us a book about a journey within. A journey we all need to make in order to  discover our true selves, and the reason behind our presence on this planet.

Books that belong to this genre attract me, in that they motivate me and help me realign my perspectives and gain some clarity and peace of mind.  And, this book does just that. In a language that is lucid and a style that instantly makes you feel at ease, the author narrates the story of Arjun  and his journey that changes his life forever.   I found it somewhat similar to The Alchemist in nature, which also happens to be a tale about a man who embarks upon a journey learning about life and about following one’s dreams.

The story is peppered with maxims all along; maxims that leave us stunned with their candour and awaken us to certain realities about life and ourselves. Here are a few that made me  pause and reflect upon and helped me find answers to questions that have gnawed at the back of my mind for quite some time.

*     If you don’t like the rain, rise above the clouds. Cursing the rain won’t make it go away, but it will surely make you wet!

*    Death is not a solution because life has never been a problem. How do you propose to solve a problem that did not exist?

*     LIfe does not test you at your level, it tests you at a  level higher than yourself. You don’t choose the test.  The test is always a step ahead so that in reaching beyond it, you grow beyond yourself.

*  Sometimes we are so annoyed with people that we don’t heed them at the times they are correct. We continually hold their idiosyncrasies against them and deprive ourselves of the value that they could add to our lives.

*   You are the creator of your own world. What others do in your world is on your wish, your intention and your calling. 

* Don’t be a slave to money. Be the master of your destiny. Stop running. Start living your life.

      Life,  if we observe closely,  always offers us a second chance. A chance to redeem ourselves, better our performances and learn the true purpose behind our arrival into this world. Seldom do we recognise these second chances, for we are too busy stressing over our humdrum existence.  But, the lucky few who do grab the second chance vouch for the fact that it changed them, changed their perspectives and brought about a sea change in the lives they had been living.

The first chapter  in the book reminded me of the movie, Bruce Almighty, where the character of Jim Carrey is guided by God Himself for bringing him on the path of righteousness. In The Calling, Arjun is assisted by his young guide, Chandu, and a Sadhu he meets on his trip to Hemkund Sahib, to discover himself and  his real purpose in life.  I found the story intriguing, but also a tad tedious in places. However, it picked up pace in the latter half and reached a perfect denouement.

If you are a fan of The Alchemist, which I am sure you are, then you might find this book equally interesting, as well as helpful. It might even bring about an awakening and help you reach the place you ought to be. A line in the book perfectly helps unravel the mystery behind the matters that often leave us baffled:

The destination does not hold our redemption, but the journey towards it does.

   That might help you come to conclusions about the whys and the wherefores of the quirky journey called life!

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39 thoughts on “The Calling – Unleash your true self. Book Review.

  1. Shilpa,Congrats for trying a different genre and doing a book review.The Maxim's u have quoted from the book surely want me to go through the pleasure of reading it myself.


  2. Aha! If you hadn't mentioned, I would never have known you were new to book-reviews! You've done it like a pro! Definitely sounds like a book to pick up, when you are floundering in life! Wonderful review my girl!


  3. First things first – I am sorry to reach here this late – my brain was fried due to all the packing, unpacking, moving that I was going through. My life is still in boxes, but I am back. This post I had bookmarked. 😀

    As far as the book review goes – this was fabulous (especially considering this was your first, but trust me – no one would ever be able to tell). You reviewed this like a pro – and no, I don't say this lightly. The praise is heartfelt.

    I loved the way you gave examples, and compared it to Alchemist and Bruce Almighty – you did what even seasoned book reviewers fail to do – associate the new variable (the book) with something the readers are familiar with, and give them a frame of reference.

    I knew you would be awesome at this. Wishing you lots of happy reading (and reviewing) times. 🙂


  4. Thank you so much, Shantala!
    Your words really mean a lot. You know how nervous I was since this was my first book reviewing, I hope I am able to keep it up in the future, as well! 🙂 ❤


  5. Merely Captivating! This was an incredible read from start to finish. The story appeared to be taken from the headlines and it offered us a window to peer into the intertwined lives of the characters. Finished this book in 3 days during vacation. Exceptional read … I also recommend to check out Matilda Johnson . Thank you PS: I like this site.


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