What’s your dream day?

Last week, as I was going through some topics I could blog about, I came across this one: Your dream day. And, almost instantly, I was transported to my dreamland – a place I visit on an everyday basis, dreaming about this or that. But, most of all, dreaming about how a perfect day in my Life should be.

Of course, perfectionism and Life don’t see eye to eye, for Life has Her own set of idiosyncrasies that make sure nothing that She does makes perfect sense. Still, we humans are born with this gift of imagining, of visualising, and we use it to imagine things that often are utopian.

Despite knowing that that’s not how Life functions, I, too, have an image of how I would like my days to be. No, not every day will go as imagined, but even if some of the days do, how magical that would be!

Just thinking about it – waking up at 6, fresh as a lily after an 8 hour-long sleep – is enough for me to yearn for those 8 magical hours when I sleep with not a care in the world! No sound, no thought keeps me awake and I waken to the sparrow’s chirp, not an alarm!

An hour-long Yoga session follows, which leaves me feeling fresher, still, and my joints and muscles feeling revitalised. (Psst…I haven’t indulged in my favourite exercise regimen in months!!!  Ergo the need to wake up fresh so that I can exercise.) 

Did you know that working out after a disturbed sleep gives you zero benefits? If you are a fitness freak (like yours truly), but  haven’t been able to sleep well, if you wake up feeling dull, lethargic, then it’s best to postpone your workout for the next day, or on the day you wake up fresh. And, because of all that’s been happening in Life since the past few months, I haven’t been able to get my beauty sleep, and have put my Yoga sessions on hold.

So, yes, sleep, for me, is of utmost importance, and thus my dream day would begin with me waking up after a restful 8 hours of zzzzz!

After Yoga, comes my King-sized breakfast, or breakfasts. Will do a post on that sometime soon. Well, being on the thinner side, I need two breakfasts in a day, and most of the times, I manage just one, which makes me cranky by mid-morning. So, a double breakfast consisting of my favourite breakfast menu, prepared by someone else features next on the list. Who wouldn’t love to laze on the couch while the breakfast gets cooked? All you need to do is eat!

A long, leisurely shower is something I dream of everyday. But…there are chores to complete, food to be cooked, posts to be read and written. So, the spa-cum-shower is a definite yes to a perfect day!

Reading some really outstanding blog posts, writing posts with ideas just jumping out of my mind, and writing brilliantly–now that’s something we all would love, isn’t it? Writer’s Block does tease me from afar, at times, as does ennui, and pushing these two out of my way is a dream, really. Well, most of the times.

And, oh, before I forget, typing without errors, remembering the keys, especially the r, t, u, v, and s on the keyboard wears me out, so I’d like to put that down in my dream day list, too. The 40s do that to you, you know? Waiting for this storm to pass and get my memory back!

The most important part of my dream day would be having the pleasure of meeting my besties, whom I haven’t met in ages. One of them lives an hour from my place, the other lives in the US of A, and meeting these girls is something that needs careful planning.

Meeting them without making any plans, spending hours just chatting and eating and laughing our lungs out–ah, bliss! The kind of bliss I haven’t experienced in a long time. A few hour-long phone calls with dear cousins and other close friends thrown in for good measure, would add to the dreamy quotient!

A home-cooked dinner with hubby, or by hubby, would be the perfect finale for my dream day. The guy’s busy working, as they all are, and seldom do we find the time to talk. At least this way, the damned loneliness that I find rather disturbing these days will be kept at bay.

So, that’s my dream day. There are a few other things I would love to add to my list, but for now, I will be happy to have these come true.

How about you? What’s your dream day like? Do share, I would love to know! Or, if there’s something I could do for you, do let me know. We all deserve at least one perfect day…in a month (Tee-hee!), don’t we?




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25 thoughts on “What’s your dream day?

      1. Let me tell you, I read this book called the secret Which talks about world conspiring to fulfill your dreams. Personally, it never worked for me.

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      2. Yeah, have heard of this one. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But now, I have realised that whatever has to happen, will, regardless of how hard you pray or don’t! 😅

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  1. I’m sure your dreams will come true one day. After all you have already put them out to the universe. If not all of them, I’m sure few definitely will.

    I say dream on, Shilpa as they have a way of becoming our reality.

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  2. The simple pleasures of having someone make you breakfast and being able to read and write and bathe in peace make up your perfect day – that’s really sweet. They’ll all come true Shilpa, so dream on. Mine would be a day when the children don’t fight/argue and have no class tests/exams :-).

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    1. Haha..most mommies would love to have such a day, Tulika, when peace prevails at home! Gosh, just thinking about it makes me wonder how my mum put up with our Mahabharat!!


  3. My dream day would be where I have to interact with a bare minimum number of people. That would be the best day ever for me!
    I wish your dreams come true for you, Shilpa! And you are in your 40s??? WOW! You sure don’t look like it.

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  4. Ah! My dream day would begin with a good, restful sleep. Everything works better with good sleep. I would prefer to not have to wake up and worry about packing dabbas but wake up slowly and perhaps have a cup of coffee on my terrace, leisurely. Then have someone take care of all my meals. I would love to play long playlists and sing along, do my workout and read a book if possible the entire day. 🙂

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  5. Now, that’s a perfect day.
    Getting up fresh, no chores, good food at regular times, reading in bed and meeting friends would look like a dream day for me.
    Hope these dreamy days come true for you and me sometimes soon.
    I think, it will, for you have visualized it, the Universe will make it happen for you sooner that you think, Shilpa 🙂

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  6. My dream day is that when I woke up not to start the day thinking about my day’s work, followups, pending tasks and I stay calm and composed. Thanks for the idea and I wish all your dreams come true

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