The first man to wear a sanitary pad. #WATWB

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Imagine this – you get your period and there are no sanitary pads available where you live. Or, worse – the ones available at the chemists  are far beyond your means and threaten to burn a hole in your pocket. If you were to buy those pads, your kids  go without food! And, thus you settle for some rags, or maybe some leaves, or, brace yourselves, some ash!

Can you visualise yourself in such wretched conditions? We, who take our comfortable lifestyle for granted, cannot even imagine the plight of millions of women for whom even basic amenities are luxuries they can’t dream of affording!

So, when a man comes up with a brilliant idea of a machine that manufactures low-cost sanitary pads, it’s like manna to the women living in the developing countries.


Sharing today, at #WATWB, the story of Arunachalam  Muruganantham, the first man  to use a sanitary pad!  A school drop out from Southern India, his courage, perseverance and dedication  brought about a change in the lives of countless women  in rural India, as well as other developing countries.


The inspiring story of a man.


Do read the inspiring story of  ‘The Menstruation Man’,   here. 

We Are the World Blogfest, or #WATWB, created by Damyanti Biswas and Belinda Witzenhausen aims to bring hope through stories that spread positivity in the darkness that surrounds us. 

Do join in with stories of real life heroes who go beyond the call of duty to make a difference to our world. 

#WATWB is held on the last Friday of every month. Share the stories on your blog and on social media and help spread the love!

Replacing the negativity with positivity through social media is the need of the hour. Let us all do our best and focus the spotlight on people who work towards bringing about a change in our society and a ray of hope to the world.


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Do you know the secret to living a happy life? Eat. Pray. Love. Or, watch what you eat, wish well for all and fill your heart with love! That's precisely what I try to do through my blogs: 'Metanoia', the wellness blogazine, and 'Fictionista', my blog for fiction and non-fiction. Welcome to my virtual homes!

39 thoughts on “The first man to wear a sanitary pad. #WATWB

  1. People like Arunachalam are real inspiration for our younger generation. World is made beautiful by these loving souls. But very pathetic that even his wife did not understand and support him. That’s fate. Kudos to him. Thanks for sharing such a lovely post.

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  2. Hat’s off to this man and his vision. His courage and sensibility.
    however, what pains me more is – instead of his work and stand on an issue, government never took any efforts to recognize his work or atleast spread it across.
    Not much written about him in media or covered on news until a bollywood movie is made on him. It makes me think – do we seriously ruled by our movies ?
    P.S. – And this includes me too, as I never gave his vision or work any thought, until I saw the trailer of Akshay Kumar trying to wear that white cotton pad.


    1. That’s the irony people like Muruganantham have to face in life! For the work they do for the betterment of society, they hardly get any support from not just their families/communities, but also from the Government. And, yet they continue in their fight! They are special people indeed! God bless them and their efforts!


  3. I watched his TED talk and that was what drew me to read up more about him and his background. It’s incredible what one man has been able to do for so many women. There are, however, some critics of the quality of the pads that were produced. I am not sure of the details or the veracity. What I do admire is his determination to do something about a woman’s problem. For me, that’s what is most important.

    Also, you may want to check. His name is Arunachalam Muruganantham 🙂

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    1. Thank you Shailaja!
      I typed the correct name when sharing this post on FB today, but made a mistake in my post here!! 😛

      Thank you so so much! ❤

      You are right. The fact that he persevered to make his dream a success is what should matter. How many men can claim to have even given menstruation a thought? Or, for that matter, helped women in facing every taboo associated with menstruation? None! Men find it embarrassing even to go buy sanitary pads for their wives! And, here is a man who actually decided to do something about the pathetic state women find themselves in. His efforts should be applauded!


  4. This man truly deserves to be applauded. I read about him first after I watched his ‘TedX’ talk. Later in Twinkle Khanna’s ‘The Legend Of Lakshmi Prasad’.

    Such a wonderful invention and so vital to humankind. We need more such people in our country, who fight to cause a change.

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  5. What a visionary!
    Thank goodness for Muruganantham and his unshakeable commitment to what he wanted to achieve.
    I love the neutral slogan: “by the women, for the women, and to the women”. It suggests power and dignity for ALL women, and ALL women need this commodity. Brand names are often linked to commercialism and money-making.
    A truly inspiring article!
    Writer In Transit

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    1. He is an inspiring man for many!
      The ability to keep going despite hardships and opposition from his community, and persevering to meet his goals for the sake of women! How many men can we find who would go to such heights to do something for the benefit of women? Not many, I am sure!

      Thank you, Michelle!


  6. He sounds like an amazing guy—and some of his comments had me chuckling, since he obviously has a sense of humor. But who would think that a lack of sanitary products would affect so many aspects of life, beyond the inconvenience of dealing with the monthly mess? Infections, and the women not being able to travel to get water for their families . . . I would never have thought of so many far-reaching ramifications. Great story!

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    1. Isn’t it?

      I too was shocked to read the pitiful situation of the women who have to go through an awful lot as well as lose their self-respect! And, all that for want of basic amenities!

      He is indeed a saviour for them all!

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  7. Arunachalam Muruganantham is a real-life superhero. Thanks to him, there is awareness about unhygienic practices around menstruation in rural India. I have read a lot about him and read his story in Twinkle Khanna’s second book, The Legend Of Lakshmi Prasad too. I am yet to see the movie though, will look out for it on Netflix or TV. Thanks for sharing about this inspiring story, Shilpa.

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    1. Shilpa, this is the first time I read his complete story. From how he started and how he eventually succeeded. I haven’t seen the film, and neither have I read Twinkle Khanna’s book. And, now, after reading so much about this Hero, I am not sure I will want to see the celluloid version of his story!


  8. Thank you for this AMAZING story Shilpa! He is definitely a hero. As he says, his happiness comes not from profit by by making others happy. Here in South Africa many girls and women are too poor afford sanitary pads, so there has been an ongoing initiative that when one shops at the pharmacy (BIG one) one donates a pack of sanitary pads. I am always happy to do this …

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    1. That’s a great initiative, too, Susan!
      It’s such a sad situation when women cannot fulfil such basic needs…it’s our duty as a society to really come forward and try and find ways to make life easier for them! And, people like Muruganantham who show us the way!


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