From my bookshelf — A book by Louise Hay.

We can change our thoughts to change our life

I read about Louise Hay around last year while reading an article. It was about how her books had inspired people who, with sheer willpower and perseverance, had managed to turn their lives around.

So, when on my last trip to the bookshop I came across her book, ‘You can heal your life‘, I knew I had to read it and share it here, on my blog, which is all about making a change.

‘You can heal your life’, by Louise Hay


The author of the International bestseller, Louise Hay was an inspirational teacher who helped people discover their true potential. Her books inspire you to make changes within yourself–the kind you are unwilling to make–and realise how beautiful life really is! How you can, indeed, achieve that which you felt impossible.

We all know how difficult it is to change. Habits that have been inculcated in us by ourselves can be so tough to let go of.

But, if we really need to improve our life, we need to shed those old clothes, let go of those old habits that hold us back and take bold steps towards our goals. There is really nothing that ever stops us, except our old habits, our fears and our reluctance to take the risks.

Our resistance to change, our eagerness to hold on to old beliefs as if our life depended upon them, are the real culprits.

“For every habit we have, for every experience we go through, for every pattern we repeat, there is a NEED WITHIN US FOR IT.”

How true, isn’t it? This line actually made me think of some of my habits that make me do the things I do and how I waste precious time repeating those things day in day out. Waste time and energy. So, with the help of this book, I intend to make certain changes in myself and see where it takes me.

We hold some really horrid kinds of emotions within us, which manifest through ailments we suffer from on a regular basis. Our anger over being wronged by someone, our resentment at facing certain losses in life and our jealousy about those who have succeeded in life and “moved ahead”, are all the emotions that prove to be our undoing.

Seldom do we realise these facts, but these thoughts that simmer within us for years together cause havoc on our system, our mind and our Life. It isn’t easy letting them go, but it isn’t difficult either.

It is all a matter of how hard we try, how we shower ourselves with the love and the respect that we deserve and how we heal our life, eventually.

Louise Hay suggests that we read this book once and then read it again, slowly, working on the exercises she has given in the chapters.

I am yet to read it the second time, which I will be doing soon. But, it is for certain, that her words have left their mark on my psyche. And, although I haven’t read the book in detail, the way it is supposed to, I felt that writing this post would give me a clarity about what I need to work on, which habits I need to change.

Have you read Louise Hay’s books? Did they help you? Did you work on yourself and find any changes in your Life?

Do share with me in the comments, I would love to know.



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Inspirational books by Louise Hay
You can heal your life

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40 thoughts on “From my bookshelf — A book by Louise Hay.

  1. Habit and Belief are two such vital ingredients that keeps cooking in minds kitchen and it depends on us how we manage to prepare a good dish. Navigating our way. The old habits and certain type of rigid beliefs keep us anchored at the wrong place and we are constantly pulled back and we get disconnected with the changing times and missing the opportunities that keep knocking at our door.
    We need to let go, the ego and allow the new to come in and we need to learn the art of embracing the change…anger and fear are other two aspects that keep playing its nasty game and we get trapped in their tricks. We need to break the shackles and engage with the world outside, freely and fairly; and engage creatively and much more meaningfully.
    Thanks for sharing the book, these are topic that intrigues me and I will surely read it.

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  2. I have never read her books, but I agree with what she has to say here. Non-fiction books are not my cup of tea, especially after I read one by Mark Manson. But this lady sounds so sensible, I might check out her book. Thanks for sharing this, Shilpa.

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  3. This is the first book Iby this author i would be reading. I really need to change a few things/habits in me, hopefully this book can help me. #LiveItYoungReads #MyFriendAlexa

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  4. Honestly, I am not a fan of this genre of books. Having said that, this book must have shown light to all those who are looking for guidance. Every once in a while we reach a stage when we look up for someone to show us the path. Louise Hay seems like one of them. I am happy to know about her. #surreads #myfriendalexa #blogchatter

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    1. I, too, stay away from such books, but I knew I needed to work on myself and it is always better to heed the advice of the best in the field. ๐Ÿ™‚ And, so I picked up this book.

      Thank you for visiting!


  5. You can heal your life; this book healed half my depression. I suffer from chronic postnatal depression. It all started 33 years ago after my son was born. Nobody knew the D word then and I didn’t get any treatment. Five years later when my daughter was born and the depression monster stuck again, I went to a Psychiatrist. The D word was brushed under the carpet by everyone including me. But then my Bookwormz friends were having a workshop working on You can heal your life and we all did it as instructed. At that time I came out in the open about my depression for the first time and felt so liberated. After that, I never hide my depression. We take a pill for fever, why can’t we take a pill for a mental weakness?

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    1. First of all, thank you so much for being so candid about your depression. I am so happy for you that the book helped you come out about it and healed you,

      I agree about people not being open about mental health. What is there to hide about? It’s something that needs to be dealt with as sensitively as any other health problem we have.

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  6. I haven’t read her books but the quotes you shared are itself so insightful. I am glad you found something that resonates with you. And I totally agree how our emotions shape us. I am curious toknow about the exercises it contains. Hopefully I will find one in the local book store.

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  7. You said it right if we really need to improve our life, we need to let go of old habits that hold us back and take bold steps towards our goals. I have myself learnt the hard way of the pitfall of keeping resentment within me. Its better to forgive and forget and look ahead. I am looking forward to reading this book.

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  8. I have heard of this book. A peer recommended this to me. Though I haven’t had a chance to buy and read, I thought the book would give me perspectives that I am lacking. Your post makes me think I should buy this right away ๐Ÿ™‚

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  9. I haven’t read any of her works but have read about her and her stuff and must confess I’m a little sceptical. I have seen her affirmations as well. I probably should read a bit more before making up my mind. Except I have over 100 books waiting TBR on my shelf!

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  10. I had picked up her book when I had read some mentions of it from Corinne and Vidya’s blogs. I havent read it yet – I think I will challenge myself into doing so now!!

    I plan to do it like she has asked to – the exercises are very interesting! Do you wanna do the second reading together; like a buddy read? It would be great to have someone to dicuss this with as I do the exercises.

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    1. Oh, yeah, that would be great. Let me know when you begin to start reading it and I will start my second read.
      Thanks, Shalz!It will be a great way to motivate each other to work on ourselves. โค


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