Movie character I would like to play #TadkaTuesday

    Dance is a hobby for some, but for some, it’s a passion that runs through their veins, through every single cell in their body, bringing them alive like nothing else ever can!

    The very first time I saw, Shall we dance?, I was swept off my feet! The music, the various dance forms, and the actors for whom dance was akin to breathing, simply took my breath away! I may have seen it about ten times, already, but I am waiting with bated breath to watch it  all over again when it gets aired this Sunday, 20th November, on Romedy! Ah, that’s how crazy I am about the movie, I could shout about it from the roof tops, urging every one to watch it along with me!

     But, amongst all the artists in the movie, the one who caught my eye, and my heart, was Paulina, played by Jennifer Lopez. the sincere and hard-working dance teacher who unknowingly entices the hero of the film, Richard Gere, into enrolling for the dance class. She also enticed me into believing that I could learn to salsa, or do the tango if I set my heart on it! She is the one for whom dance was a passion, a religion, a way of life!

    For someone who has learnt the Indian Classical dance for more than a decade, for someone who gave it all up when life intervened, thinking about dancing to a foreign music was unthinkable. But, Paulina did it, to me, for me! Ever since I have seen the movie, I have fantasised being her. I have secretly played her, dancing as effortlessly, as beautifully as her.

    The grace with which she tutors her students, be they the extremely handsome Mr. Clark (played by Richard Gere), or the clumsy, but sincere, Vern (played by Omar Miller), she enthrals them with her every move, every turn! I am a die-hard fan of Richard Gere’s, (well, who isn’t? ) but, when Paulina enters the scene, my eyes don’t leave her for a second. Frankly, that’s who I would love to be – the scene-stealer!

    The tango she performs with Mr. Clark the evening before their big dance competition to prep him up, is a number I would love to dance to! In fact, when I am home alone, I play it on YouTube and watch mesmerised as they whirl and twirl to the music. I imagine I am Paulina and my body moves to the beat, albeit not as gracefully as hers.  But, I come alive, in the same way that she asks Mr. Clark to be. At  the end of the song, their faces glistening with sweat, their hearts thumping with unbridled joy, she pants, “Be this alive! Be this alive, tomorrow!”
   She moves on the dance floor as if she moves on ice – she glides! And, when she dances, she becomes oblivious to the world around her. She is just into  dance mode. That is the passion with which I watch her move, with which I move with the music, in my mind, in my heart.

   If and when life allows me to indulge some of my fantasies, I would love to learn to tango  and dance to the number that sets my heart racing. Until then, I’ll keep watching, no, gaping at Paulina and dancing in my dreams!

  Which movie character would you like to play? 

  With Love


*This post has been written for #TadkaTuesday.

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23 thoughts on “Movie character I would like to play #TadkaTuesday

  1. I am a trained latin dancer (not as great as JLo), and all dance movies capture my attention like nothing else. How much fun it will be to dance and glide like them. And I agree very few people don't love Richard Gere. Thank You for participating Shilpa with such a lovely post. 🙂


  2. I can imagine you playing a kickass woman character ONLY, Rachna! Because, even if we haven't met, I have imagined you to be this strong, fearless kinda girl who gives two hoots to what others think about anything she does! 🙂 ❤


  3. Oh boy! Jaibala, now THAT'S news to me! You are a trained latin dancer? What other feathers do you have in your cap, girl? But, yes, once you learn any kind of dance form, its the only thing that catches your attention in a movie, whether you know the particular dance form or no.
    Thank you for giving me TadkaTuesday…it was FUN!


  4. Dancing is my passion and to follow this passion I take dance classes for kids and ladies. And I also loved 'Shall we dance?' Paulina does have that kind of effect on you. Now I am thinking, 'How come I didn't think of this character before? 🙂 Thanks for writing for #TadkaTuesday. Loved your post.


  5. Oo-la-la! J'lo aka Shilpa!! Yess, that would be a dream role to slip into, so sensuous and graceful! And of course it wouldn't hurt to play against Gere!! I love this movie too Shilpa, good choice 🙂


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