Feathery clouds. #Skywatch Fridays

I am a dreamer. I have to dream and reach for the stars, and if I miss a star then I grab a handful of clouds.”

Mike Tyson.

I spotted this feather-like cloud floating by lazily on a cold winter morning. The azure sky was otherwise quite clear; its vibrant blue pleasing to the eyes (as opposed to the dull grey that had us feeling low for so many days now).

 It so felt like someone up there was tossing large feathers around!

Ever since my pet dog, Chikoo, passed away, I imagine him up there, amidst the fluffy clouds, romping about happily. So, each time I spot a cloud sailing in the sky, I think of Chikoo!


Participating in #SkyWatchFridays, hosted by Esha, of Soul Talk., where people share pictures of the sky in its amazing avatars!

12 thoughts on “Feathery clouds. #Skywatch Fridays”

  1. Thank you for joining, Shilpa! Although I too, like you, only post for #SkywatchFriday and not yet up for hosting but would love to, someday in the future. I love this shot of a thin wispy strand of white cloud floating gently across the blue skies…it reminds me of some silver grey hair of a fairy godmother who is lovingly looking down upon us from the heavens above! I can understand why you feel that way, Shilpa…. Chikoo is always close to you in thought and spirit…hugs!

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