What’s your comfort food?

Hello, people! How’s life?

Mine is fine, thank you! After having gorged on  sweets during the Diwali week (apart from the spicy, chatpata chaat) life has gotten  back to the same old routine.

And, same old routine consists of  work, chores, a busy schedule, and yes,  food, too, that apart from filling the bellies and providing nutrition, also gives comfort to our overworked nerves.

I find that comfort in the humble dal and rice. Or, varan-bhaat, as we in Maharashtra call it. Just the utterance of the food cheers me up. First of all, it hardly requires much cooking time. And, secondly, the sheer simplicity of this recipe gives our taste buds and our tummies a chance to relax.

I enjoy food, really. I relish all kinds of recipes – mostly veg, which I can experiment with – but there are times, when all I want to do is give some time off to my digestive system. It too needs its break!

I love dal rice – as in the dal with the tadka and steamed rice. The sputtering mustard seeds and the cumin seeds,and the asafoetida, bring flavour to the humble dal. Apart from these, the curry leaves, the green chilly and the freshly chopped coriander that we use to garnish the dal with add their own unique flavours and aroma, making it heavenly to taste.

Accompaniments are a necessity, of course.  So, the thing I love seeing in my plate is the mirchi ka achaar, or the chilly pickle. At times, the aam ka achaar, or the mango pickle also join in the fun. And, yes, a dollop of ghee. Now, that is a must!

No papad for me, though. I dislike it as it sticks to my teeth which can be rather irritating while eating.

I also find comfort in curd rice, or dahi bhaat. Along with the tadka of cumin seeds and dry red chillies, it tastes out-of-the-world – this humblest of foods. But, at times, when laziness is at its peak, then I just mix curd with rice, add some salt and some mango pickle and devour it as if it were a delicacy!

Rasam rice is another of my favourite comfort foods. The piping hot, spicy and tangy rasam poured on a mound of steamed rice, the aroma that wafts from the plate…all of it makes me drool. Although we call these “comfort foods”, I can have these daily.

The most common comfort food, Khichdi, is not something I count as a favourite. It does take lesser time to cook, and caters well to the lazy me (Boy! I must come across as a sloth to most of you!). But, I would much rather have it on the rarest of occasions. I find it too bland and my taste buds don’t seem to favour it much.

Could you share with me your Khichdi recipe if it is something that is not only easy to make, but tastes awesome, as well? I would be glad if you do!

That’s all for today.

So, what’s your comfort food?




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23 thoughts on “What’s your comfort food?

  1. Oh I love Dal rice – hot arhar dal with soft steaming rice is absolute bliss. But I also love khichdi. The very basic one – mungdal and rice with turmeric and salt tempered with hing and zeera and with dahi on the side. It’s so very basic yet I love it. I had/have a near perfect digestion and never needed to eat it but if anyone in the family had an upset stomach I’d happily give them company for that runny khichdi. Yum post Shilpa.

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    1. Yes, Tulika..the runny khichdi is what is most preferred everywhere. But, at times, when I am not in the mood and prepare it just because I have to, it just doesn’t ‘run’!!! Hehehehe….And, that’s why I prefer the dal and rice, where the arhar dal will make the rice run! 😛


  2. I love all the humble food items you have mentioned above, and they all are my comfort foods. One of the food items, especially after festivals I love is Chiwda, with curd or daal or amti! It tastes yummy with the groundnuts in the Chiwda 😀
    I also prepare maggie (not in 2 minutes though) whenever I am lazy. I love it, especially when it is raining or it is cold or I am hell tired!

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    1. I love Chiwda!! Just bought puffed rice for making it. And, you are right- along with groundnuts and coconut chips and a lot of chillies and garlic flakes, too, it tastes awesome! Comfort food for after gorging on sweets! 😛
      And, Maggi – even if I am a health freak, I can indulge in a maggi sometimes! The Masala flavour awakens me from my monsoon slumber! 😛

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  3. Dal chaawal, khichdi and pulao are my comfort foods. With achaar and curd/raita or a papad sometimes, they are heavenly and I can have them anytime. That they can be cooked in a jiffy is an added bonus for me for I dont like to spend an extra minute in the kitchen 😀

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    1. Hehehee…me neither, Shilpa!
      My funda is pretty clear like that – enter the kitchen, cook whatever it is that you have planned in as little time as possible and exit!
      I too love raita…mmm….will make some today! 🙂


  4. My Maharashtrian cook makes some excellent Dal Tadka which all in my family loves. Being South Indian, my favourite comfort food is the Dosa in any version – Sada, Masala, Mysore, Schezwan, or whatever. It is the smell of dosa which gets my mouth watering.

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  5. My comfort food is daal bhaat too, which those long mirchi ka achaar. I love khichdi a lot… And i like it watery mixed with a bit of curd. My khichdi has all sorts of vegetables, a bit of spice and ghee. Ohh so yumm 😀

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    1. Mirchi ka achaar makes me drool like crazy!!
      I too like adding a lot of veggies to my khichdi..but as you said, will try and add more spices to make it more spicy and palatable! 😛


  6. I love piping hot dal chawal with a tadka of ghee, cumin seeds, chopped garlic, broken red chillies and some red chilly powder. With a side of dahi, papad and sometimes chutney, it is yum. I love rasam chawal too. And khichdi is my comfort food. Here is a recipe of pongal that I make for breakfast or lunch. It is quite tasty and you must have it hot: https://www.rachnacooks.com/2016/01/15/pongal-recipe/

    Strangely I have not shared my recipe of khichdi on the blog. I will soon. But it is very much like Tulika’s. I also make another version which is more masala khichdi that my mil makes and we serve it with boiled egg for brunch. Will write about that too. Yummy post, Shilpa.

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