Top 10 motivational songs from Bollywood!

We all need encouragement and  motivation when our morale is at its lowest. Words that  keep our spirits alive during challenging times, and cheer us as we strive to reach our goals. Often, we stumble and fall, for the path to success is paved with uncertainties; difficulties that test our patience, our resilience. It is at times like these when we need a beacon to guide us.

The beacon could be  quotes, or poetry that motivates the tired soldier, lifts his morale and prompts him to keep fighting.

Sharing today 10 of my favourite motivational songs from Bollywood.  Songs with lyrics and music that attempt to boost our sagging spirits and encourage us to keep fighting!

1.    Ruk jana nahi tu kahin haarke….Don’t stop just because you lose a race, it’s through these defeats that you will succeed!

2.  Aashayein….

3.  Chak de….chak de India!

4..  Yun hi chala chal rahi… Keep going, my friend!

5..  Allah ke bandey...Laugh away your fears, my friend, for there’s always a ‘tomorrow’!

6.    Haan yahi rasta hai

7.    Yeh honsla kaise rukey…

8.   Chaley chalo

9.   Dangal dangal

10. And, lastly, my favourite of them all! This one’s a poetry from Zindagi na milegi dobara. 

So, let’s keep running, people…keep going, keep fighting and give it our all. For that is  what will help us survive!

Do you have any songs in your playlist that you listen to when in need of some motivation? 



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Songs that inspire you to keep going.




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50 thoughts on “Top 10 motivational songs from Bollywood!

    1. Oh no no, Sunita! You aren’t old fashioned at all! I don’t know how to make a playlist, either. It’s just that I have a list of songs that I play for my different moods. I save them in a list on YouTube.


  1. Really needed a refreshing song break and got it here. Thanks Shilpa for getting music back into life tormented by the tiresome, hot, afternoon! Advent of summer is killing…

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  2. It is true that music perks up the mood whenever needed. All these songs are motivational with inspiring words. Out of these 10, my favourite is Yun hi chala chal rahi and the Zinhi ho poetry from ZMND.
    Okay, I thought I would hit the Post comment link right away and then I thought the above lines are no fun. So here is the fun to perk you up. I was in school in those days, maybe 9th or 10th Std. One evening, just like that I was listening to Mukesh’s song ‘Gham-e-dil kis se kahoon, koi bhi gham khar nahin’. Just then my father returned from office and asked me, all concerned, what was the problem with me that I was so Ghamgeen. I burst out laughing telling him I was happy, no reason to be sad. He turned to Mummy to tell her – ‘Pagal ladki hai khush hai par gham ka gaana sunti hai’. 😀

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    1. Hahaha….I can imagine your dad’s expression, Anamika!:P

      The song from Swades is my fav too, and in fact, since the time I wrote this post, the song has been playing on the loop in my head! It
      s become an ear worm and now I don’t know how to get it out! 😀


  3. Such a fabulous list. I love each and every one of them. Chak De of course is right there at the top. Oh and another one of my favourites which the kids have been singing these days – Yahan ke hum sikandar’ from Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar. So much attitude it has :-).

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  4. These all songs are best to lift up someone from grief and inspire not to give up…one from my list is “Aazadiyaan Pairon ki” from Udaan movie.

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