Soul sisters.

In one of my earlier posts, I mentioned how we women need to gather our army of women we can trust our life with. Women, whose shoulder we can lean on when life seems too heavy a burden; who will read our mind like no one ever will, and who will use just the right words  to soothe our frayed nerves. Surprisingly,  I have been meeting, and bonding, with such women like  never before! I do believe that the universe listens to us, to our fervent prayers, but this was not something I had expected!

A month ago, I happened to find  the whereabouts of a long lost cousin I had last met two decades ago. We lost touch with each other as life took precedence over everything else. I sent her a Facebook friends request (Fb proves to be the  miracle worker who comes to our rescue when we venture out in search of our long lost near and dear ones!), and the very next day she called, all the way from Vishakhapatnam! You can imagine the happy time we had sharing our stories of the past twenty years; talking nineteen to the dozen just like we did…all those years ago!

We discovered that we both were dog-mommies, in fact, we discovered a whole lot of similarities about each other – our thinking, our principles. We complement each other in a fabulous way – I am the submissive one, and she, the obstinate one – never bows down before any one – a trait I have always wished I was born with. We have been talking about everything under the sun and it feels liberating, indeed! In her, I have found my soul sister. I am hoping some of her obstinacy rubs off on me and I smarten up a bit!

I have also been bonding with a few more cousins, of late. We were close as kids, but then, life took over and we got busy. Now that we have connected (in our 40s) it makes me feel blessed to realise I am not alone. I wasn’t alone earlier, either, but, there weren’t very many people in my life I felt comfortable with. Having had some unpleasant experiences with some people I befriended, I had decided to desist from making any more new friends – a case of ‘once bitten, twice shy’, perhaps.  But,with cousins,  it’s a different story, altogether.

It’s  easier to bond all over again with cousins, despite the huge time gap. You have spent your childhood together; they are family, and they know how crazy you are, and vice versa! There are no inhibitions as well as no ego issues when they give advice or criticise you for something. You know they mean well. You know they want you to clean up your act and to see a smile on your face. 💖

It’s a similar case with friends from childhood. For, I also happened to meet a long lost friend on Facebook! We were students at the same dance class. We weren’t best of friends, as such – she being younger, and a bit shy. But, I was in awe of that girl for her immense talent, and, also her self-effacing nature. Her bashfulness (despite being an all-rounder) that warmed my heart back then, is very much intact. We haven’t bonded big time, as yet; some day we will, for sure. But, since being friends on Fb and learning quite a bit about each other, we had a short chat today, during which she said she felt we were “soul sisters”! Isn’t that such an endearing term to use for someone you haven’t met in ages?  We have hardly known each other, and, yet, surprisingly, we feel a connection!

Thank you, DP! You gave me such an awesome prompt!  I had been wondering what I would write about for my Monday post! We ought to catch up, girl, and soonest! 💖

 The bond I share with a few of my closest friends, including my childhood friend, my ex colleague-cum-friend, my yoga teacher-turned-friend  and another dog-mommy-friend is precious to me. We don’t connect on a daily basis (the vast physical distance being an obstacle), but we know we are just a phone call away. A phone call that works wonders on our sullen moods, leaving us feeling charged up and cheery!
 I have a  band of sisters, who I know will pick me up were I to trip and fall; who will be with me through thick and thin; who will be ever ready to swap some gossip, as well as knock some sense in me were I to act like a complete imbecile!
The bond that I share with a few of my  blogger friends whom  I met over the past couple of years is also something I treasure. For, a writer leads a lonely life – well, it’s only in the quiet of our solitude that inspiration strikes. But, at times, the ghost of ‘Writer’s Block’ haunts us days on end, and that’s when we can count on our blogger friends to help pull us out of that frightening abyss. I have a chosen few gal pals who I have come to depend on, and who, though physically far, in the virtual world,  are but a click away. I know I can count on them for some exciting writing ideas, as well as some much-required technical support.

I feel a spring in my step, a joy in my heart, which (believe me) was sorely missing for a long time, now! For the last so many years, life was… oh well, let’s talk about that some other day.
For now,  I have a very loving, dependable army of soul sisters in my life. Women who are fighters and achievers in their own right; women who have weathered many a storm and emerged braver; women I know I can learn a lot from. And, well, that makes me ecstatic! And, lucky!

Do you have your army of women you can call on in your time of need, or just to chill with? I am sure you do, but, if you don’t, then start gathering them now, for you are definitely going to need them. Believe me! 



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Do you know the secret to living a happy life? Eat. Pray. Love. Or, watch what you eat, wish well for all and fill your heart with love! That's precisely what I try to do through my blogs: 'Metanoia', the wellness blogazine, and 'Fictionista', my blog for fiction and non-fiction. Welcome to my virtual homes!

25 thoughts on “Soul sisters.

  1. It's an amazing feeling to connect with someone on so many levels, isn't it Shilpa? Few are blessed to find such compatible soul partners. And the best thing is, this happens when we least expect it.

    Happy to hear that you have found someone you can connect with so well

    “Har kissi ko… nahi milta……..” 😉


  2. Awesome.. shilpa…..I do hope your demure attitude rubs off me….. have so much to learn from you…….we do bond well….but we always did as kids …… guess that stays…… Hope to meet you soon cousin….. thanks for connecting on fb else would still be in our own zones n worlds…..lotsa love


  3. Shilpa, FB and Whatsapp has made me connect more with my family than ever. They do understand us as our thinking processes are strangely alike. For soul sisters, it is still my childhood group. I am terrible at calling them up. But anytime, anyday, they have stood by me. They the ones who know our deepest fears and wishes. They still remain. And we do need them to keep us grounded.


  4. It's always my sister or my best friend. They have been with me all through my life and I cannot imagine life without them. It's true we women need some wonderful women around us, to be our sounding boards and shoulders to cry on…


  5. To have a dependable army of soul sisters makes you the fortunate one. FB has really been doing wonders in connecting long lost cousins and friends. It feels like a miracle when you think about it – You were not close all those years ago and now you feel that there is a mystical connection. I have been just like you – submissive, doodh ki jali in making friends later becoming averse to making new friends any further. I thought I will never find someone who could match up to my values (I think I have pretty high and quiet ones hahaha) until I started connecting through blogging. Stories are what I reason.


  6. Oh yes, Shilpa. I have a gang of girls as well. I think women help women the best. My closest pal is my sister. I guess there is nothing that I can't share with her. I would trust her with my life. Then there are a few gal pals, some from real life and some virtual who help me tide through crazy times. Loved it that you have such a supportive group of girls.


  7. Lots and lots. I am blessed with many many girl-friends from each phase of my life. They have been extremely supportive no matter what I have taken up. The best part is they comprise all age groups from ones twenty years my junior to ones who are twenty years older. And we connect as equals because we share some common loves or concerns. Oh and I agree FB is great for finding old friends.


  8. You are absolutely right Shilpa, everyone needs a soul-sister/brother! You are lucky to have met your soul-sisters in the virtual and real world. Nothing better to beat the blues or just simply talk your heart out, right?! Love and hugs to you my dear soul-sister 🙂


  9. That is so true, Vishal. Connecting with someone, feeling comfortable in their company – these mean a lot to me. It makes me feel secure. And, I am sure lucky I have an entire army of such souls who really care for me. Touchwood. 🙂


  10. Haha, Noopur, I would rather you stayed the way you are. Being demure, submissive can actually land you in a mess, ask me!
    We really ought to meet really really soon, sweetie! A big thanks to Fb! ;P


  11. Thats the thing with cousins… you really may not meet or stay in touch for long spells…. but when u do it seems like the good old days are back again. Glad u met yours and had a lovely heart to heart session.


  12. Yes, Lata. The social media has indeed brought far- flung relatives closer to each other. And, it's these relatives we have known since our childhood, and our friends, who will definitely stand by our side, come what may!


  13. Oh yes, Tulika. We all need girl friends and sisters who belong to every age group; the young ones to keep us chilled out and the older ones to give us the much-needed advice from time to time! 🙂


  14. Thank you, Kala, for being there in the virtual world and also the real world whenever I have needed you. We ought to watch each other's backs, don't we? Glad to have met and connected with you, sweetie! ❤


  15. True, Ramya. We sisters don't need to stay in touch on a regular basis because we have been close right since childhood and we pretty well know how we are all wired and that helps us stay connected in spite of time and distance! 🙂


  16. You are absolutely right SHilpa! we women often tend to forget about ourselves and place others before us, however with time we let go of our friends, cousins and all our childhood buddies. Having a group 9or atleast a few) women close to us is very important. I have friends to whom I can speak my mind out – you know it is like reducing a huge burden.


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