What the stars foretell.

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 I awoke with a jolt this morning, at 8:15 am (that damn cough syrup, I tell you!) and realised I hadn’t gotten back to my usual blogging schedule! What had I been doing all these days? As I brushed my teeth, and drew up my to-do list for the day, I decided I would, apart from chilling, write a blogpost today. The morning passed by beautifully and by noon I remembered my to-do list. Switching off the television, I brought out my laptop, lighted a few incense sticks (aww, not really! Just kidding 😉), and prayed to the Almighty for some interesting prompts to  fire my imagination. Having done all of that, I settled into my favourite chair, my fingers ready to fly across the keyboard and type up a magnificent post in a matter of minutes.

 However, as always,  no sooner had I fired up my laptop than the ideas that had begun swimming in my mind, vanished, just like that! I sat for almost 20 minutes twiddling my thumbs, racking my brain and thinking of something to write about. Was I facing the dreaded writer’s block? And, if this continues, how is it going to affect my resolutions? A dozen questions crowded my mind and sent me into panic mode. Grumbling about the inability to write a decent post and stick to my schedule, I cursed myself and reached for  the newspaper to see if I could find something there. You never know when inspiration would strike and what would prompt you to write, do you?

 And, as I had predicted, or rather, hoped for, I found the prompt hidden in the papers, in the astrology column, of all the places! I rubbed my hands in glee as I scanned the column to see what my stars had in store for me this week. Now, I am really not a believer of astrology; it’s just out of sheer curiosity, when the morale and the mood are running low, that I turn to the stars for help. At times, they do come up with absolute humbug; but, at times, they bring me gifts galore!

 On some days, they tell me Cupid’s going to pay me a visit, or, that I should be alert because love is in the air, and I might run into the object of my affection. I sniff the air –  like Chikoo does when I cook his favourite chicken soup –  to get a whiff of that drug which would raise my heart beat; I keep my eyes peeled for my beloved everywhere I go.  Alas, it’s only the scent of either mosquito repellent or a pain balm that knocks me down!
And on other days, the stars congratulate me for a possible windfall! I don’t need to tell you that this does not materialise , either.

 It’s primarily because of these lies the stars told that I lost faith in them.  Why make all those glorious promises when you know not what’s going to happen? Sitting up there in the heavens, how can those tiny twinkling dots predict our future?  I deduced that it was just a pastime for some people looking for entertainment, for which they used the stars to instil into us dimwits some sense of hope during the lousy times we went through.

 Just scan through these columns and you will find a pattern there. On some days, the stars have only happy news for one and all. Like, this week, I – the Gemini – will be enjoying good times, personally and professionally. Aries, Taurus, Scorpio, Leo… all have wonderful times ahead! Creativity will be at its best; people will be able to focus on their goals and watch their dreams come true; some will develop the Midas touch, turning to gold all that they, well, touch! In short, life looks beautiful for every soul this week!

And, on other days, the stars are the harbingers of bad news, for one and all. Health, finances, relationships, jobs…they predict  turmoil in every aspect of life for every zodiac sign under the starlit sky! And, to think of it, there are countless people who believe in the stars, in all that they foretell! The kind of heartache they subject themselves to; wouldn’t it be better instead to just gaze at the stars and delight in their sparkle?

Anyway, believe in them or not, the stars helped me complete my post and get my writing back on schedule. So, thank you, little twinklers, for your guidance. Keep shining, as always, and showing us the way when we stumble in the dark and risk losing our way! Literally, not figuratively, of course!

Do you believe in the stars for what they predict? Or, do you prefer relaxing in their shimmer?



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Do you know the secret to living a happy life? Eat. Pray. Love. Or, watch what you eat, wish well for all and fill your heart with love! That's precisely what I try to do through my blogs: 'Metanoia', the wellness blogazine, and 'Fictionista', my blog for fiction and non-fiction. Welcome to my virtual homes!

34 thoughts on “What the stars foretell.

  1. I've never believed in astrology although…hmmm, I am a Sagittarius in our astrology system (the Archer) and archery has always interested me. One day, I may even learn how.


  2. I believe there is a cosmic power that watches over us. It's very heartening to hear the voice of God in the stillness of the mind. Most days I forget to listen but on the days I do, the peace is incredibly soothing. Some say stars and others say God. As long as they keep us happy and driven in the right direction I have no problems whatsoever. Of course, it would be nice if some of those windfall predictions did come true. He he he.


  3. Damn it got posted before I could complete…
    So I was saying, my ideas too disappear. The stars always say the same thing about all the signs… Sometimes I just enjoy reading how they twist each word and sentence to have the same meaning… Now that's a skill 😋


  4. Hahaha! See? Just writing about the process is so much fun, no? And me? I prefer relaxing in their shimmer, definitely. I am giggling at your sniffing and the aroma of mosquito repellent. Hugs!


  5. That is a good post, smart of you to use the stars. They do take us for a ride often 😉 I don't believe in them a 100% but at times they are hard to ignore. I am Virgo and sometimes I find my forecast quite accurate.


  6. I do believe in the traits that sunsigns are attached to. But I don't believe in the every day predictions they are associated with. Loved your writeup. See, inspiration is around us all the time 🙂


  7. First always quickly scribble down any ideas that come in your mind for later use. Note about astrology, l believe it is a science. Have heard enough stories to know that it has some basis. Of course, newspaper columns are not accurate. How can they? They are more for fun l think. But the key is in finding a learned astrologer. There are many things in life we don't understand. This could be one of them. Hope Chikoo is well.


  8. Ha ha.. reading the forecast is one of my favourite pastimes. Somedays its uncannily accurate and somedays completely off the mark. And I'll let you in on a secret – when I was working with a newspaper and the forecast wouldn't come in time we'd simply shuffle what we had – put the gemini in the capricorn and cancer in the Leo and so on. It's still fun, though.


  9. It's times when we are depressed that we need some hope that the storm will die down and the sun will shine once again, and those are the times when we turn to the stars for help. I do, too, but otherwise, I trust in that divine force which is always with us.


  10. Hawww! Tulika, you people actually did that?! Wait, I am going to tweet about it now! Hehehe…But it's a fact that the forecast does get shuffled every once in a while. And, that is the reason one must not believe in what one reads in the newspapers/magazines. Okay, there are some who do believe in what the stars foretell, so, for each his own. It's wise though, to follow someone who has studied the subject in detail and knows what he is talking.
    As for me, I believe in that guy sitting up there in heaven, who is always by my side, through thick or thin, and who, I know, will never let me lose my way!


  11. I do that, too, Rachna. I have a little book that I carry with me when I am outdoors, or at home, to jot down the ideas I hit upon and then I work around it.
    I understand when someone says that they believe in the stars and their forecast, but, it's better to believe in God, our guiding force and in our destiny and also in hard work and to never lose hope.
    Yes, my dear, Chikoo is well…growing older by the day! Sigh.


  12. I too believe in the traits attached to sun signs, Maliny. In fact, that's how I bond with people…to see if we share the same sun signs, and if not, are we still compatible? ;P
    Everyday predictions are not supposed to be taken seriously. It's wise to take help from a scholar in the subject if you so need some hope during testing times.


  13. I so agree with it, Shailaja…It is that super power that not only watches over us, but guides us and cares for us, too. You just need to listen..and it's only when the mind is still that one can listen to what that voice says!
    And, yes…I would so love for that windfall to take place! ;P


  14. One is only supposed to enjoy reading the predictions they print in the newspapers/magazines, Raj. It's only wise to do that, else we only end up with unnecessary stress.
    And, true, the predictors, they sure are a skilful lot! ;P


  15. At times, the forecast does turn out to be perfect, Indy. It's only those times when it doesn't, that we lost sleep over it. Best to either ignore it all, or take it in the right spirit. ;P


  16. My relationship with astrology (as a science) is weird, I think I do believe in it, but I don't ever rely on it.

    The newspaper columns I only ever read for entertainment in my younger days. 😀


  17. Hmmm. I am a bit like Winnie the Poo… a bit of yes to both… I turn to the stars when I have some questions to be answered but I pick and choose what I like, and how to interpret, and enjoy hanging out in the shimmer most I guess:-) I love to just walk outside and stretch my back and neck and loooooook uuuup — then I often get the answer all my that. Lovely post and lovely written my sweet friend Shilpa:-)


  18. I don't really believe in the stars. And believe more that man is the maker of his own destiny. But nevertheless I still rad the forecasts. Probably I find them like a sort of maternal advice. Repetitive indeed but constantly reminding of things that may happen to u in life.


  19. Hehehe…we all should pick and choose what we like about our predictions, Eli! If we keep believing every word written there, we are only heading towards a meltdown.
    Thank you for stopping by, sweetie!


  20. Well said, Ramya..Man is the maker of his own destiny. His hard work and his faith in himself and the Supreme Power is what will help him cross oceans and move mountains. The stars are mostly only to add glitter to the night sky! But, then, at times….you know! ;P


  21. I do love to look up and see them winking at me. Amazing how a ball of fire from thousands of lightyears away can be relaxing to watch. I believe I still make my own destiny though.

    This has been fun to read.


  22. I just read them out of curiosity and nothing else. I don't take their predictions too seriously and I think no one should because whatever comes in the future is just the output of our actions 🙂


  23. My problem when I sit down to write is focusing on only one thing at a time! I have so many ideas and I get distracted. And oh, about astrology…I look at it for entertainment, like I do the fortunes in cookies!


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