L – Lessons I learned on my journey as a blogger. #AtoZ

A to Z blogging challenge


Every phase in Life teaches us valuable lessons; lessons that help us evolve into better individuals, a lot saner and wiser than when we started.

When I began blogging,  the online world felt exhilarating and unfathomable, all at once.

Exhilarating, because I came across people who were established artists in their chosen field and I looked forward to learning something from them.

And, unfathomable, because how do we gauge someone who sits behind the screen, communicating with us, evoking emotions of empathy and harmony in us, all when we haven’t met in person, or know anything about their Life’s  story!?

But, it’s during these past few years that I learnt a few things — about people, about trusting them and trusting my instincts about them, about handling criticism for my work, and yes, a few facts about myself, too.

There are two types of people: 

Those whom you may not have met in person, but who seem to be made specially for you. it’s like meeting a kindred spirit, who cares for you despite never having met you.

And, then, there are those, who know nothing about you, or your character, but who won’t think twice before assuming things about you, spreading rumours and besmirching your image. Sadly, you have no power over them or their words, so you learn to live with it.

At times, you even wish you never had to deal with people, at all. But,  that’s not how the world functions, and so, you just accept every type you come across and learn to trust your instincts about them all.

You also learn to value your relationship with yourself!

Handling Criticism: 

Blogging is all about expressing — our feelings, our thoughts and voicing our opinions. We do it with all our heart, hoping that people who read will relate to our thoughts, understand our feelings and respond kindly to our words.

But,  the one thing we forget to remind ourselves is, how wrong it is on our part to presume that people will agree with what we have to say, wholeheartedly.

To quote Elizabeth Gilbert from ‘Big Magic’,

“If you dare to create something and put it out there, it may accidentally stir up a response. That’s the natural order of Life: the eternal inhale and exhale of action and reaction. But, you are definitely not in charge of the reaction — even when the reaction is flat out bizarre.”

Our writing need not necessarily find loyal fans in every soul who reads it  for the simple reason that their perspectives differ from ours. Their Life’s story is different from ours, as are their battles and how they shaped as a result of it all.

Accepting criticism is the toughest thing  to deal with. it takes a strong heart to take every barb, every vitriolic attack one is subject to, bravely.

Are you built for that? For a comment that’s  nasty, hurtful, overly critical, or even full of ridicule for a post you toiled over?

Handling praise, on the other hand, is easy.  The lovely words heaped on us leave us feeling ecstatic. Let’s just remember, though, to not allow it to play with our egos; or,  sway our opinion of ourselves.

I am wary of people who praise me to the skies. I mean, I know what I am, or how I write! Right?

Handling criticism can get a tad difficult, at times, but I am working on it.


Creativity exists in us all. We just need to tap it out and know what we are capable of:

Whoever says that he/she isn’t a born artist is so wrong! We are all born artists, with hidden talents that are only waiting to be tapped. All we need to do, is follow our heart, carry our confidence and have complete faith in ourselves. I liked writing when I was young, but then forgot all about it after I got married. Few years ago, on the behest of a dear friend, I created a blog and began writing, all over again. Not once did I know that I would last this long, but, here I am today–happy in this little space I created for myself.

I now know what I need to do. And, so will you, if you believe in yourself, your abilities and the fact that you, too, are born with a skill that can take you places, fill your heart with joy. Just go ahead and do your best!

And, finally,

Nothing is difficult if you are ready to work hard:

Hard work, focus and dedication can take you to your goals, even when people do not believe in you. Whatever you may have in mind, will take time to come to fruition. There will be people who might try to dissuade you from following your heart, and, the path may be littered with a countless roadblocks. But, nothing is impossible! All you need to do is shut out the noise that threatens to divert your attention,  focus on your work, work with passion and dedication and, yes, enjoy what you do. And, one day, you will achieve what you set out to!


These are just some of the lessons I learned from blogging.


How about you? What have you learnt from your Life as a blogger?


Believe in yourself and focus on your goals.

April 2018 A to Z blogging Challenge


My theme for the A to Z Blogging Challenge is all about my blog, Metanoia, and my blogging journey from the time  I started, 5 years ago. The lessons I learnt, the tips and tricks I picked up from fellow bloggers and the guidelines I could have used back when I began.

You will find all of my A to Z posts here.

Published by shilpagupte

Do you know the secret to living a happy life? Eat. Pray. Love. Or, watch what you eat, wish well for all and fill your heart with love! That's precisely what I try to do through my blogs: 'Metanoia', the wellness blogazine, and 'Fictionista', my blog for fiction and non-fiction. Welcome to my virtual homes!

12 thoughts on “L – Lessons I learned on my journey as a blogger. #AtoZ

  1. Oh Shilpa, there are way too many for me.

    The most important one is to write what I wanted to convey, the way I wanted to. Some will like it. most won’t. But I learnt to let go of expectations and just write what I wanted to.

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  2. You are right dear friend . Beware of those who shower praise – they may just be sharpening knives behind your back. You have to be thick skinned to take criticism and sadly most of us have fine, delicate skin;)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. When I started blogging it wasn’t easy to open up. I wondered what people would think – would they judge me as a mom? Or the children? Getting past that and writing my thoughts naturally and honestly has been my biggest learning. Like you I’m wary of people who praise me too much. I know exactly how good/bad I am and appreciate honesty.

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  4. One of the lessons I learned from blogging recently is to go at my pace and not to compare notes with other bloggers. But I keep forgetting that. 🙂 Handling praises and criticisms with equal grace is an art. Great lessons shared here, Shilpa.

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  5. Shilpa you are doing pretty well girl and dont let anyone get you down. Your only competition/critic is you and thats it. I have stopped paying any heed to the nay mongers who love to first chadhao you on the channey ka jhaad and then pull you down to impress their set of mischef makers. Been there and experienced it first hand!
    Even been told “my writing sucks and people laugh at what I write” – recently this person sent me a message to say let bygones be bygones and be amicable with each other ! I agreed but I dont think I will ever trust her or any of her “friends”. Infact I dont think I ever want to meet her again, as I have seen her true colors first hand.
    If I went by what she said, I would have probably stopped writing and curled up , waiting to die 😉
    So chin up to such terrible people and never let your self belief waver at their behest!

    M is for Many Lives, Many Masters #atozchallenge

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  6. Happens to us all. In my case I’ve found that outside of writing prompts I don’t get many comments on my blog. That used to cause niggling doubts about the quality of my writing. Now I only try and please myself, if I am happy then I post, comments are always a bonus.

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    1. True, Subroto. My earlier posts too never received any comments. It did feel bad, but then slowly and steadily people began visiting my blog and leaving comments, too. Of course they will not appreciate if we write something that doesn’t agree with them, but, if it does agree with our mindset and makes us happy, then nothing like it!

      Thank you for visiting!


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