A just-for-fun pencil sketch.

I hadn’t made a canine pencil sketch in ages, so decided to make one, but with a difference. A just-for-fun sketch that says a lot about the animal in the picture.

So, here it is..in two stages….

A rough outline and the eyes in the making.

And, here’s the finished one –


I so wanted to draw pink lips on his forehead – a kiss on this lovely’s handsome face – but, I felt a heart would give it an adorable look!

I just can’t help it – I justΒ haveΒ  to Β kiss a dog when I meet one – Β muaahhh – along with a tight hug! Only then do I get the satisfaction of having met the fur baby!

Also sharing this sketch I made long ago of a Boston Terrier….the same breed as above.

The reason there are so many dog sketches in my art book is because I love dogs. Period.

Each time I plan on making the sketch of another animal, the plan fizzles out and in its place appears a dog, with eyes that speak a thousand words.

Did you know that dogs have a vocabulary of a 1000 words? They can learn and remember a thousand words we speak. Explains why my Chikoo understood every thing I said to him!

“Chikoo, how about a walk?”

“Hey, do you want to eat cheese?”

“Baby, I am running down to the grocer’s and will be back in a minute.”

“Chikoo, I think dad’s home!”

And, so much more! It was a pleasure just watching his eyes shine with excitement each time I said something to him. Magical, isn’t it?

Have you tried talking to a dog? Did you see their eyes speak?

Published by shilpagupte

Do you know the secret to living a happy life? Eat. Pray. Love. Or, watch what you eat, wish well for all and fill your heart with love! That's precisely what I try to do through my blogs: 'Metanoia', the wellness blogazine, and 'Fictionista', my blog for fiction and non-fiction. Welcome to my virtual homes!

33 thoughts on “A just-for-fun pencil sketch.

  1. Love your doggie sketches and stuff about doggies understanding what we say. I hope Loup doesn’t understand everything as sometimes when he does really stupid things, I call him stupid. I can’t help it. Sometimes he relies too much on his primitive brain. Other times, he amazes me and I can see that he does think and he does remember. It’s not consistent though and often he reverts to his primitive brain of growling at us when we’re trying to help him, fighting with other dogs, running after cars while I’m holding him on a leash or running to the end of his rope and nearly being choked as he forgets he’s tied up. Kind of humourous! Poor dumb Loup is more beauty than brains! Aren’t I awful?

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    1. Awww…Cat, your Loup is such a darling, in spite of doing some stupid stuff! πŸ˜›
      Maybe he has some other things on his mind when he isn’t listening to you, or following what you say. I guess they all do that! Chikoo used to do it, too, at times. They do live in their own doggy world!

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  2. Lovely sketches! Shilpa you are a multifaceted, talented person.
    About the dogs…being born and brought up at the country side, dogs were my company all throughout my growing years. Agree that they understand most of what we speak. Going beyond that I would state that dogs also catch up our vibes and mood. Growing up with dogs was one of the best things that had happened to me!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hey, that must have been a blessing, being in the midst of these blessed souls, Anagha!
      They can instantly read our thoughts, our moods and all, and change their demeanour accordingly.
      Living with a dog for 13 years was the best thing of my life!

      Thank you for sharing with me such a beautiful part of your childhood! ❀


  3. That heart looks incredibly cute:)
    And, I had no clue that dogs could follow so much. I ne’er had a pet dog but I have seen My their eyes shine ( or dim) when told tale thing happy or leaving home without them respectively.

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  4. This is just too adorable for words! I love how you’ve brought out that gentleness in his eyes. That’s truly the mark of an artist.

    Dogs are amazing. There’s one in my apartment which is so intelligent! Such a delight to meet him πŸ™‚

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  5. The only time I tried drawing Dog, it turned into some kind of ogre hybrid. You are so talented… These are wonderful sketches … And They look so cute. My dogs used to listen to me and then ignore everything I said πŸ˜… but their eyes… Ohhh I absolutely loved the way they looked at me.

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  6. I love your sketches. And of course, I know that dogs understand every word of what we say. My Coco talks to me all the time. His language is of grunts and sighs though. We call him the old man of the house, the way he interjects grunts after a pertinent thought or discussion. πŸ™‚ Just today I read that dogs are good for mental health. Of course, that has to be true.

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    1. Hehee..I can imagine Coco communicating with you all…just the way Chikoo used to do.
      Dogs are definitely good for mental health..in fact, they are the best panacea for every ailment we suffer from! πŸ™‚

      Thank you so much, Rachna!

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  7. For some reason, I am very scared of dogs and even cats.
    And I don’t see it changing anytime.
    But I really envy people who can be friends with animals!! I feel it is such a noble thing to love animals who can’ t speak for themselves.
    And of course, your sketches are beautiful!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I can understand, Dhanashree. There was a time I was petrified of dogs, as well as cats. it’s only after Chikoo entered our life that I became a dog lover. Now, the happiness I find when in the company of a dog, it’s unparalleled! I would say, if you are feeling lonely, just go pet a dog…You will come back feeling wonderful, and happy!

      Thank you so much! πŸ™‚


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