How ’bout a coffee break?

         Hello, friends! How have you all been? I hope it was a good week; I hope life treated you well. I have been fine, too;  going with the flow. But, that’s what we are supposed to do, that’s all we are supposed to do – go with the flow, isn’t it?  
        So, do you have your coffee mugs ready, brimming with your favourite brew, brimming with love and warmth? Let’s then have our weekly tete-a-tete, shall we? Where would you prefer to sit – the outdoors or the  indoors?
       Which is that special corner in your home where you like to settle down with your coffee mugs and contemplate, or simply stare into space as you sip your coffee and give your overworked mind a much-needed break?

        My favourite place is the balcony. I have placed a short wooden stool there, on  which I like to perch myself and talk to my plants, watch the sparrows peck on the grains I set out for them. It’s calm and quiet there (except for the chirps) and I tend to get lost deep in my thoughts. The train of my thoughts chugs along from place to place, seldom halting for a breather! My stream of consciousness!

       I have had this habit of getting lost in thoughts right since childhood. My father called me Dream Girl, because I was forever daydreaming! As a child, I preferred the company of my dreams than the company of my books. Now, as an adult, I still prefer being in my Fantasy Land.
      There come testing times in our life that ruin our peace of mind and happiness. These tough times – they come and go, like the seasons of the year.  Each of us has a different approach of facing such times. Some of us dive headlong into the raging ocean to fight the killer whales and swim our way to safety. Others, like me, prefer disconnecting ourselves from reality even as we battle against those killer whales – disconnecting from reality to find solace in that fantasy land we visit for our share of some tranquility.

       Battling the killer whales reminds me of  this very strong woman, who, sadly, is no more. I speak about J. Jayalalitha, the chief minister of Tamil Nadu, or as she was famously known – The Iron Lady of Tamil Nadu. I have never been interested in politics or politicians. So, I never really read much about her or her work. It’s just after her demise that I read  about the kind of strong woman that she was.
    Politics is a dirty game, a cliche, no doubt,  but a grim reality.  And, playing the game with finesse is an art she developed while fighting the killer whales that infest the raging ocean called ‘Indian Politics’.
    I won’t go deep into all that she accomplished as a leader. I am more concerned about how she led her life. Her lonely childhood, her years in the film industry and then her life in politics.  She was revered as Amma, mother, to her people. And, yet, despite having received such veneration from the people of her state, in the end she was all by herself. None from her family sat by her bedside, holding her hand as she fought the battle between life and death.  Tragic, indeed. How did she fight this battle of loneliness within her heart, far from the prying eyes of the world? How did she accept destiny that had gifted her a huge number of followers but none to caress her lonely heart? We will never know that, will we?

 We women are blessed with immense strength, a fact that most of us are oblivious to. We often fear the world, the patriarchal society we live in, the circumstances that test us, but seldom do we assure ourselves  that we have it in us to face it all with a tenacity and power that could put the men to shame. There are a countless women like Jayalalitha, who laugh in the face of danger and keep moving ahead in life with astonishing strength.
  Today’s post is a tribute to you all women who have faced a  countless hurdles  to reach the goals you set out for yourself. It is a salute to the spirit in you, the bravery with which you conduct yourself, the elan with which you carry yourself,  confidently, fearlessly. And, for the few moments that you feel afraid, well, remember this: It’s not brave if you are not scared. 

  So, keep going, my dear women. Keep fighting your battles with every ounce of strength that you have been blessed with. And, be proud of yourself, of the fact that you made it in spite of the thousand people who convinced you otherwise, in spite of the thousand stumbling blocks that tested your valour. Keep going…keep fighting.

Until next week…take care cos I care! 💖





Published by shilpagupte

Do you know the secret to living a happy life? Eat. Pray. Love. Or, watch what you eat, wish well for all and fill your heart with love! That's precisely what I try to do through my blogs: 'Metanoia', the wellness blogazine, and 'Fictionista', my blog for fiction and non-fiction. Welcome to my virtual homes!

22 thoughts on “How ’bout a coffee break?

  1. Nice roundup with coffee. For me I think it is my dining table where l mostly drink coffee.Don't have a lot of leisure in the morning to sip it slowly. Overall l had a decent week which was very hectic.


  2. At home, my fav place is my corner of the bed with a side table that has everything that I may need while working on the laptop. Incidentally, here in Kuwait, my favorite place is again a corner of the bed with a side table and a large window which gives lovely view of the pristine blue Arabian Gulf. I can see the waves lashing by and the traffic on the coast road from my bed.

    I liked the thought you shared. It's true that challenges and tough times help us know how brave or strong we are and that's because storms hit our weakness, but unlock our true strength. Have a great week ahead, Shilpa 🙂


  3. kind of felt sad thinking of how I didnt have a place in my own house I could just relax and sit to read 😦 Need to reevaluate a lot.
    People talk of the good and bad of Jayalalitha but noone sees the struggle… how hard it was to break through such a ceiling as TamilNadu's male dominated politics in the 80s. That is a respect not even the present politicians can claim to rise from.


  4. Handy conversation to have along with coffee….esp valid for the current 'situation' that we just went through. I usually have my coffee at the dining table, although there are times when I Stand in the balcony and watch the world go by.


  5. Loved your post Shilpa. I am a thinker too and for me my favourite place used to be my room but now I try to keep myself very busy t avoid over thinking. Liked the quote- It's not brave if you are not scared.


  6. True, Maliny. And, most of the times it is fictitious…a figment of our imagination which renders us helpless and anxious. And, as for me, fear is something I need to extract from my mind, and get rid of, once and for all.


  7. What a tribute Shilpa… she truly was a strong woman. The struggles and pain that was inflicted upon her wasn't an easy one. Yet she fought her way … through… I have a fav corner in my home too do coffee.. a comfy sofa with cushions around it.


  8. You have put it so wonderfully, Shilpa. “Storms hit our weakness but unlock our true strength.”
    I also liked the place you described as your fav spot for coffee and reflections! 🙂
    We really ought to have coffee someday, Shilpa! We have so much to talk about! ❤


  9. Mine is the balcony too! I have a fav cane chair and a leg support so that I can relax. I love looking at what goes on in the outside and also smell my plants while I read with a book in one hand and a cuppa in another.

    Ms. JJ's life is inspirational… in spite of all the high drama surrounding her life, she was one courageous woman, she dared to call a spade a spade, even if it won her more enemies than friends. great post!

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess


  10. Shubhangi, I find the balcony to be the perfect spot for us writers…that's where we get most of our ideas as we watch the world around us, isn't it?

    And, Ms. J Jayalalithat…well, she truly was an inspiration for countless women in our country!


  11. One may agree or not over Jayalalithaa but she has this strong connect with masses and triumphed in a male dominated society whether it's films or politics. Her struggles and triumph is an inspiration to women in India. I love reading lying on the bed or on the couch in the hall putting the fan on during the afternoon nap.


  12. I like how you wrote your post! You're very creative! The book you mentioned sounds amazing! Thank you for your thoughts. I love reading stories about women who have fought for their rights in a patriarchal society. Recently I watched He Named Me Malala and really enjoyed how Malala fought for the right to go to school.


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