The magic of PIXLR!

Sometime back, I shared this  pencil sketch of Marilyn Monroe.

But, having seen the spectacular effects PIXLR gives to our  photos, I decided to give a unique effect to my black and white sketch. I came across one that completely changed the look of my sketch and gave it a poster kind of look to it. You know, the kind of photographs we come across in glossy magazines?

Although it takes away the hard work that  I put into making it, the effect does add to the aura  of the beauteous  Marilyn Monroe, the Diva of the golden era.

Here’s my sketch:

And, here’s the  filtered one, from PIXLR.

What do you think? Which picture looks better? Do give me a frank opinion!


Do you like sharing your  original photographs, or do you edit them, filter them and then share them, like I do, sometimes? Oh, yes, I confess, I filter some pictures before I share. I guess, I have fallen prey to its magic! 🙂



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13 thoughts on “The magic of PIXLR!

  1. I like the filtered one. I remember that drawing. Seems so long ago we did our Sketchy Saturdays and Sundays. They were fun.

    The sepia colour gives it an old retro feeling that suits a picture of Marilyn. I must admit I love touching up and using filters on my photos. The photos always look much better, I find, and I’m like a kid with a new box of crayons. It’s fun to use those editors. I have Photoshop Elements and play around with it to get fun effects. Mostly I use a simpler photo editor when I’m touching up photos but it does the trick. You can always improve a photo by a bit of cropping here, sharpening there, lightening or darking and a filter to give it a warm glow…etc.

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  2. Pixlr is my go to app for editing pictures. Previously I used to post my photos in their original form and then the Filter bug caught upon me, whether its Instagram or Pixlr.
    I like both the pictures of your sketches. Both have an unique tonality. (a person who can hardly draw anything talking about tonality sounds funny to me ;D 😀 )

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  3. I edit pictures a bit but not always. Depends on what aspect I want to accentuate. I remember seeing your sketch and in this one, I prefer the original more. The Pixlr one is great but hasn’t got that natural feeling. 🙂

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