A drink for your health.

Preparing recipes that are nutritious has become a hobby, or rather, an obsession. I do indulge my taste buds, too…you all know that! I mean, what’s life without a bit of sin, isn’t it? But, most of the time, I would rather eat something that’s nutritious than something that is just tasty.

Experiments are often carried out on my taste buds as I don’t mind being a guinea pig.  And, most of my meals are easy and quick to prepare.

There are a few recipes I prepare for myself when alone for lunch/dinner. The oft-prepared one is my favourite soup that has become a health and beauty tonic for me. It hardly requires much time and is highly nutritious, too. And, I could have it everyday.

Tomato-carrot-beetroot soup.

*Tomatoes contain  high levels of lycopene ( a red carotenoid pigment) that makes them good for our skin. The Vitamin A and C present in tomatoes act as antioxidants that nullify the effects of harmful free radicals in the blood. The lycopene also helps to lower the bad cholesterol.

*Carrots are also good for the skin as the antioxidants present in these too help keep skin healthy. The vitamin A in carrots works in taking care of our eyes,  and, their fibre content helps in digestion as well.

*Beetroots are low in sodium and fat. The high content of iron, manganese, potassium and copper in beetroots makes it one of the most nutritious veggies. Beets lower blood pressure, boost energy, are great for heart and liver and promote brain health. They also help treat anaemia, have anti-ageing properties and aid in weight loss. Do consult with your dietician/doctor in case you have high sugar levels, though.

Tomatoes, carrots, beetroots:  2-3 medium sized, or as per requirement.

Garlic cloves: 5 -6

Salt and pepper powder to taste.

Chop the tomatoes and carrots, peel and chop beetroots. Add an onion, if you wish to. You could add a potato to make the soup thick. Add the garlic cloves and cook  all of it in the pressure cooker for 2 whistles.

Once cool, blend all the cooked veggies in a blender.

Pour in a saucepan and bring it to a boil.

Add salt and pepper powder to taste.

Serve hot with a dollop of home made ghee instead of butter. The flavour that ghee brings to a dish is unparalleled!

 Tomato-carrot-beetroot juice


Like soups are for cool winters and monsoons, juices are for hot summers when we need some drink or the other to quench our thirst. So, it’s during summers that I prepare this juice, and usually have it in the evening before heading out for my walk.

Tomatoes,  carrots, beetroots – 2- 3 or as per requirement (depending on the number of glasses  you wish to prepare.)

Amla (Indian Gooseberry)- 1 medium size – if available.

A one inch piece of ginger

Black salt (rock salt), lemon juice to taste.

A sprig of mint.

Chop tomatoes and carrots, peel and chop the beetroots and put it all in a juicer, or a grinder. Use a sieve to filter the juice. Add black salt and lemon juice to taste. Garnish with mint and drink it up when fresh.

So, isn’t that an easy to make health tonic? You can change the cooking method as per the season and reap its benefits!

Do try it out and let me know if you liked it.

And, if you have any  recipes you would like to share, or tales revolving around food, do join me and Sunita at #FlavoursomeTuesdays.  All you need to do is add the hashtag, write a foodie post and share it!

You may read Sunita’s post here.

That’s all for today, folks!





18 Replies to “A drink for your health.”

  1. This is so appetising! I like both versions, hot and cold that you’ve listed. And look at you, professional chef! With all the ingredients and nutritional information 😊 I’ve made a version of these without beetroot. Will try with beetroot next time. Oh and I see you’ve used excerpt for the post? Nice!

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  2. Oh, I love this one! I wasn’t all that big on cooking earlier. But with a middle-schooler in tow, I am learning to make every morsel healthy. I am definitely going to try this soup and I am sure I am going to love it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is a combination I have not tried. We haven’t grown beets in our garden in a couple of years. Are you able to get yellow beets or the Italian style beets that have red and white rings in them? Those are my favorite – less earthy tasting than red beets, although many do like the earthy taste of what you call beetroot and I call beet….

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  4. Ooh that looks yummy. I will try it out, both versions. I cannot guarantee that my elder one would taste it because he is not into eating healthy, though lately I’m seeing a change in him. He told me that I should add more proteins in his lunch box. Can you believe that? Will let you know the result once I make the drink and soup. 😀 I want join for flavoursometuesdays but there is too much on my plate right now. Haven’t posted a single one this November. Will join you and Sunita as soon as I’m a bit free. 😀

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    1. Kids do get influenced by their teachers and peer group, Vini. I think his teacher must have taught him about proteins and all, that’s why he must have said it. But, good for you! Just grab the chance, I say!
      Yeah, do try it out and let me know.

      You are most welcome to join us for flavoursometuesdays, Vini. Let me know whenever you find the time.
      Thank you, sweetie! ❤


  5. I love tomato, beetroot and carrot soup. It is a favourite at my home especially in winters and I make it just like how you’ve mentioned. 🙂 The juice I’ve not tried. Lovely reading both the recipes.

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    1. I had read this recipe on your blog some time ago, Rachna, and was reminded of my own which I have been making since long time now. Learnt it from mum and decided to change the method to make it into a juice, too. 🙂


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