The man who shone a spotlight on mental health. #WATWB

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For me and my family, as for  countless others, he has been an angel in disguise. For,  the ability to not only treat patients of mental illness, but also offer ceaseless support and encouragement to their caregivers with love and warmth is something only an angel can carry out, isn’t it?

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I met Dr. Anand Nadkarni around 20 years ago. He treated my mom-in-law, who was a patient of schizophrenia. The anxiety I experienced on learning about her condition eased quite a bit after I met him.  The most important reason behind it being, I knew he would always be there to help us and support us as we traversed the rough terrain life can be with a sick family member.

But, the instance when my belief in him grew profoundly was when I discovered my hubby suffered from bi-polar disorder. I remember we were out of town when hubby had an attack. He had been suffering since some days, but I was not aware of the storm brewing in our lives.

I called up the good doctor at an ungodly hour from the resort we were staying at, and he made all the arrangements for hubby to be treated by another doctor at a hospital where hubby had to be admitted, till he himself took over hubby’s case.

Dr. Nadkarni not only treated hubby, but ensured I went in for counselling as I was under enormous pressure. The fact that I am here today, sane and stronger, is all thanks to Dr. Nadkarni.

Dr. Anand Nadkarni has been practicing psychiatry since 30 years now. He began his journey towards bringing the concept of mental health in the spotlight 27 years ago. He established the Institute of Psychological Health, an NGO at Mumbai, where mental health professionals work towards treating mental illness patients, as well as organise  support groups and conduct community projects that help spread awareness regarding mental health.

He not only consults patients, but also conducts training programs for corporate executives, and mentors young athletes, artists and players to optimise their performance. He conducts training for elite commando forces and is also the founder and trustee of Muktangana de-addiction centre at Pune, Maharashtra. He is also a prolific writer with 17 award-winning books to his credit.

For a man who is so deeply immersed in his work, it will come as a surprise to many to meet this warm, friendly person, who has the knack of putting you at ease the  instant you meet him. The time he gives you as a doctor, a counsellor, or even a friend/guide, is all yours, without any distractions whatsoever. I would like to add, simplicity and humbleness are this wonderful man’s forte!

I remember pouring my heart out to him – how I feared losing my sanity from all the stress I went through at home – to which he  smiled, kindheartedly, and said, “You are doing absolutely fine, my dear. And, you really need not fear, I am here for you!” These words – spoken almost 15 years ago –  echo in my mind as I type this post today.

A man who has spent so many years of his life working towards sensitising the public about mental health; who has made it his life’s mission to bring awareness about mental illness deserves to be called a Hero, isn’t it?

Damyanti Biswas   Shilpa Garg   Simon Falk, Eric Lahti, Lynn Hallbrooks, and Guilie Castillo   are co-hosting the We Are The World Blogfest this month to share a snippet of positive news that shows our essential, beautiful harmony, and restore our faith in humanity.

Do join in with a real life story that speaks of something positive in a world that can be quite a scary place with all the negativity we see around. 

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34 thoughts on “The man who shone a spotlight on mental health. #WATWB

  1. That’s a great tribute to Dr Anand Nandkarni’s work in mental health Shilpa. This is a field which needs good professionals, especially in India and it is heart-warming to know of Dr. Nandkarni’s commendable contribution.

    Thank you for sharing.

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  2. I can imagine your feelings when someone with the skills and talent of Dr Nadkarni makes such a tremendous difference by his help, support and guidance to your near and dear ones. Thank you for sharing such a personal experience, Shilpa. There is a great need for such professionals in today’s world.

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    1. How true, Lynn! They seem to be born to do such great work and make a difference in people’s lives!
      It’s an honour for me to be a part of WATWB, Lynn! The kind of stories I read here bring about a sense of peace, hope and positivity, and the assurance that it’s not that bad a world out there!
      Thank you!


  3. I have met Dr Nadkarni when I was a Brand Manager at Unichem for our psychiatry products. He shared such wonderful insights and that helped me a lot in creating content for our sales team. He is doing such a great work in his field. More power to him and thanks for sharing your personal experience with him.

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    1. It has to be talked about, Sunita. It’s just an illness, but considering the taboo surrounding it, it gets pushed under the carpet most of the time. Times need to change and so does our attitude towards it. Thankfully, we have heroes like Dr. Nadkarni who spearhead such campaigns to bring about the necessary change in our society.


  4. I am glad you found a pillar of support in Dr.Nadkarni.And it is heartwarming to know that he has touched so many lives.
    Psychiatry is the most important field yet so underrated.Glad we are getting to know ‘Humans of Psychiatry’s through you,Shilpa.
    Hugs to you and your family for having sailed through the storm.Stay blessed!

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    1. It can be very difficult dealing with such illness and the stress it brings along, Meena! But, if you have someone like Dr. Nadkarni, it halves all that stress! You know you have someone to rely on during your crisis.

      Thank you Meena!


  5. Some people amaze me with their ability to help other people as if it’s no big deal that they can help other people. Dr. Nadkarni is one of those people. Thanks for sharing this tribute as part of #WATWB.

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  6. Yes, he is a hero! The fact that he has done all this good work AND written so many books is amazing. I know from 30 years of experience working in the field of mental health and addiction, that it is not an easy job. He must have tremendous strength and wisdom. What a blessing!

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  7. He sounds like a skilled doctor and a wonderful human being! There is something so comforting in hearing from someone that you are NOT broken, and that someone is there to listen and help. Great feature!

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  8. That is such a heartfelt post Shilpa. I can not even begin to imagine what it much have been like for you. So glad you found such a wonderful person to help you out. One needs to be more than just a skilled practitioner to bring solace to the patient as well as the caregiver.

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  9. Hi Shilpa – how very fortunate you were to find Dr Anand Nadkarni … and the help and support he’s given you shines through in your post … I know bi-polar and any mental illness is so debilitating and so difficult to help – the family members suffering so much too – as you show us here. Thank you for this – cheers Hilary

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  10. What a great practitioner and wonderful human being Dr Nadkarni appears to be. Dealing with both bi-polar and schizophrenia in one family is quite an ask! Thank you for sharing so personally, Shilpa, and for supporting our WATWB.

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    1. He sure is an angel for many like us, Simon. It’s one thing I will be eternally grateful for!

      Thank you! WATWB is doing such a wonderful work by spreading positivity in a world that can often be dark and frightening!

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