A letter to my younger self. writebravely

Hey, my dear!

How are you doing? I know, you are presently in a phase where you find yourself getting swayed by the effervescence that defines this period called, ‘YOUTH’.

Just sway, sweetie! But, keep your feet firmly on the ground. Do not, under any circumstances, let go of that control over your emotions. You are a level-headed girl, and I am so proud of you! You will turn out just perfect. I know, because I am you, from your future.

I won’t reveal everything to you, except that you turned out pretty well, considering all that you went through. So, chill! However, there’s just something that I so want to tell you about –  caution you about – not to frighten you, but to make sure you take care of a few things so that life turns out better and you never have to repent.

Firstly, that hobby that you have picked up – of writing – don’t let go of it. Don’t let it be “just a phase”. Develop it, nurture it. It will help you in the long run. And, read. Keep reading all the good books that you do; for they are your guiding stars. They will help you hone your writing skills.

You are an artist’s daughter. You have the perfect genes to help you reach your future goals. Work on the skills that you have been blessed with.  Make your hobbies your passion. These are what will hold you in good stead when you are older. As time passes, you will realise that these are the true best friends you will ever have! People will come into your life and walk away after their time is up. But, your work, your hobbies are what will stay with you always, and sustain you, emotionally and financially. Especially, emotionally.

And, now, the most important part.

Stay strong, my dear. And, learn to use your head more than your heart, for it is the practical of the two and will always guide you to do the right thing, the sensible thing. Listen to your heart, but follow your head. And, never lose control over it, over your mind. It may be practical, but if let loose, it can destroy you.  So, keep a tight rein on your mind, your thoughts. Nudge them in the right direction if you find them straying. Having said that, do listen to your heart, too. It is the kinder of the two. There is enough cruelty in this world already; a little kindness is what’s needed to help spread some hope and good cheer.

That’s all, my love.  Enjoy your youth to it’s fullest; it won’t be returning, ever. But, do stay young at heart even as you age. That’s what will help you enjoy every moment of your life!

Take care,



Image source: PIXABAY

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35 Replies to “A letter to my younger self. writebravely”

  1. What a wonderful letter, Shilpa. I was so moved by this. Touching and full of self love! If only our younger selves could receive such a letter. I would have blossomed with all that reassurance and love. So wise and full of warmth! Loved it!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much, Cat!
      I am sure my life would have turned out differently had I received such advice. Not that I don’t love the life I live now, but I, for sure, would have been a better person…stronger, for sure!


  2. Superb take on the prompt… and have been viewing your pics … what an artist you are!
    I hope that I continue with my writing too…& as you said let it just not be a phase!
    Loved the letter!

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  3. Oh I loved the heart-mind balance you taught your younger self – Yeah we need a practical head but we need kindness too. Beautifully penned Shilpa.


  4. This post moved me to tears, both with its maturity and wisdom. We need these, as reminders that things work out, that they aren’t so bad and things do get better. If I had read a letter like this when I was going through depression I would have come out smiling that ‘This too shall pass’. And I did. I am just saying letters like these are most helpful. Beautiful, Shilpa. Love you for who you are.

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  5. Loved your letter to your younger self, Shilpa. Wish we could send such a letter to the younger self! But I guess we would make use of the best resources available at the moment and exercise our wisdom wisely. Of course, at a later point we are bound to feel that it could have done better. But I believe we are doing better already. Too much ramble, huh? Sorry dear, this post made me think and when I think I ramble on without thinking. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And, this place welcomes your ramble, my dear! You can go on and on…I make for a good listener, you know?
      Yeah, I too wish I could have had some guidance from my future self, but that’s not life, no? But, that’s okay, I guess…We did well for ourselves, didn’t we? 🙂


  6. Oh this is such a beautoful letter. Every word is dripping with wisdom! I wish we had all received just such a letter in our youth to guide us; because so much fets lost, so much neglected as we grow; that we emd up losing sight of the things that really matter in life. Things that can really help sustain us emotionally
    Very beautifully written.


  7. Shilpa, you are an artist! Make your hobbies your passion, stay strong,read books- beautiful advise to your younger self. I wonder what I would have written to my younger self. Your letter is a beauty, God bless.

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