Of beaks that kiss.

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Never in my life did I imagine getting friendly with animals. Like, having a pet dog, falling in love with him, crying over his death and then having a bird for a pet and then falling in love with it, too and then having that bird become possessive about me. Never. In fact, apart from the few sparrows that came to visit me in my balcony, I hardly even gave any credit to birds. I didn’t even know they could think. Dogs are smart. We all know that. But, birds? We hardly even consider birds to have any brains, at all!

Cookie, my parakeet, has been with us for a year and four months, to be precise. And, my two pet mountain parrots have been with us about six months. Cookie, having lived with us for longer, has bonded with me very well and we get along famously. So much so, that–and I don’t exaggerate–she has grown very possessive about me. Possessive and demanding of my attention.

Now, how could a bird become possessive, one might wonder. Let me give you an example. If you were to come to my place for a chat, Cookie would screech like crazy, hardly allowing us to talk. She wouldn’t enter her cage willingly, but would instead, fly over onto your head to try to attack you. In short, she would use every trick in her book to drive you away so that she could have me all to herself.

She doesn’t appreciate even Bholu or Chikki getting any attention from me. A couple days ago, as I sat on the floor watching TV, the two parrots were loitering around on the sofa behind me. Cookie was happily perched on my right shoulder. After a while, Chikki came over and climbed onto my left shoulder.

Cookie got off, walked over to Chikki and pecked at her until she got off my shoulder. No sooner did Chikki climb off, Cookie took over the now empty spot as I looked at her, stunned. She is a real bully, that girl, Cookie!

I was surprised beyond belief! Could a bird get that possessive about a human that she wouldn’t allow anybody to get close to them? I was astonished and thrilled. At least someone was possessive about me! How I wish I had video-taped it all to share with you.

Cookie doesn’t even approve of my kissing the other two birds. If the three are seated atop their cage and I try to talk to them, Cookie places herself between me and the two parrots and insists I kiss her. Each time I move from her towards one of the other birdies, she moves over and stands in front of my face, and gives me a look that asks, “Do I need to tell you, that you are supposed to kiss ME and me alone?”

Cookie loves to kiss, loves it when I shower her with kisses, especially on her tummy as she lies on her back, and loves to push her bum to my face and get kissed there, as well! She is an absolute darling. Oh, and she also loves snuggling under the bed covers! Yeah, it does feel strange reading all of this about a bird, but that’s how she is, and that’s how is our bond!

That tiny creature who measures no more than my palm, has a sharp brain which she uses very well to divert my attention from Bholu and Chikki. Or, even to remind me that I am supposed to share my food with her before I eat it, myself.

Bholu and Chikki have also begun to bond with me. Chikki only needs to see me sitting and she rushes up to me, climbs up my leg, onto my lap and from there, climbs up to my shoulder to play with my hair clip, or eat food from my plate. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, it’s a battle the three fight, for my attention as well as for the food on my plate.

I have stopped using the term “birdbrained”, ever since these three kiddos began showing their antics, displaying their intelligence and quick-wittedness.

There is so much to write about these three monkeys I have at home, I could fill in an entire book, and some more.

Sharing here some of their pictures, today. I will try and shoot a video, too. I specially wish to shoot a video of Cookie sitting on my shoulder, humming along as I sing a song. She is the only one who loves my voice–my singing voice, to be specific! So, wait and watch!





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Life with our pets is one full of unconditional love and happiness.

Published by shilpagupte

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28 thoughts on “Of beaks that kiss.

  1. Whoa this is such an adorable post; I cannot imagine birds being possessive either Shilpz. Love the pics you keep posting and if you do manage to capture the video, it would be priceless!!!

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  2. I remember your Cookie didn’t want to share your time with me even for a minute ! How does he tolerate the others?
    Animals really love unconditionally. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep a bird though…

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  3. I feel sorry for these birds. They would rather be flying freely in their home forests. Wings clipped so they can’t fly away, and stolen from their lands, I wish none of us would have wild animals as pets…

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    1. Cookie came to us a frightened baby… But in a matter of some months, she settled in her new home and became the most pampered member of my family, just like my pet dog, Chikoo. It was after a week of Chikoo’s passing, that hubby brought home Cookie. A fact that took quite some time for me to get used to. Confining a living being to a cage all its life is not something that i agree with. That is the reason why we keep our three birdies open all day. They are free to roam wherever they wish to.
      The mountian parrots lost their mommy when they were little, and so that they don’t get harmed by people or other animals, hubby’s friend gave them to us. He knew we would take better care of these babies.
      I have spent sleepless nights feeling guilty for taking away their freedom, but i believe they came into our lives because someone up there knew we would never let them face any distress of any kind. I am an animal lover and i feel their pain and i know that despite whatever i do, i wont be able to give them the life they were destined to live. Clipping their wings so that they cannot fly is something i am totally against.i consider my pets as my babies as i dont have any of my own, so how can i even think of harming them in any way? I know they are safer with me than with someone else. Having said that, the first thing i would like to do is let them free when their wings grow stronger so that they can live free.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts! πŸ™‚

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  4. Awww! This is such an adorable post. I’m an animal lover and have spent time with horses, rabbits, and dogs. The birds are such intelligent creatures, this I knew but that they can get jealous too is something I learned from your post. a big kiss to each of them from my side.

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  5. Cookie is so adorable! Lucky you. I wonder how it must feel to have a bird for a pet. But from your description, it sounds as fulfilling as any other pet. I’ve always enjoyed the videos of your birds that you’ve posted on social media.

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  6. Was I reading about a bird? It was hard to believe about a bird not only acting like a human baby but also being possessive of the parent. But then you can never understand someone in totality unless you live with them, doesn’t matter if they are pet birds. This was an endearing read. I feel for Bholu and Chikki. Bechaaron ke saath sautelon (step-siblings) wala vyavhaar ho raha hai 😦
    For me, this brings me memories of my pet dog from my childhood who was one such Bigdaa Nawab that he did not think himself as the dog of the house but as our sibling. He broke all our dreams of throwing out the ball or stick and the pet dog fetching it back to us. Our dog was like – “ab to main ne ye pakad li, ab chahe main isko pakad kar baitha rahun ya is par susu kar dun, vapas to main karne nahin wala.” He lived with us for 4 years and gave us many stories. I will write a couple of them in next Monday post. Mera bhi man bahal jayega πŸ™‚

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    1. Anamika, our pets all end up being the spoilt and pampered Nawabs, who hold the reins and treat their family like puppets!
      It will be a pleasure reading about your Bigda hua Nawab! I am sure writing about him, thinking about those beautiful days will give you relief and bring some smiles! ❀


  7. Oh my gosh! How adorable are these winged babies of yours. I never would have thought a bird would be so possessive, though I do know just how intelligent they are. My masi had parrots when I was younger, and they would pick up words – and more importantly, know when to use them – so quickly!! Do share a video of these beauties too – would love to see their antics in action!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! That sounds awesome, Shinjini! I am waiting for my babies to utter words..Right now, all they say is ,”Piyu”…for “Pillu” which means a baby in Marathi, the word I use to address them all! πŸ™‚
      Will share a video too, some day. πŸ™‚


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