Something’s fishy!


Today’s post is a memory from 20 years ago. A memory that has stayed so fresh, it feels like it was just yesterday that I found myself in a soup, or rather, fish curry!

I was a new bride on my honeymoon to Srivardhan, a coastal village of Maharashtra. Hubby and I were staying at his bro-in-law’s house in a quiet lane that wound all the way to the  beach. Coconut trees dotted every corner of the  village which smelled of the sea. In the dead of night one could hear the waves rushing towards the coast, drenching the golden sands with its salty waters.

The peace and quiet of the place was bliss after all the hullabaloo of the wedding and we lapped it all up hungrily. As there was no cook in the house we were staying in, we would go to the market, buy stuff we needed and cook it ourselves, Well, hubby cooked mostly as I was really not a great cook back then.

The first time I cooked rice in a vessel instead of the rice cooker, I burnt it! So, after that episode I preferred playing the role of the sous-chef and helping in cutting and chopping the veggies and kneading the dough for the chapatis (which I could prepare, thankfully!). So, the days were passing by beautifully, discovering the sights around and relishing the local food.

One fine day, hubby’s uncle who had a house nearby dropped in when he learnt we were in the vicinity. And, to make us feel welcome, he invited us for lunch at his place. I was glad we didn’t have to cook, so we grabbed the invitation with both hands and landed at his doorstep at lunch hour.

He was in a buoyant mood as he had cooked the lunch himself! He kept on boasting about how he had learnt to cook since aunty stayed in Pune most of the time and he at Srivardhan so he had to be independent. I felt in awe of the men of this family since they all seemed to be such good cooks…until..

Until the food arrived.

Now, it being a village in the coastal region, you can guess what the staple diet of the locals can be! Well, it was fish curry and rice. ONLY.


I being a Brahmin, was not used to eating fish, at all. All I knew was dal, rice, veggies, salads and chapati, and here there was just fish curry and rice! Those not used to eating  non-veg food can understand my plight, I hope. I was in a dilemma – to eat or not to eat, was the question. But, there being nothing but fish and rice, and me being a new daughter-in-law, I had no choice but to eat what had been served. And, be a good girl!

So, I ate it…fish curry and rice – the very first non-veg lunch of my life! Hubby, being the straightforward guy that he is, gave a candid opinion about the lunch being so vegetarian-unfriendly. I nudged him to keep quiet and let it be, but he is not  diplomatic, like his wife. Uncle – the poor old man – was embarrassed no end. He apologised profusely, making me feel so much more awkward. But, there was really nothing he could do either.

I just thank God I didn’t retch that day! It would have been too much for the old man to handle!

I began eating non-veg after that incident. And, relishing it, too. That’s a different story, altogether. But, I wish I had been initiated into this whole diet change program with a bit more planning and all. It would have been easier on the nerves. Or, rather, my stomach!

That’s all for  today, folks!




Published by shilpagupte

Do you know the secret to living a happy life? Eat. Pray. Love. Or, watch what you eat, wish well for all and fill your heart with love! That's precisely what I try to do through my blogs: 'Metanoia', the wellness blogazine, and 'Fictionista', my blog for fiction and non-fiction. Welcome to my virtual homes!

23 thoughts on “Something’s fishy!

  1. OMG i can imagine it took more than just courage to take the first bite into vegetarianism! And fish isn’t easy either … brave of you to eat the fish with aplomb. And thanks for sharing this cute story.

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  2. I would have reched for sure as the smell of seafood and fish make me gag to no end. You are one brave thing not to mention good bahu to have given into it so earnestly. I would have kicked my husband to death if he had made me go through with it 😉 Loved this story and this concept is just so fab. Congrats Bellybites for initiating this and I am looking forward to more of them!!

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    1. Hahahaha! Shalz, just reading your comment (about kicking your man if he put you through it all) made me laugh hysterically! I can so imagine you doing it had you been in my place!
      Well, I don’t seriously know about the ‘good bahu’ thing, but I guess that’s how I was manufactured. Mom’s good genes kick in in such situations! 😛


  3. That must have caught you by surprise. But its good that now you relish non veg food. Personally I love fish 😀 When I was staying at home, we had fish almost everyday and now that I stay in a PG, I crave for fish everyday!

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  4. As we look back Shilpa, such stories make us smile and can imagine what fell on the head of the uncle after he came to know about it. Ha! I don’t know the basics of cooking and guess there are many like us.

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  5. Must say, for being brave enough to eat it and not complain or break down about it. Because apparently the guilt is too much(a friend once told me so) 🙂

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      1. Rather how often we as Bahus think it may not be right to express our thoughts. But sure is an option, is what we forget. 🙂

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      2. We could banter all night long on this topic and am sure it won’t be over. Am secretly happy you are a non-vegetarian now, imagine all the food you can eat. 😉 lol

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  6. Oh dear, that was a tricky situation. Though you were brave to try, because I am not sure I could have done that.

    I am a non-vegetarian, but a selective one. My non veg diet is limited to eggs, chicken, and some limited varieties of fish. If someone were to offer mutton curry and rice, I would have possibly stuck to rice, milk, or water even, but wouldn’t have been able to attempt a different meat. And this from a non-vegetarian. So I can only imagine how it must have been for you.

    You are one brave soul.

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    1. Shantala, even if I have begun relishing nonveg food, I too tend to eat only selective items – chicken and fish. I am glad it was fish rice that day and not meat rice.
      If it had been meat and rice, I would have definitely asked for curd rice! 😛

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  7. You’re such a good girl. I can well imagine your dilemma. I think I would have played around with the gravy and quietly passed on the fish to the Husband. Reminded me of a scene from Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani where Ranbir Kapoor eats chicken because he thinks Katrina Kaif is a non-vegetarian (she turned out to be veg!). Hilarious scene.

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