Pursue a hobby for better health


Today feels like one of those perfect days when my household chores get done before time and I find some extra time on hand. Days, when I can plan out my work and complete it and be satisfied with myself. And, happy, too!

Yes, my work–my writing and my art–gives me immense happiness. And, on days when I am unable to indulge in either of these, it feels as if I missed out on something very important, which makes me cranky.

Writing and art are the two hobbies that make my heart feel contented and my mind, relaxed. Β And, as I finished my housework before time, I could actually sit down this morning to make an artwork before beginning this post as opposed to every other day when I have to fight for some time for my art.

Hobbies are a part of our life, be it writing, reading, art, sewing, crocheting, gardening, cooking, baking, dancing, singing….the list goes on. These are activities that may not help us earn our livelihood, but these help us stay mentally and physically healthy.

Hobbies for good health


IMPROVE FOCUS & CONCENTRATION: When you sit down to read, write or draw, or, in short, spend some time pursuing a hobby, your mind makes space for thoughts related to that activity and gets rid of all the clutter that usually crowds the mind.

Your worries, stress, anxiety, irritation, anger, sorrow – all of it gets replaced by a sense of calm and peace. Your attention span improves, you focus wholly on that activity and become oblivious to the rest of the world.

Hobbies quieten the restless mind and help you reap the benefits of being ‘still’.

IMPROVE MOOD: The time you spend doing that activity instantly improves your mood, which, in turn, results in a release of your happy hormones–endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine.

You may have noticed how refreshed you are by the time you have completed the activity. A dancer might feel all the more energetic, or a singer might feel a lot calmer. And, an artist might feel jubilant at having created the art he/she had planned in detail.

REDUCE ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION:Β Hobbies are those activities that help us push away all the other thoughts, the what-ifs, the stressors and concentrate on creating something with our hands, our fingers.

Watching it ‘coming to life’ drives away the thoughts that make us anxious or depressed and relieve us of all the accumulated stress. Hobbies can, actually, act like a drug that reduces anxiety, increases calmness and help us sleep better!


KEEP YOU FIT: Your hobby keeps you physically active and as a result, fit and healthy. Be it dance, sports, gardening, or any other activity which requires you to step outdoors and get moving,

It helps your heartbeat wonderfully and exercises every muscle, every bone that would otherwise lie idle, lolling on the couch, doing nothing!

HELP YOU SOCIALISE: If it’s a hobby that requires you to step outdoors and visit places, then you are sure to meet like-minded people, who share your passion for that hobby. You learn to share your experiences, swap ideas and express yourself better.

And, if you are an introvert, then be sure to observe a sea change in yourself if you begin pursuing a hobby that asks of you to step ‘out’ of your cocoon! Your social circle is sure to widen and loneliness will become a thing of the past.

HELP YOU WIDEN YOUR HORIZONS: Yes, these are activities that will not only help you health-wise but also increase your knowledge, change your perspectives and help you learn something much more than you ever imagined.

There are countless things in our world we know nothing about. Your hobby is sure to help you discover something new and help improve your skills, give you new ideas and teach you newer ways of doing things. I learned Zentangle and making the Mandala through the various social media platforms–art forms I never knew existed!

READ THIS Β Healing powers of the Mandala


We live our lives in pursuit of peace and happiness. That’s why, in a life that is so short, uncertain and full of stress and difficulties, it helps to have a hobby that gives us some moments of respite from all the chaos.

A hobby gives our mind and body a few moments of peace and joy that give us renewed energy to go back out there and tackle Life and its complicated situations, all over again.

So, what’s your hobby? Do you make time for it in your daily schedule?









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Do you know the secret to living a happy life? Eat. Pray. Love. Or, watch what you eat, wish well for all and fill your heart with love! That's precisely what I try to do through my blogs: 'Metanoia', the wellness blogazine, and 'Fictionista', my blog for fiction and non-fiction. Welcome to my virtual homes!

43 thoughts on “Pursue a hobby for better health

  1. All valid points Shilpa. Indulging in a hobby has come to be essential for mental health. A relative of mine struggling with depression was actually prescribed to get a hobby by her doctor.
    I love reading, writing, crafting and a little bit of colouring too. I just never have enough time for everything.

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  2. You’ve made some excellent points, Shilpa. I also believe that making time for our hobbies is essential to our mental health! And making time to honour our creative impulses does a lot for our personal well-being too.

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    1. Oh yes, Shinjini! Indulging in our hobbies gives us this sense of peace and a happiness that there is something in our life that is special to us, that helps us survive and fills us with a sense of pride, too! A huge morale-booster! πŸ™‚


  3. Agree with what you have written Shilpa, we need hobbies, to destress us, and to make us feel joyful. My reading and writing have always been my hobby, but now that I blog regularly, I somehow feel it would be wrong to call them hobbies because they have taken over my whole life – it has become my profession too. So I do a bit of gardening and call that my hobby.

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    1. That’s so great, isn’t it, Anshu? A hobby that makes us financially secure also improves our sense of self-worth apart from keeping us mentally fitter. Wonder what we would do if we didn’t have any hobbies, at all!


  4. Completely agree with the necessity for a hobby. My hobby always has been and always will be reading πŸ™‚ When I read I can completely lose myself, my stress, my worries, all of it in a flash.

    Of late, I truly cherish my evening walks too, for the fresh air that I get in as a result. I can also vouch for the mental wellness that a good hobby allows for. And now, knowing how to manage my online time effectively has allowed abundant time for my hobbies, so I am more than grateful for every second of it. πŸ™‚

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    1. Books! What would we do without these? I love reading, too, and love it when I am able to lose myself in the pages of a story that take me away from the place I am in and give me some precious moments of joy.
      Yes, time management helps us not only work better but also make place for our hobbies in our everyday schedule.


  5. I agree with all your points here. I have seen myself evolve over the years with my regular writing.
    I like blogging and reading books as hobbies but reading blogs is my biggest hobby I think. Reading my friends’ blog posts make me happiest the most. I have discovered colouring recently but I do not consider it as a hobby. It is more of a practice which relieves me of stress instantly.

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    1. And your comments speak of the happiness it gives you to read your friends’ posts, Anu!
      Yes, colouring seems to have helped you, too…I do notice the change in you and I am sure some day it is going to turn into a hobby for you. πŸ™‚


  6. Agree on all points. Hobbies are the best mood enhancers… Indulging in art or dancing provides the perfect stress relief. And I love the social aspect to it too where you connect with like minded amazingly talented people. It’s inspiring and motivating as well.

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  7. I have so many hobbies or let’s say activities that give me joy: reading is the primary one, music (singing and dancing along with it), writing (especially on my blogs), cooking, fitness and many more. What would we be without our hobbies?


  8. I’m absolutely certain if it weren’t for my hobbies, I’d have perished from the face of the planet many years ago, Shilpa! So, completely agree on the importance of hobbies in our lives and how much our physical, emotional, social and mental wellbeing depends on them. I cannot even imagine my life without my art, my music and my writing! No matter how difficult it gets some days to take time out for these, I still do give them a priority because they keep me sane. Kudos, my friend, for this lovely writeup! I vouch for it wholeheartedly. πŸ™‚

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    1. Same here, Esha. During all the stressful times, I guess it was my Chikoo and my art that helped me stay sane. And, now, it is writing, reading and art that see me through the tumultuous moments.


    1. I do, too, Sanch! I feel so happy after completing an artwork. it gives me loads of enthusiasm to work on my writing. SO, these days I begin my day with some art and then move on to writing, πŸ™‚


  9. Amazing points there, Shilpa! Especially for women because we tend to forget about our hobbies after our school or college days. Pursuing a hobby will most importantly make us happy πŸ™‚

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  10. What a wonderful topic! My varied hobbies are a boon and a bane for you as i call it jokingly. Boon part, of course, no explanation needed. But bane, because i have so many…At various points in my life i had been interested in different things; Apart from painting, reading & writing, I had done crocheting, quilt-making, interior designing, baking,gardening, fashion designing and recently soap making and homemade products. I guess you will agree now, But at each point i had loved with all my heart and soul and I love that all these keeps me wonderfully happy and far from boredom.

    BTW, been so long since I visited any blogs…so nice to connect again. Wishing you a very happy 2019 Shilpa.

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    1. Wow! That’s quite a lot of hobbies, Kalpana! And, interesting, too! I can understand how happy they must keep you, and of course, engrossed.

      Wish you too a very happy 2019, dear Kalpana! ❀


  11. I agree with you, Shilpa. I wish my mom pursued at least one hobby. She is always bored and unhappy. Even when she visits my sister she is bored and unhappy. I have asked her many times to do something. She doesn’t understand the benefits of indulging in hobbies.
    I think my hobbies are reading, baking, writing, planning πŸ˜€ , trying to do zentangle patterns, coloring, etc. Thing is I’m never bored. In fact, I am not able to spend time on my hobbies as I would like because of my kids. πŸ™‚

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    1. I can so understand, Vini. WIth two little boys needing your time and attention you must rarely find the time to pursue your hobbies, and yet, you do squeeze out some time to write some really wonderful posts! So proud of you. ❀


  12. I truly agree with you. A hobby helps to give you more power internally. it just makes me strong and also happy. I have made a small corner of my home as my hobby corner, Generally, I spend my time reading or quilling. Nowadays I love to bake. and this makes me feel positive from inside.

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    1. A hobby corner sounds so warm and cozy! I can imagine how happy you must feel in your favourite spot.
      Yes, my art and writing also make me feel positive from within…it’s something I look forward to as the day begins. πŸ™‚

      Thank you for visiting, Sonam!

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