Loo and behold!

Travel makes for memorable moments. Moments we reminisce about on days when we  wish we could just leave for some place, but can’t.   Having been more on road trips, it has been a delight watching Life from closeup, meeting people with an attitude towards Life that can teach us so much, and collecting memories that make for wonderful companions on lonely days.

One incident, though, that always leaves me amused each time I pass by a public washroom is one I experienced on my honeymoon, when we were travelling to a coastal region of Maharashtra – Shrivardhan – from a hill station – Mahabaleshwar.

Our bus had stopped by a village and the driver had given us a 15 minute break to attend nature’s call, or have any refreshments.

We had been travelling for quite a long time and I needed to use the washroom. But, it being a village, hubby warned me about the dearth of clean washrooms. Either I had to use what I could find, or control myself for the next couple hours till we reached our destination.

I wondered aloud how a village could be deemed  under-developed if it had a school built for its children! Moreover, the place really did not resemble a typical village. The smirk on hubby’s face notwithstanding, I disembarked the bus, and  headed towards the school our bus had stopped by, to investigate for myself.

After looking around for a few minutes, I spotted a board that said, “Girls’ toilet“. Heaving a sigh of relief, I moved towards it, but was hit by the stench of urine and almost retched.

Sending up a quick prayer, I reached the doorway of the washroom only to find two little girls squatting on the floor, doing, what else? answering to nature’s call! Stunned and embarrassed, I didn’t know where to look. Turning around and looking anywhere but, I asked them where the toilet was.

The girls giggled and replied, “This is the toilet! Come, join us!” and burst out guffawing!

I fled the spot, ran out of the school building and got back into the bus, much to hubby’s amusement and my embarrassment.

I fail to remember how I controlled my bladder for the next couple hours, but, I do remember that incident each time we decide to travel by road. It taught me a big lesson, though: Drink less water when on a road trip!

And, it also taught me to look at the funnier side of life rather than despairing over the misery life can be at times.

Do you have any such travel tales to share? Memories that make you chuckle and refresh your mood? Do share with me in the comments below!





Tales from a road trip.


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15 thoughts on “Loo and behold!

    1. Oh Debbie, the scene here is very pitiful at many places. The cities are much better off. But, the highways and the rural areas get the raw deal.

      Will check out what it is that you have shared! Rushing to the link! 😅


  1. Shilpa, this is when we wish we were men or end up mastering the art of semi-squatting on a toilet seat or just wait for our bladders to burst! And that’s the one & only reason I hate bus travel. It’s so ironic that we’d otherwise be penalized with costly urination devices for not having public pee-friendly genitalia.

    While I read your post, I was wondering how you’d react if you were to one I visited during our Delhi tour. It was one episode of horror!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes, Ashvini! Such times I so wish I were a man! They did introduce a something for women to carry during travel.. Do you remember what it was? I can’t recollect, but frankly. I am not sure about it’s practicality.


      But, what happened on your Delhi tour??? Do share..I am so curious now!

      Hugs to us women folk! ❤


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