MOM – Film Review.

MOM - Sridevi

Starring: Sridevi, Akshaye Khanna, Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Director: Ravi Udyawar

Music: A.R. Rahman.

Rating: 4/5

Because God couldn’t be everywhere, He created Mother. A line from the movie, it could very well sum up the movie for you. Sridevi couldn’t have chosen a better subject for her 300th film. I haven’t been a diehard Sridevi fan, but her last film, English Vinglish, changed my opinion of her and that’s the reason I simply wanted to see MOM, right on the day it released.

MOM is emotional; MOM is electrifying; MOM is hard-hitting; MOM is riveting, right till the end.  In short, MOM is Sridevi. This could very well be the review in a nutshell, but there’s more I would love to talk about.

Devki Sabarwal (Sridevi) is a school teacher, the kind one can never mess with, whoever you may be. However, at home, she struggles to bond with her 18 year old step-daughter, Arya (Sajal Ali). The quiet acceptance and the sensitivity with which she accepts the cold vibes she receives from Arya tug at our heartstrings. But, that’s how families are, isn’t it – dysfunctional?  Such is life in the Sabarwal family, until terror strikes in the form of rape of the 18 year old, Arya. How Sridevi tries to come to terms with the horror her daughter has been through and how she rises to fight back is what the film is all about.

It really isn’t a fresh, new subject, to begin with. We have a mother who takes the form of Ma Durga to fight the wrong-doers  – a plot that may have been used in many a film. However, what is different here is the handling of the subject and its presentation, its portrayal that makes it an edge-of-the-seat entertainer. The sexual assault scenes are hard-hitting,  rather disturbing, in fact, as such scenes always are.  But, that’s one risk every filmmaker takes when dealing with this subject.

The film revolves around how Sridevi fights for justice for a daughter who battles for her life in the hospital bed, and, who just cannot accept her step-mother, despite every effort her step-mother puts in. A scene when Sridevi speaks into the phone to convey the news of the tragedy to her husband and breaks down at every word stands out as one of the best scenes by Sridevi, according to me. I had goosebumps as I sat there, watching this great performer deliver yet another memorable performance.

The film also has our very elusive Akshaye Khanna playing the role of a cop with such finesse, it makes you wonder why the man doesn’t work oftener! However, it’s Nawazuddin Siddiqui who manages to shine despite the great actors around him. His entry in the film reminded me of his two second role in the old movie, Sarfarosh, and how far he has come from there. He isn’t the kind of ‘loud’ character actors who strive to stand out for their performance. His simplicity, his sharpness, his knowledge about the character he portrays added with his own contribution to the character makes him one of the most versatile and talented actors of today.

Adnan Siddiqui, who plays Sridevi’s husband, Sajal Ali, who plays Arya, and Abhimanyu Singh, the bad guy, get full marks for their performances, too. A.R. Rahman gives us the kind of musical score that helps in making the movie complete. The end was rather predictable, though. Not that I am an authority on cinema, but they could have tried something different. But, it really didn’t matter so much because the audience sat still for quite some time even after the movie had ended. And that, I guess,  speaks a lot about the film’s impact, doesn’t it?

Sridevi proves how a woman can carry just about anything on her shoulders. She not only proves her mettle in the acting department, but also gives her co-actors the space and the respect that any matured and seasoned actor like her would do.

It’s been a long time since a movie didn’t put me to sleep mid-way. I did enter the theatre with a lot of trepidation, worried as I was of dozing off like I always do. However, the fact that I not just did not doze off, but was on the edge of my seat throughout and stayed put even after the credit rolls, proves that the film is worth a watch, and value for money, too!

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32 thoughts on “MOM – Film Review.

  1. This is a wonderful review. I have been wondering whether to go to the movie or not. I really want to but I don't seem to be having the guts to do so. This is one topic which is every mother's worst nightmare. But your review is pushing me to go to the theaters.


  2. I loved Sridevi in English Vinglish. She is such a fantastic actress (except her grating voice). I am hearing great reviews about this film. Will watch it soon.


  3. After reading this, I want to watch the film. I am not too fond of revenge dramas but Sridevi seems to have performed well. Akshay Khanna is a personal favourite and I really wish he acts more.


  4. I agree with you, Rubina. It is every parent's worst nightmare, but the way it has been dealt with and the way Sridevi's character fights back is worth a watch.
    Thank you for visiting, Rubina! 🙂


  5. Yes, Rachna, but for her voice, Sridevi would have been a favourite instead of some others. But, if you leave aside that one flaw, she is a powerhouse of talent! Do give it a try, I am sure you will love it, too!


  6. I liked watching it because it was a revenge drama, like Kahaani. And, also for the strong female characters in both these films. I think you should definitely watch the film, Lata.


  7. This one needs to be seen going by your review. I loved Sridevi in her previous outing in English Vinglish but am apprehensive that this one will be a heavy watch, which I why I have stayed away. I have turned into a Nawazuddin Siddiqui fan and have heard great things about Akshaye's role too, so maybe I should just go and watch it.


  8. Yes, Rekha, it is disturbing and leaves you feeling frustrated at the male attitude of treating women like objects to be used and thrown. But, the way the mother fights back is to be seen, for sure. Do go ahead and give it a try.


  9. As a south Indian, I am proud to say I have watched several Sridevi films in Tamil as well as Hindi. She is one of the more stellar actresses in the industry. Nobody can match her repertoire of emotions. This story seems interesting and I did like her outing in English Vinglish. By the way, you do a good job of film reviews 🙂


  10. I watched it yesterday night 10pm show…and when the movie got over it was 1 am. We stepped out of the movie hall and I was dead scared, even though I live in Mumbai and 1 am is almost evening yet I was scared. This was the impact of the movie on me. All the actors did justice to the role. I even 'hated' that Mohit.. and that actor really deserves appreciation for playing that role so perfectly.


  11. Whoa thats one helluva neat review Shilpa. I also became a Sri fan only after English Vinglish where I feel she portrayed that sense of frustration of a misunderstood home maker who is always out down becuase of it….
    Your review makes me wanna go see the movie right now – thanks so much!!


  12. Thanks, this is a lovely review, and i think I shall defeintely watch it.. THe music you say is by AR Rahman? Ah he is my favoutire too.. so thats two reasons to watch the movie Sridevi and for AR Rahman!!


  13. A very detailed and lovely review, this, Shilpa. I cannot say I'm a fan of Sridevi (her acting skills and dialogue deliveries are way better in Tamizh, though) but I've liked her in some Hindi movies and esp. loved her in English Vinglish. I've been hearing rave reviews of this movie and I hope I get to watch it soon.


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