Why do you write? #writebravely


I began blogging four years ago. Then, I was unsure about not just my writing capabilities, but also about what I would write about. Being a homemaker who did not socialise, at all, or step out to study the world as it went about its day, I was at a loss for ideas for my posts. But, I realised that although I could not personally step outdoors much,  my mind could definitely travel the world, nay, the entire Universe, so I would surely have much to write about!

Over the years, writing became a hobby. Sharing thoughts that people could relate to felt exhilarating. But, there was something that kept getting in the way of my writing transforming from being just a hobby to becoming my passion. Eventually, it did, though.

Now I write because it is not just a way to give release to my creativity, but to make me feel alive.  It’s a gratifying experience, actually.  Maybe, moving to, ‘Metanoia’, did the trick!

The blogosphere feels like a Wonderland, really. You come up with a topic to write about;  stringing together words that  best express your thoughts, you work on your post with a passion and obsession that you find invigorating. Then,  after careful consideration and a whole lot of editing, you hit Publish.

Out goes your post, into the world for all to read. And, just when you aren’t thinking much about it, you receive a comment from an unknown reader, where they talk about how much they could relate to your post.

How they, too, felt the same in a situation you found yourself in, and how they emerged out of a difficult period that left them overwhelmed, just the way you did. And,  at that moment,  those words get imprinted in your heart and you feel you did something right! That’s when you realise, with a new-found confidence, that you are going in the right direction.

I admit, there are moments when I yearn to find myself rubbing shoulders with award-winning bloggers; have  hundreds of followers craving to lap up the words I type here, on my blog, and leave behind flattering remarks on my posts. But, I stop myself and divert my mind to the happiness I get from just writing, and I am back on terra firma.

My mind no longer in the clouds, I realise what joy there is in simply writing. A cathartic experience coupled with a release for my creative urge is what I gain from this exercise.

Why then should I even wish for something else, something so superficial, it is only going to give me happiness but for a few moments? Awards are definitely going to encourage me and my morale, but the rewards I receive from the act of writing are far more precious to me.

And, therefore I write.

Why do you write?




Why do you do what you do?

The Writetribe Problogger Blogging Challenge has been a great experience. Being a twice-a-week writing  challenge, it was not only doable, but also inspirational. In that, I not just worked on my writing, but also could visit some really brilliant bloggers I haven’t read, up until now. There were fiction as well as non-fiction posts that left their impression on me and taught me so much!

Thank you, Corinne, for this opportunity! Looking forward to the next blogging challenge! 🙂

Linking this post to The Writetribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge.

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Published by shilpagupte

Do you know the secret to living a happy life? Eat. Pray. Love. Or, watch what you eat, wish well for all and fill your heart with love! That's precisely what I try to do through my blogs: 'Metanoia', the wellness blogazine, and 'Fictionista', my blog for fiction and non-fiction. Welcome to my virtual homes!

31 thoughts on “Why do you write? #writebravely

  1. Oh,I so love what you say there at the end – it isn’t the awards, but the reward, the experience, that matters when it comes to writing! Lovely post and happy to have crossed paths with you in the Blogosphere 🙂

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  2. Like you , I too love writing . I’ve been writing as a kid – a diary that I guarded zealously, articles for magazines and newspapers . I just wanted to share my world and my views of the world with the world . Blogging has been the best way to get my thoughts out there because there aren’t any nasty editors to turn away my contributions;)

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    1. Yeah!
      The editors can sure be scary, at times. And, that is why we are lucky to have our blogs to help us express our thoughts and our views. I, too, had a diary I would guard with my life! But, somewhere along the way, I lost it all. Glad I found it again…glad I found myself again! 🙂

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  3. You know what? I am actually going through these thoughts from few months. I had planned to write a post on this with the name – ‘A writer or a blogger?’ Because I am not yet able to figure out why I am actually maintaining a blog? Whether I like to write or I want to make friends from different places? Or I just feel good when someone likes what I write and as you said, some stranger visits our blog and says they can so connect to it!
    And I have also been wondering how so many bloggers in my reader list have so many followers and how they manage to get 3 digit likes on their post? And what I can do for it?
    Then again I ask myself why am I writing?
    Unlike you, I am yet to reach a conclusion yet. But maybe your thoughts can guide me. Thanks for sharing it so honestly.
    Also, I am going to join this tribe to see if I can get some followers and likes 😛

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    1. Dhanashree, don’t you worry! I too have been in the same situation as you. Slowly but surely, you will realise that it is your happiness that should matter to you. The happiness that you will get from writing for yourself will be so much more than anything else. We all go through these yearnings of followers and all, but we realise slowly what really matters! Write because you want to write, because it is what gives you happiness. The rest will follow.

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  4. I enjoy writing, Shilpa. I am surprised that I enjoy writing so much. It gives a vent to my overthinking mind and also provides me a community of like-minded people who provide me support, ideas and opinion. I think these are two reasons that I blog. My cooking blog reflects my passion for cooking food, experimenting and learning about food and also documenting recipes. I get great joy when someone tries my recipe and likes it.

    What could be better than sharing happiness, knowledge and even thoughts with people? Everything else is secondary. Awards are nice but the real reward is the satisfaction within. Always!

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  5. Yes, Rachna. It is what I realised it recently, after I began really enjoying pouring my thoughts through words on my blog and my diary. Enjoying the process is so much more important!


  6. My reasons for writing are almost the same as yours, Shilpa. I enjoy writing, above all the other things that accompany it. Awards, encouragement and the monetary gains if any add to it but can never replace the actual joy of writing.

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  7. I have been through this question in past one year of blogging and realised the reason I want to write is because I have loads to share and its highly therapeutic for me to write about it.
    I did consider the awards and accolades but came to the realisation that so many of them are fake and just to increase the followship. The number games led to more heartache over writing than good and I ended up shunning it all!
    I write for myself as it gives me a satisfaction that is purely mine to behold. And I love the connect with several bloggers (you included) that write so well and I find it easy to relate to it!

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    1. You said it, Shalz! The number game can be disheartening, for sure…as I have realised. There are times when I see people having thousands of followers and awards and what not. But, I actually pinch myself hard and bring myself back from that Fantasy Land that these superficial things are!
      I have begun writing because I enjoy it, because I am getting better at it, slowly and steadily, and because it is helping me be a better version of myself!


  8. Well said Shilpa! What started as passing fancy, has now has us hooked all day long. For days I haven’t written a word, even months, but I feel guilty about it! I long to return to that frenetic pace of drafting, polishing and finally hitting publish. I write to relive my thoughts, which I think are better said on paper than spoken. So yes, a passing fancy has hooked me for life!

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    1. Me, too, Kala! I did not know I would so fall in love with writing some day! There are days when I do it because I have to, but on most other days, I write because I WANT to! 🙂


  9. oh Shilpa! I would love to say its exactly the sae reasons as you, you ave put it across so beautifully and honestly that I find myself warming up to the idea. There are those moments when I feel I wrote a fabulous piece but it just disappeared in a sea of posts in the blogosphere, it does make me feel said but I start typing again as the ideas flow into words and something beautiful takes shape and that contentment means the world to me!

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    1. Yes, Akshata.. At times, our best work finds no adulation, but that thankfully doesn’t play spoilsport. Instead, we write again – for ourselves – and receive utmost satisfaction for the words we penned.

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  10. There is a joy in writing. Just the simple act of putting your emotions into words gives me immense satisfaction. I can’t find a proper word to define it. It’s different from the happiness that I receive when someone leaves a comment. The former is therapeutic. Of course, the post can easily get lost in the world of blogosphere, but the feeling remains.
    With the way you write, I am sure you will have enough fans of your blog. You express human emotions really well. And I come back here, everytime, to admire and learn that art.

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    1. Such glowing comments for my writing and my blog is the reason I write, of course, apart from the fact that I feel so good after writing a piece – in my diary/blog. Thanks a million, Raj! And, ditto for the words you spoke about my writing..On your blog, I not only learn about health and fitness, but also enjoy a few moments of entertainment – you have a terrific sense of humour! ❤


  11. I agree Shilpa that the joy of writing and connecting is what keeps us going. I used to write for a living but when you’re working you have little choice what you’ll write on or how much. I remember once I’d done an interview and I thought I’d done a fairly good job but at the last minute we received an ad that just HAD to be accommodated and the interview was hacked to one third it’s length. That was heart breaking. I;m glad I have my blog.

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  12. You know Shilpa I have asked myself this many times. Of course most write because they love to write, but thatbsure is the standard reason. But there are other reasons too…. Like for me I write to vent out emotions of joy, happiness or.sadnwss…its easier to do so…

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    1. Yes, Ramya…it’s way easier venting out our frustration or voicing our thoughts here on our blog or in our diary, than speaking out loud. People can get offended, but our diary will never! 🙂 And, we will be free of the burden we have to carry all day long!


  13. I often ask myself why I am I blogging. What’s the point in writing these and putting it up for people to judge me. Because as you know, I share a lot of personal stuff too. But in some weird way talking about the aches and pains on my blog helps me. Writing is indeed therapeutic. I agree with you Shilpa, there were times I yearned for an award or two. But I have realized that I write not for anyone else but me, and the award is when I acknowledge that I am doing the best I can. (Of course, that grape is sour 😉 ) Kiddings aside, when someone says that they identity with my thoughts, there is a reward I would have never got, if not for blogging.
    Congrats on completing the challenge, Shilpa. 🙂 And thank you for putting up with my longish comments. 🙂


    1. For people like us, there are very few who have the time and patience to sit and listen us pour our heart out to. So, the best thing to do is write it down and feel good, relieved at having unburdened our souls. If people are going to judge, then let them. At least we our happy that we wrote and some one could relate. That is the reason we must write. And, let the awards be! 😛


  14. There is a binding among all of us here since we write for the love of writing. You reflect my thoughts when you say you began writing because you had to and when people came along the way identifying with you through your words, It was rewarding more than the rewards. I liked to write even before I started blogging. For the love of writing, I urged my managers to give me the responsibility to prepare team documents even though it was not a part of my KRAs. I wrote skits (which only sounded great on paper) for office events. I got complimented for writing the best work emails in my department. Someone once said in office – “Madam aap to writer ban jao” which made me laugh. Here I am today, not as a writer, per se, but as a blogger.

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    1. Haha….aur aap writer bann hi gayi! 🙂
      Good for you, Anamika!
      I too loved to write way before I became a blogger. I used to enjoy it. Now, I enjoy it much more because I come in contact with people from around the world who echo my thoughts, understand my feelings despite having never met me and through their own words encourage me to keep going. Isn’t that such a beautiful award in itself!

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