As I sat staring at the computer screen striving to figure out the intricacies for my new blog, I wondered what had led me to stray towards alien territory  leaving behind the comforts of familiarity. And, suddenly, something stirred within me.  I had left my career for the sake of my family – a career that gave me an identity  – and struggled all these days to find that lost identity in things that failed to offer me one. I was itching  to carve a name for myself other than that of “Wife of Mr. G”.

Giving up on those desires, on the dreams I had for myself after coming this far did not seem acceptable to me.  I travelled back in time to when I faced worst situations in life despite the  terror and  the helplessness, and realised how I had waded through those choppy waters and swum ashore. How, then, could I give up now? What was the worse that could happen? Would I lose face? No. Would my dreams shatter before my eyes? Perhaps.  But, I could build those dreams again, couldn’t I?

There come countless moments in life, when we are tested for our grit, our determination and patience. There is a lot at stake, and yet, we choose to carry on fighting, surging ahead to achieve what we  set out to, even survive till our last breath.

The fear of losing, the trepidation as we face our challenges, is colossal, yet there’s always something within us, someone within us that pushes us towards our dreams, consoles us when we trip and fall on the way and  cheers us as we reach the finishing line.  Often, we lack the knowledge of this special someone; it’s just when we reflect upon it all later, do we realise that the someone was actually the Hero who resides within us, unbeknownst to us.

The Hero who encourages us, and gives us the will to fight our battles, to never give up hope, and win, in spite of it all.

It was the Hero within me who helped me through every difficult situation in my life, even when I was shivering with fear. And, it was the Hero within me who would help me now, as I set off to fulfil a tiny dream I had for myself. I did not need any assistance as long as I had Me.

We all have it in us to face our challenges, so why do we crumble under pressure; why do we look for help to those who might not offer any. Keep going, people; keep fighting for all that you desire for yourself. Trust the Hero within you.  Never give up, never fear, for one day you will succeed. Things might take time, but they will surely come to you in the right time.

I heard this song by Mariah Carey long ago, when I was going through a very difficult period in life. It’s a song that I often listen to, or think about when the going gets tough, when I feel I have hit a roadblock. It urges me to go on, trust myself and keep moving forward.

I am sharing this song with you all.  Sharing it for me, too, to remind myself once again about the Hero who lives within me, who will always be by my side, even when the rest of the world will have given up and left.

Keep up the fight, people! And, believe that you are not alone. You have YOU!


Lots of love,



26 thoughts on “Hero.”

  1. This is an amazing post. Today itself I was about to write about how I was suffering from identity crisis after quitting my job and then I came across your post. I feel so motivated after reading this post. Great going.

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  2. Loved your words of wisdom Shilpa! It’s true there are times when we feel we’ll crumble but the strength to go on comes from within us. Staying connected to who I am makes me feel like I can depend on myself when I go through such bouts of self-doubt (which can be often). The other lesson life has taught me the hard way is that it is always good to be self-sufficient than depend on others when such moments come.

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    1. Hey, that’s another ‘Ditto’, eh, Vidya?
      The song does get you all pumped up and inspired, isn’t it? And, not just I, but, you, too, are a Hero….we all are! We just need to acknowledge it, right? 🙂 ❤


  3. Been through this phase of fighting and wondering on how I stand to lose everything build over time. But, destiny or power of earth test us and compensate us at the right time. We need to be patient with things. Empowering post, Shilpa.

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  4. It is a co-incidence that you happened to write about the Hero in us because since this morning I have been telling myself that I am brave. Doubts had crept in 2 days back. We are all Heroes, strong, independent and capable of fighting our battles – doesn’t matter if it figuring out technology or dealing with headaches and heartaches.

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    1. Very true, Anamika! We just have to awaken that hero within us and learn to trust her! We are all so strong because of all that we have been through…Just hang in there, my dear! And, be brave!
      Hugs, sweetie! ❤


  5. Yes the hero is inside of us and we need to constantly remember that! its ok wo be beseiged by doubts Shilpa; the point is to always return from these self doubts a much stronger person!
    PS – I love this song too. Thanks for sharing it

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  6. My favourite song too! Thanks for pulling it up. BTW we all have an identity crisis. My mother who was a much loved teacher all her life was known as “Kaale kutte ki Ma” ( a reference to our black Labrador which was MINE to begin with) .

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    1. Why? Why do people do that, Sunita? Why do we have to be someone’s someone? I was called ‘Chikoo ki mummy’, or the lady with the dog. I did love the mushy feeling it gave me. But, as far as being just Mrs. so and so, well, I so want to change that! Do I sound obsessed? 😛 Hehehe


  7. Shilpa Congrats on your
    new blog site and wondefully sharing your thought.I guess identity crisis forms a part of one’s life and no matter even if we have a job position or not human nature keeps craving for and searching the ME outside instead of within. The names that get attached should not deter us from making our own identity and make a mark on all the people that matter us the most and a HERO, even if for one.

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    1. Thank you so much, Medha!
      You have put it so well, my dear. I understand that I need to look within, but, I guess I need some more time to grasp the true meaning of your words. I still want to create an identity for myself…the need for that identity is so strong, I fail to see reason in what you say!
      Thank you, sweetie, for your insightful comment!


      1. Shilpa I just meant that why do we look for certificate of appreciation or a title for ourselves from outside if we look within and introspect we know we all are HERO even if just for ourselves.Dont worry you already have a ‘Super Identity’ of your own which no one else has and be proud!Best wishes always!😊

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  8. The first paragraph is so much like my thoughts after leaving workforce which i enjoyed and felt like my identity. Well written Shilpa. Yes, i realize now that everyone has a hero within us which doesn’t give up in difficult situations.

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