Far away from the maddening crowd.

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 It’s been almost a fortnight since life has been a tad bit peaceful. It may sound as if I rue the fact that life has been peaceful because of the “tad bit” part, but I am just being superstitious. You see, I fear, that if I enthusiastically proclaimed  that life has been blissful, and oh, so joyous, I might jinx things for myself! Ergo, the underplay of emotions. The peace I refer to has been courtesy of a new habit I developed.

I snapped ties, well, almost, with  Facebook. Got myself de-addicted, sort of. For all that Fb did for me: helping connect with long lost childhood friends and distant relatives; bringing the world into my home for me to gape at and wonder in amazement at its awesomeness, and also get acquainted with some really talented people, I am ever so grateful to it. However, it took away with it my peace of mind; succeeded in making me feel (on hindsight) like a complete farce and getting me to believe that what I saw was what the world (apparently) was!

Yes, there sure is a measure of truth in most of the things we learn via the social media, but it does take away our peace of mind and most importantly, our time. Just to while away a few free moments, we check out our News Feed, and before we know it, we are hooked onto it! The 2 minutes we had at our disposal soon turn into 20 precious minutes wasted reading about stuff we will hardly remember after an hour, or so. Time sure flies at a great speed, leaving us feeling ashamed of having wasted it! Be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, using these social media giants with discretion is what one needs to learn. These sure have the potency to turn us into freaks in no time, at all!

I quit visiting Fb, first for a day, then two and then on a daily basis. At times, I did go have a quick dekko at the stuff crowding my news feed, but then as quickly I retreated, fearing a slackening of my resolve. I spent the time (that I used to waste on Fb) in my books, in my kitchen and with myself, much more productively. And, suffice to say, life is so much more peaceful. I know, not everyone would agree with me about the fact that Fb can be a farce most of the times, except when people  share their innermost thoughts/feelings, truthfully. Fb can be the best pal one can have in one’s  lonely moments. I can vouch for that. But, it can also become an addiction, and eat up all the time we could use for a better purpose.

It’s my way of looking at the social networking giant that Fb is. But, enough of that, now. The best thing that happened to me is that now I am in a much better space, and in touch with myself.  My books – which were my best friends once upon a time – have regained their place of honour in my life. The bookshop is – like earlier times – my favourite hang-out, where I take myself on frequent dates, and return with an impressive collection under my arm on each visit.  And, life seems much more brighter. And, that is what matters most, isn’t it? Wish I had realised this earlier, but, as they say, better late than never!

I do visit Fb when I have a blogpost to share – words that belong to me, instead of borrowed words penned by someone much more talented,  and who used their time creatively! Fb also gets a visit from me when I have some artwork to share with other artists, and amaze myself with art created by them and learn something in return. Visits that prove to be fruitful and enlightening.
So, thank you, my dear Mr. Facebook! You aren’t such a waste of time!

A note to my dear friends:

Now you know the reason why you haven’t seen me out there all this time? I still love you all, though. That’s one thing that will never change, for sure! 💖



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Do you know the secret to living a happy life? Eat. Pray. Love. Or, watch what you eat, wish well for all and fill your heart with love! That's precisely what I try to do through my blogs: 'Metanoia', the wellness blogazine, and 'Fictionista', my blog for fiction and non-fiction. Welcome to my virtual homes!

26 thoughts on “Far away from the maddening crowd.

  1. So glad for you. Yes Facebook can eat up huge chunks of time if not managed wisely. I'm super thrilled for your reading and art work. And no, I'll never miss you on Facebook because we're connected even otherwise. Big hugs, Shilpa 🙂


  2. Social Media is a double edged knife, I guess it makes sense to have a time window in a week to browse through. Since, I'm a blogger I can't completely avoid it, but I set boundaries and it works for me that way.

    xoxo- Chaicy
    Style.. A Pastiche! – styleapastiche.com


  3. I agree, both fb and WhatsApp are turning out to be toxic addictions. Soon we might see rehabilitation centers for getting rid of these addictions. You sure have seemed to found a decent balance for using fb. Keep it up!


  4. That's fabulous, Shilpa. You are so right. Me too. I stopped cutting down on social media time since November. These days, yes either I quickly scroll through the TL or just don't log in. It's working out fine. I am so happy for you.


  5. FB can take a toll on you and I have deactivated the account since mid November. I am happier that way though I intend to be back but not spending much time as I used to! I agree with you on the points made.


  6. Such a wise post, Shilpa. Good for you realizing that FB is a big time suck. When I'm home for long periods of time, I tend to scroll around on Facebook wasting time, not even realizing how much time has gone by. It's really bad. And I'm getting totally caught up in the posts about Trump, getting angry, worried and disgusted like everyone else. Time to take a break and do other things. I did manage to bake lemon cranberry loaves and write a poem for the Wordy Wednesday. Now I will go for a walk and deliver the church bulletin to the church early as I do it every week for them for the Sunday service. A good little jaunt out in the freezing cold and a good way to get away from Facebook!! And there's always housework waiting for me if I get off Facebook. UGH! Maybe that isn't that great incentive to get off. Hahah!


  7. I know just what you mean Shilpa! Social media can be a real drain on the time and on our mind space. I also use Facebook occasionally now – mainly to check in to a few groups that I am a part of and the occasional update and scroll through. Now to steam line my Twitter time too 😉


  8. Yes, Shailaja…we are connected way beyond Facebook and the rest of the social media combined!
    Yes, it does feel good since I began using my time wisely. Makes me remember all the things I DO need to do and things I DON'T!


  9. Toxic addictions is THE word, Vinodini. And, I am glad I realised before I went nuts because of the addiction! It should come with a warning, you know….like – Keep Safe Distance, or Too Much Social Media is Injurious to Health! 😛


  10. 😛
    Its a necessity, Sunila, to stay away from it all lest we lose our mind, altogether! WA is another addiction people need to work on staying away from! All the very best to you!


  11. Yes, I know, you do, Damayanti! Guess, people are realising the facts of social media slowly and steadily. Hope it becomes a habit for everyone someday! People will actually be communicating with each other instead of staying buried in their phones!


  12. Facebook can be addictive, as I found. I am not addicted to twitter, though. I hardly tweet my opinions…only share my blogposts through Twitter, so, thankfully, I had only a wee bit of de-addiction to work on! 🙂
    Thank you for stopping by, Amrita!


  13. I am so happy you got around to doing the things you love more! True, Cat, once you go online, scrolling down through the reams and reams of news feed, you can be assured that you will lose track of time and before you know it, you will have wasted more than an hour there and gained nothing other than repentance!


  14. That's the best thing to do, MG. Just visit FB for a set time period, check on people and news item that really needs to be checked out and then quit, before it consumes you completely.


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