Poetry for the soul – My favourites.

Continuing with  the Music Series.

In my last post, I shared some peppy numbers that help drive away the blues. But, there are times, when the gloom refuses to leave you in peace.. Heartbreak, loss of someone special, or, maybe just life and her mysterious ways take over our emotional space and leave us feeling fragile. And, at such times, all we need are words that act as a balm on our tortured souls, offering us the assurance that we aren’t alone, that someone out there understands what we go through.

I find that solace in poetry that tugs at the heartstrings and helps me tide over the rough moments. Here’s my list of some very emotional songs written, directed and sung by the maestros of our Hindi film industry. The lyrics, the moving tunes and the atmosphere the song tries to capture…all of it makes me feel how well those artists know the pain of every human heart!

Most of the songs belong to the Golden Era of the Hindi FIlm Industry. That was the period when creativity was at its best. The meaningful lyrics by the best lyricists of our country, the lilting tunes by gifted music directors and the golden voices behind the songs are ethereal, and appealing to every soul.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.


These first few songs have been penned by the great Gulzar Saab. I don’t want to comment on his work for the simple reason that the man is too great to be spoken about by an insignificant like yours truly!

I can listen to this song by Lata Mangeshkar endlessly. Lag ja galey…

As well as this song…Na jaaney kyun…

And, this one, too! Jiya lagey na…!

This one’s dedicated to all my friends, with lots of love!

Life is a riddle, isn’t it? ZIndagi kaisi hai paheli…

Lata Mangeshkar, the melody queen of India..no other words will describe her better…

I get blown away by Sonu Nigam’s renditions of any soulful numbers. He sings from his soul, or maybe it’s his soul that sings the song!

As well as this…I wish it would never come to an end!


I don’t find the present day tunes as lilting and sentimental, but there are a rare few which find a place in my list. This song from,’Yeh Jawaani hai diwani’, is one that touched my heart.

Adnan Sami is another artist from the present generation, who has magic in his voice as well as his fingers that dance on the keyboard. If you have seen his videos, you will know what I mean.

These are just some of the songs that move my heart and help me wade through the sombre moments that life brings along with her. There really are a hundred such songs I would love to share, but one post won’t be enough for them all! The emotion we experience in the deep longing for someone, or in the release  of unshed tears, is something that can only be felt much more than expressed. Don’t you agree?

What are some of your favourite soulful songs? Do share with me…this list of mine could do with more such gems!




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23 thoughts on “Poetry for the soul – My favourites.

  1. I love each and every song that you have included here Shilpa! ‘Mera Kuch Saamaan’ is a personal all-time favorite, though. Thanks for rekindling my love for these numbers through this post. Gulzar is the man of words!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Shilpa, a great collection once again. If I could add to it and share my favorites- Pal bhar mein ye kya ho gaya from Swami. Aaja meri jaan by R.D. Burman and from new movies- Poore se Zara sa kam hai from Masoom 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Such evergreen hits and I was nodding my head at it all; agree with you on the newer melodies & Kabira is one of my fav songs too. Sonu nugam’s voice is truly out of his soul – his Kal Ho Na Ho rendition is just gazab!
    I love rula kar gaya sapna from Jewel Thief – the song as well as the picturisation!!
    Keep sharing more as this really resonated with me

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, I love “Rula ke gaya sapna,’ too, as well as Sonu Nigam in Kal ho na ho! He is one talented and versatile singer…a rarity today, I feel!
      Will surely keep sharing, Shalz! 🙂


  4. You took me back to the golden era… Which for me is the 90s… We used to watch so many of these old classic movies and listen to the songs. One of my favorites is ajeeb dastan hai ye. The lyrics are so amazing. No one writes like that anyone. Another one of my early 2000 favorites is Taare Aahista.
    Gulzar is definitely my favorite… His words are soulful… It touches you… And some songs have such deep longing… Makes your heart feel all those emotions. Beautiful collection of songs ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed the collection of my fav songs! These are truly golden melodies and we should consider ourselves lucky we belong to the generation who has been able to enjoy these and not the senseless trash that is considered music nowadays!


  5. What a lovely collection of songs you have shared, Shilpa. Each of these is a gem!! Yesterday, I got Panna Ki Tamana Hai from Heera Panna in a whatsapp video and I have been listening to this song on a loop since yesterday! The songs of yester-years are so soulful, musical and meaningful.

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