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I am a bookworm by nature. Right since childhood, my books have been my favourite companions and have played a huge role in my love for writing. No, you won’t find me with my nose in a book 24X7 (although, I wish I could do that) what with blogging,writing and art taking up a lot of my time.

But, whenever I find a good book, I find it humanly impossible to leave the book aside and complete my chores or my posts. At such times, I just wish the world came to a stand still so that I could use that peace and quiet for my reading.

Books can be a man’s best friend…after dogs! A true-blue dog lover I am, so dogs come first and books come next. People come at the end. People can be complicated.

Ahem! Just kidding!

So, my dear blogger friend, Esha  Mukherjee-Dutta tagged me in her post on books. I enjoyed reading her answers. They told me some more about this really sweet person I know online, Now, I am answering those fun questions that will tell you something more about me, in short, reveal some more of my eccentricities.

So, read on…

1.  Do you have a specific place for reading?

Earlier, I was a librocubicultarist (one who reads in bed!), but then my doctor pointed out to other more back-friendly places to sit and read, so now I prefer sitting in a chair with my legs stretched out on another chair. Actually, I can read anywhere. When you have a good book, the ‘place’  doesn’t matter, does it?

2. Bookmark or some random piece of paper?

My father gave me some bookmarks that have paintings by  artists who paint with their foot and mouth. And, my friend, Kala gifted me some really beautiful  bookmarks, too. So, I use those now. Earlier, I would use any random piece of paper.

3. Do you eat or drink while reading?

I eat or drink while reading the newspaper (a habit I picked up from hubby). But, while reading a book,  NEVER. I can not imagine spilling stuff on books. That’s sacrilege! But, if I do read while eating, then the book is placed at a safe distance, out of harm’s reach!

4. Music or TV whilst reading?

Neither. I like my peace and quiet when I have a book in my hand, so I can concentrate on the story that unfolds before my eyes!

5. One book at a time or several?

I am a one-book-woman! Hehehe! I like to ponder over the lives I read about and wonder about them, just like I do about people I know.

6.  Do you prefer to read at home or elsewhere?

I can read anywhere. It’s just that I forget to carry a book to places I visit, like the mall. Next time, though, I am going to carry my book along. I hate window shopping, and hubby loves it. I will just open my book and find some peace in those pages.

7. Read out loud or silently?

Silently, of course! And, that too, I read the dialogues as if I were the character! I need to feel the emotions!

8. Do you read ahead or skip pages?

I admit, I have skipped pages of many a book. When the description gets a bit too much to bear, or there is too much of romance going on (give me a break!) I skip pages.

9. Break the spine or keep it like new?

WHAT? You break the spine of your book? REALLY? Now, that’s sacrilege number 2! You will keep the book as good as new, is my order to anyone who borrows my book! God, I can’t imagine how one could  do such a horrid thing!!

10. Do you write in books?

You mean you write in books, too? And, you ruin their beauty? Sacrilege number 3!

11. What books are you reading now?

RIght now, I am reading ‘Classic Ruskin Bond, Volume 1′. it’s a collection of six novels  by the young  Ruskin Bond.

12. What is your childhood favourite book?

Oh, there are aplenty! The first is, ‘Adventurous stories for young girls’, which was a gift from my uncle when I was in school, and which awakened the bookworm in me. The others are, ‘Famous FIve’, ‘Secret Seven’, ‘Nancy Drew’, ‘Hardy Boys’…ah,  I could drown myself in all the nostalgia!

13. What is your all time favourite book?

Now, that’s a toughie. I love books. Period. But, ‘The Book Thief’ and ‘The diary of Anne Frank’ made me cry. I wept thinking about the lives that were wiped out because of the craziness of one man! No offence meant there, but, that’s how much I was affected.

Oh, and let me add something more – . If ever, you are to borrow a book from me, do remember to return it.  I won’t be able to get over my lost book if you don’t!

So, that’s all from me.

Do join me in sharing your eccentricities if you are a book lover, too!

Enjoy your weekend!





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42 thoughts on “Books and I – A Book Lover’s Tag.

  1. I used to read books in moving buses (Enid blyton, Hardy boys and the lot). The result was I had to start wearing glasses by the time I was in my 12th grade. Not that it dampened my enthusiasm for books. Earlier I used to read books while eating but wify put an end to that. We have to have dinner all together and none of us are allowed any pleasures other than indulging our taste buds.😀 Enjoyed your article thoroughly…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha…that reminds me how I, too, would read books in buses, while travelling to college and back. The strain it put on my eyes did not deter me from continuing to do so!
      Enjoyed reading your comment, Sitharam! 😀
      Thank you for visiting!


  2. Loved reading the answers.Almost all of them resonated my thoughts on books 🙂
    I have stopped reading romances for some time now.The storylines have become cliche!
    Nice to know about another Book-worm like me …haha

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Now that I have read it, it is time for pointing out the similarities –
    1. Sacrilege – I never miss an opportunity to use this word (in different forms). You are better than me since you have used it thrice in the same piece 😀
    2. Reading with elevated legs. I do this too if not reading in bed.
    3. Wondering about the lives of characters outside the context of the story at hand.
    4. No love for shopping or window shopping.
    5. Too much of romance plays an irritant. Chadte budhape ke maare ho gaye hain shayad 😀 😛
    Other things –
    Those bookmarks are beautiful. I must have read Anne Frank in school. It was so heartbreaking I never could pick it up again for reading. The name ‘Book Thief’ has crossed my path twice during this Book Tag, first in Reema’s post and now here. I think I will have to read it soon but am not ready to cry. Last time I cried profusely and couldn’t get over it was A thousand splendid suns.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My my! Are we the proverbial ‘ mele mein bichhdey huey judwa ‘!??

      Yes, the Thousand splendid suns did that to me, too. How brilliant must those writers be to be able to invoke such strong emotions in us readers!

      True, when we read books like Anne Frank, The boy in the striped pyjamas, The book thief, etc, we wonder what sort of life they must have led and how blessed we are to be able to live so peacefully in our country, and yet we grumble!
      Books like these make me glad I am a bookworm!

      So good to know some more about you, Anamika!


  4. Oh.. that last line is so true. I have broken up friendships because of this. Once, I chased someone to return my book close to a year. She seemed to have lost the book. She gave me a replacement book. I have still not forgiven her.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Loving this tag and enjoyed your responses. I absolutely hate people not returning my books too. But I love lending them. As in if I read a really god book I want everyone to read it so I can talk about it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, that’s how I, too, feel, Tulika!
      If I find a good book, I so wish people would read it, too, so we could discuss about it. And, thankfully, for me, I have so many blogger friends with whom I can!


  6. Thank you so much dear Shilpa for taking up the tag! And I am so happy to read your responses because it only tells me that we are quite alike in so many ways apart from the most obvious fact that we are both ardent book lovers who also love art! LIke you, I too can read anywhere, love the quiet, am a one-book woman and hate the idea of anybody ever breaking the spine of a book(dreadful habit!). Lucky you, to have such beautiful bookmarks!! Could relate to your list of favourite books. The Nancy Drew and Famous Five series makes me so nostalgic now.
    I’ve cried every time I read The Diary of Anne Frank …the story used to move me so much. I must pick up a copy of The Book Thief soon. You know, while reading this post, I suddenly recalled how I used to share books with friends and some of them never came back to me. I’ve learnt it the hard way not to share books anymore now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Isn’t it amazing how one can bond over books with someone from the virtual world and find so many similarities they share?
      Oh, I know, about not getting books back. I mean, I do get my books back, but only after I have asked for them…embarrasses me no end even though the books are mine!

      I enjoyed doing this post, Esha! And, also loved the fact that we both have so much in common!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I learnt a new word from your post librocubicularist, no less than a tongue twister, but nevertheless interesting. Interestingly I also get those bookmarks from a NGO where people draw them with their foot and mouth. I love them.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Oh there’s a word for that… And it’s quite a mouthful. I was like that before but then i would keep sleeping while reading.
    I read the answers on so many blogs, it’s fun to know a bit more about your favorite bloggers. Your bookmarks are so pretty. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  9. The Book Thief is definitely one of the best books I’ve ever read. Loved knowing so much about you, Shilpa!

    As and when I read posts with this tag, I realize that I’m the only one who breaks the spine of books! I feel so bad already.

    Liked by 1 person

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