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This month, I came across some really awesome posts–forgive the “awesome”, it’s really so un-writer-ly! But, yes, these posts just clicked with me from the word go! Considering we have a million bloggers around us, and that we read a lot of very well articulated posts, there are some that just resonate with us, isn’t it? Some that have us nodding along in agreement with every word; some that bring a lump to our throat and some that leave us rolling with laughter.

The posts I read were on varied themes, but I decided to choose 5 that revolved around relationships and were reflective in nature. And, they came in all hues. One is hilarious, and one transported me back to when my MIL was around. One is about my favourite creature and their guardian angels,  and one about parenting. Oh, and one about siblings–something I am sure most of us have reflected over at some point in our lives.

Beginning with the very first one, and my favourite, was this post by my friend, Balaka Basu. Her take on marriages, her ideas about this so-called institution and what it actually stands for. Do read it. I laughed till my tummy hurt!

Oh, by the way, Balaka is also a published author of a collection of short stories, ‘Golden Rainbow’. I still have to read it, but I am sure it must be one enthralling read. You will know if you read her posts for the A to Z 2018 blogging challenge!

There’s nothing romantic about marriage

Ramya Abhinand is another dear friend whose blog I love visiting. Her book reviews have taught me a lot as have the real-life snippets she shares on her blog. She comes across as a really simple, easy going and down-to-earth soul.

This post by Ramya brought back memories from the time my mom-in-law was around. The kind of ideas society has for widows can be heartbreaking for those poor souls. Nary a thought goes out to them as they are expected to follow the norms and learn to walk alone  on the remaining journey of their lives. And, to have to bow down to the rules set by the society…my heart goes out to them.

Jasmine flowers for south Indian Mom

I came across, ‘The BiPolar Writer Blog‘, on WordPress some time back. James Edgar Skye writes about his battle with the mood disorder–something that I can relate to in a way because of hubby’s similar situation.

This particular post resonated with me because, often times, during my youth, I would get compared to my cousins, most of whom had chosen the engineering and the medical stream. I being an Arts student would often get ridiculed–a matter that disturbs me to this day.

Comparing siblings or children on the basis of their academic choices or professions leads to a lot of hurt feelings–a fact that most adults are quite unaware of. The self-esteem gets injured, because, frankly, we all crave for those few words of praise for our work from our family, isn’t it? And, when we don’t see that coming, and find ourselves being compared, instead, to the others “fairing better” in Life, it can sure lead to a lot of heartache.

Compared to my siblings

Shilpa Garg is the twin I never had. The number of similarities we share is mind-boggling! I haven’t met her in the real world, but I am sure we will get along like a house on fire when we do!

This post by Shilpa, where she shares this heartwarming story about a couple who have done not many will even think of doing, is a post for the ‘We are the world blogfest’, where bloggers share stories of real-life heroes from the world over in order to spread some positivity in a world that can be so full of darkness.

Do read this post. It’s a favourite because it is about my favourite animal.

They came, adopted and stayed for the strays.

Nabanita Dhar blogs about parenting and feminism. I love the forthrightness with which she packs a punch through her feminist posts. And, running parallel to that no-nonsense attitude is the warmth that exudes through her posts on parenting.

This post by her on yelling not being the right thing to do struck a chord. There are times I yell at my nephew, which leaves him wondering what the fuss is all about! But, then, I make up for it with a hug and promise myself not to repeat it, only to yell some day, after all!

Why moms yell.

So, these are the 5 posts I loved reading the most! I hope you enjoy reading them, too. Do let me know if you do!





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31 thoughts on “Interesting blog posts from the blogosphere.

  1. I have started looking forward to your 5 posts of the month. it gives me some food for thought, introduces me t one bloggers and ideas for my own blog. thank you for sharing these posts.

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  2. I have only read one of these…. by Balaka and I felt strongly about how even to this day outlook towards women especially “Bahu” is “ancient”. I hope that we as a society change for the better.

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  3. First things first, I admire the gesture of giving a shout out through your blog and help the fellow writers grow. This is the best part of the blogosphere, learning and growing together. Coming to the post, I have read a few of these articles and thoroughly enjoyed them too, and will check out the left ones. Thanks for sharing

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    1. You said it, Vartika! Blogging is all about growing together, as you stated. And, it’s from such amazing bloggers that I learned so much, myself. That’s why I thought of doing this series. It’s a big help to me as well as to other bloggers who need some inspiration from time to time. 🙂

      Thank you so much for your wonderful words! ❤

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  4. I have read three posts mentioned here and your summation of them is bang on Shilpa. Especially love Balaka s and Shilpa s post a lot.

    What a fantastic series you have started on your blog – looking forward to seeing more from here.

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  5. Like everyone else here, I was waiting for your 5 favourite blog posts from the last month. Out of the 5, I have read just Balaka’s and it was a lot of fun. I haven’t read rest of the 4 which I will read now. On siblings comparison, I have to say I was the reason behind my brother’s and cousins’ suffering in the growing-up years because the elders constantly went after them with “Why can’t you be like her (me)?” I have a long story about the comparison where I have been on the favoured side (in my childhood) as well as on the rejected side (in the recent past). As a child, it did not affect me for valid reasons but I realized the futility of comparison only when I got rejected in every relation and every aspect. Thankfully I learned well in time that comparison is poison and do not retort to it with D. Writing a post on comparison and my life has been on my mind for very long. The reason why I have not been able to write it till now is staying authentic would mean a few of my current relationships will go for a toss.

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