Pack in those proteins.

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I remember the tag line of the advert by NECC (National Egg Co-ordination Committee) that said,

Sunday ho ya Monday, roz khao unday!”

Since a long time now, NECC has encouraged us to eat an egg everyday, be it any day of the week. And, they have a good reason to do so.

I had never been an egg-lover and would just eat a boiled egg on some days, or an omelette.

However, with age and wear and tear, I experienced not just exhaustion, but also severe mood swings during PMS. Also, thanks to some really stressful period that I went through, I lost a lot of weight. Lack of sleep, no Yoga, erratic eating schedule had all taken its toll on my body and mind. Everyone could make out the change in me that was really not very appealing.

Instead of going to a nutritionist for some special diet plan that I knew I would never adhere to, I decided to make some changes in my diet and see how that helped.

Begin the day with a proper breakfast:

To begin with, I changed my breakfast. It used to be just a chilled coffee and a banana or some other fruit, and sometimes poha, upma, or omelette and toasted bread.

The new breakfast included a mug of milk with Horlicks, a boiled egg and a banana. And, I divided the breakfast in two parts. The egg-milk-banana is part one and whatever else I prepare for hubby–poha, upma, dosa,idli, sambhar– the second part that I have a couple hours later.

On days I don’t prepare poha/upma, I have a bowlful of yoghurt with a couple of dates, some almonds and walnuts.

Why eggs:

Eggs are a storehouse of nutrients. They consist of more than 10 vital nutrients in the form of vitamins, minerals and a large portion of high-quality proteins that our body needs on an everyday basis.

One boiled egg contains:

Calories: 80

Proteins: 6.3 gm

50% of our daily requirement of B-12

Vitamins A, D, E, folate, iron, zinc and choline.

The proteins present in egg provide you with the energy your body requires at the beginning of the day. A hearty, healthy breakfast ensures ample energy until lunch time to fight the lethargy that arises out of lack of nutrition, as well as an alert and an active mind.

Proteins contain amino acids that are called “the building blocks of proteins”. Proteins help our body to repair, build and strengthen and hence need to be given the importance they so deserve. One of the essential nutrients our body requires, proteins are created in our body with the help of amino acids present in certain foodstuffs. So, it is very necessary that we include as many foods as we can that consist of these magicians called, amino acids.

Proteins not only provide us with energy, but also…

help us fight infections

maintain healthy muscles

repair body tissues and cells, and,

keep nails and hair strong

I began this breakfast in the first week of July (I saved the date in my phone diary) and have been following it religiously for the past three months now.

The difference I noticed in myself:

My mood swings reduced considerably.

I hardly experience any weakness now.

I don’t feel very depressed and low, as I used to feel before I began this new diet.

My body is able to fight infections better (my cold and cough vanished in four days).

My skin feels better than earlier.

These were the main areas I wanted to work on. I haven’t been able to put on much weight, as yet. Proteins will not help me put on weight. But, an increase in energy levels, better concentration and a peaceful mind will suffice.

The irritation and anger that I used to experience prior to my periods has reduced drastically. And, all the credit goes to the egg. Or rather, the new and improved diet plan.

Eating a boiled egg has become a habit. Coffee no more figures in my daily diet. The focus is now on including foodstuffs that supply all the essential nutrients and improve my health. Some weight-gain will be a welcome by-product that will make me appear less like a stick and more like the “khatey-peetey ghar ki” (well-fed). But, until that happens, I am happy feeling good from within than just looking good!

All it needs is to boil an egg first thing in the morning and the most important part of my breakfast is ready!

Do you include eggs in your daily diet? If you don’t, I urge you to begin now. We need those proteins a lot more than we care to know.








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10 thoughts on “Pack in those proteins.

  1. True. Even i remember those old ads… So many versions, one with Tendulkar and Agarkar and all 🙂

    Egg is such a good option actually.. Cheap and rich in so many things.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I remember that tag line. 😀 I like eggs though there is no overwhelming love for them. We do have eggs couple of days a week or so. I give a boiled egg everyday to my kids because of its protein content. There are times I switch to an egg diet in an effort to reduce my weight. But almost always I fail to maintain it on the 3rd day. I like your health and fitness posts, Shilpa. Makes me want to stick to my regimen. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. DO add a boiled egg to everyday diet, too,Vini. You too need those proteins, as do your little boys.
      It does take a while to get into a habit, and thankfully, there are certain things I am obsessed about and so find it easy making forming habits. 🙂


  3. Boiled eggs are excellent for breakfast. In fact, I give them to my son every day and even though I’m not a huge fan of eggs, I think I do like to make myself an egg white omelette every now and then, (with some ginger and green chillies thrown in). That’s like my comfort food, you know. Oct 12 was World Egg Day, right? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I used to love that jingle and it brought back memmories; I have loved egg with a devotion that will shame many a non vegetarian. I loved the French Toast my dad used to make for us on Sundays, omlette, masala bhurji and parantha, egg curry, fried egg………………….. I LOVE eggs.

    Unfortunately due to some reason I have developed a sort of allergy to it ; I cant eat eggs all the year round now – maybe one month in winters or if I am in some place where the temperatures is down. I dont know what it is – an albumin allergy or heat releated but I cant digest eggs in a hot climate!

    I am pretty miffed at the Universe for this but while I was in Uttarakhand for the 3 weeks, my host and hostess let me devour them by the dozens as I could happily digest them there 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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