A new book on my shelf.

Ever since the time our world was hit by Potter mania, I have wondered about this book that has captivated a million people worldwide.  I was curious about why Harry Potter,  (supposedly) a children’s book, was being devoured by adults.  I admit, children’s books can be much more interesting, at times, as they take us away to some far off fantasy lands. And, who doesn’t enjoy being in a fantasy land?  Still, what lay amidst those pages that had people queueing up outside bookstalls, eager to own a copy? What was it that had enthralled its audiences to such an extent that Potter-ese had become a whole new language?

All these years, I just couldn’t get myself to pick up a Harry Potter on my countless trips to the bookshop. I would read about the book and its myriad magical (weird, for me) characters in blogposts and hear friends rave about it! They would cajole me to give it a try, at least once. But, I wasn’t convinced. It felt like an utter waste of time.

Some days ago, a dear friend, Shantala Nayak, sent  me a surprise gift. As I opened the package excitedly, I wondered what jewel lay within. But, when my eyes fell on Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, my heart sank. I  puzzled over what had gotten into her for gifting me a Harry Potter, of all the books! But, the moment I opened it, I was greeted by an illustration of the Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry!  I was curious to know what lay in there. The artwork had played its trick on me!

I turned to the first chapter and, to put it simply, was spellbound from the word go! The land of magic, wizards and witches and owls and broomsticks and potions and yes, Quidditch, too, seemed to beckon me, for I felt myself getting hypnotised by its charms! I knew the rags to riches story of its writer, Ms. J.K.Rowling. And, to be truthful, it has always inspired me and given me a lot of hope. So it was, as I turned the pages, filled with curiosity to know what happened next, that I realised what a web she has spun! One can only get entangled in this web, never to find their way out!

I am hoping to get all the remaining parts of the series, too, so that I have a collection to boast of, and mouth some Potterese, myself! Each time I read the words in front of me, read the quirky, outlandish names of the characters, and their magical way of life, I begin imagining a world out there the author might have been  inspired by. Or, wonder if  there is such a world out there, a world full of witches and wizards, waving their magic wands, casting their magic spell on people around and living a thrilling life full of adventure.

Well, if it does exist, I for sure would love to experience it some day; see for myself how it must feel, travelling on broomsticks and using passwords to enter into rooms that might not even exist!  Ah, there I go again, on one of my trips into Ms. Rowling’s Wonderland! Another fan added to her legions of bewitched fans. I have always been a dreamer, a wanderer, if you please, and now, I have a good enough reason to dream on some more.

On a serious note, don’t we all need such a dreamland, filled with magic, to charm us with its spell? Life isn’t always the dreamland we make it out to be. It has its own monsters we encounter day in day out. And, at the end of the day, as we lie down tired and exhausted, we do need something special that will help take our mind off the real world and take us away to some magical land. So what if it’s not  for real, so what if it’s just for a matter of time, at least we return refreshed, with some hope that life might show its magic, someday.

It just might. We never know!

Are you a Potter fan? Do you have a fantasy land, all your own, where you travel to for a few moments of respite? And, do you believe in magic? Just for the fun of it, nothing serious! 



Couldn’t agree more!

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25 thoughts on “A new book on my shelf.

  1. Definitely a Potter fan. I mean, how can one not be? There are so many hidden insights and tales within tales in those books that readers find out much later, even a decade after it is written. That kind of magic in writing cannot be just because of blind luck of two separate storylines luckily meeting up. It is set up by a genius of an author who
    was content to let you find it as you re-read the series.


  2. Ohhh Harry Potter 😍😍😍 and the world it transported me too. That magical place that I so wished was real. It's addictive… The whole series… The movies… The after stories… It's a world of it's own. Welcome to the club 😀


  3. Pre ordered, stood on long queues, read hiding them behind text books, gave up sleep, took long bathroom breaks, read between lectures… HP is one of my most beautiful school memories. Yes. It's a world of it's own.

    Welcome to the crazy fanclub. You're going to enjoy the whole Journey.:)


  4. I have been in the same boat as you when it came to coming across Harry Potter books at the bookstores but never picking them up. Courtesy the blogging world, I have met numerous Potter fans and now your account tells me to read it for sure. Still I am waiting for D to get a little older to read the book with him. The way he is reading these days makes me sure we will reach this book in next 2 years.


  5. “Or, wonder if there is such a world out there, a world full of witches and wizards, waving their magic wands, casting their magic spell on people around and living a thrilling life full of adventure” This is what i went through the initial few days after I read the book.. Is it? could it be? really possible. Amazing writing. You can get the whole set at the BooksByWeight exhibition.


  6. You know Shilpa, first time I read Harry Potter it didn't interest me. It was in 2006. My hostel roommate lent me her copy of the sorcerer's stone. She kept talking about HP and I wanted to know what the big deal was and I couldn't go past the first chapter. Then, after my wedding, I came to US and was at home full-time, boring myself to death, and my husband's colleague lent me his entire collection of HP. I read all 6 books (He didn't have the 7th book) in one breathe. My husband was annoyed with my new love, so much so that we got into fights. 🙂 I used to wait for him to fall asleep to sneak in some more reading of the HP. 😀 Since then I have read it more than 15 times. Now I'm reading it again with Kanna. He loves HP through the movies. And when he points out the differences in the book and movie my heart goes all happy. Kanna knows that the most powerful weapon of all is.. Ok, I'm not going to ruin the experience for you. You got me all excited, Shilpa. Enjoy the rest too. 🙂


  7. Welcome to the ppotter mania; der aaye par durust aaye 😉
    I have re read my potter books so many times that they are now falling apart and I need to buy new ones…
    I envy you as you have just started on them – savour and enjoy!


  8. Der aaye durust aaye. 😀 I am a huge Potter fan. Have read all the books when they came out first and have reread them as well. Have seen all the movies too. You will love the entire series.


  9. Like you, I only read HP recently. I loved it so much that I breezed through the first three books and hated myself for not picking it up earlier! It is a wonderful series and brilliantly created. Sadly, the fourth book did not excite me enough to pick up the rest of the series. I still am struggling to get back to the fifth book and finish the series.

    Also, pick up the illustrated versions of the first two books. They are so beautiful and dreamy!

    And yes, welcome to the Potter world! 😀


  10. I haven't read Harry Potter series. (Feeling good that I'm not alone :)). But, I have seen the movies (and enjoyed). I avoid reading that I have watched and vice versa.


  11. Welcome to the world of Harry Potter, Shilpa. I have been reading the HP books as and when they were introduced and loved them from the word go. I am re-reading them now. Have re-read the first 2 in the series and now will be picking up The Prisoner of Azkaban soon. Happy reading, Shilpa.


  12. Ditto! All my cousins are huge fans and they used to stand in queue for hours to get the book on it's publishing day. They used to pester me to read but I never gave in. After all, who will like dragons and Azkaban and magic! But then, I was jobless after college, waiting for my call-letter and I thought I will do some time-pass. My Mom refused to buy the books and I downloaded them from online. There was no looking back. I devoured all the 7 books in 5 days. Glad Shantala gifted it to you ❤


  13. Wow! So, there are stories within stories in the books? And, to learn about those must mean you are lucky to have realised the truth!
    I enjoyed reading the book tremendously, doc! And, am looking forward to getting the others too! 🙂


  14. Oh yeah, they are addictive, for sure, Raj! I just saw the movie the other day – the hidden chamber – and was riveted to the end by the mysteries that unfolded on the screen! Yes, am so glad to be a part of the Potter club! 🙂


  15. You sure are one crazy fan, Sheethal! This is the first time I am reading about someone whom I know, who stood in long queues for the book! Well, it is going to be my beautiful adult life memories, hahaha! 😛


  16. Wow! I can imagine how you must have read it on the sly, Vinitha!I do it, too. 🙂
    Your own account of how you fell in love with the world of magic is a story in itself! 😛
    Thank you so much, dear!


  17. This phrase, 'der aaye, durust aaye', seems to be so common in almost all the comments on this post! 😛
    I am sure glad to have finally “arrived” on the Potter scene! 🙂


  18. I saw the first Potter movie only last week, after reading the book. It's only then that I could understand what I was watching! 🙂 I enjoyed both, the book as well as the movie! 🙂
    Thank you for visiting, Tarang! 🙂


  19. Thank you, Shilpa! I too am looking forward to reading the rest of the series, and watching the movies, too. Although, I had a grand time reading the book than watching the movie. 🙂


  20. I am glad Shantala gifted me this book, Shalini!She has actually introduced me to magic! And, who doesn't enjoy magic? We all do need a little dose of the weird, magical world to help us go on with our real, and often times very boring world, isn't it? ;P


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