Where do you like to read?

February is the Library Lover’s Month. I came across this information while surfing the net and felt that, actually, for a book lover, every month could be the Library Lovers’ Month, right? For so many of us bookworms, the library and the book shop are the most favourite places in the world!

I remember my college library, with its rows and rows of book stands, the peace and quiet of the place as everyone around busied themselves with a book. I wished I could spend my time at the library instead of the classroom, listening to those unexciting lectures. I would have learned a lot more at the library, no? 😜

And, entering a book shop makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland, with a hundred treasures waiting to be discovered. Picking up a book from the neatly arranged shelves, staring at its colourful cover, turning its crisp pages and taking in a lungful of their freshness and wondering what story they hold within them–how I wish I could live in that palace of books forever!

Anyway, coming back to the topic, I came across a post on Lydia Schoch’s blog about ‘What is the Perfect Reading Spot?” last year, and found it to be an interesting topic to write about. For, there are days when you want to give your mind a break from doing any research for your niche topic, and write something delightful and entertaining, instead.

So, as I asked, where do you like to read?
What’s your favourite reading spot?

For me, when I was a kid, it was a Gulmohar tree in my garden. I would climb on it and settle on one of its branches to enjoy a book during my summer vacations. It wasn’t a very tall tree, but its branches were pretty sturdy and held me perfectly well. The leaves would shade me from the sun and the breeze would sway the tree gently, making me feel overwhelmed by the experience.

My room was my other favourite reading spot and I would lose myself in the pages of one of my books and forget the world. Mom would keep calling out my name, asking me to come down for meals, or to help out with some chore. I would plead with her to give me “just five minutes more“, but, those five minutes would never end!

Now, I enjoy reading in the balcony of my house, sometimes. It faces an endless stretch of mangroves and is a very peaceful spot. So, in the evening, before going for my walk, I slip out there with my book and make myself comfortable on a low wooden stool and get busy reading.

I also like reading by the dining table that faces a big window and the mangrove stretch outside. Sitting on a chair, with my legs stretched out on another chair facing me, I sit for hours with my head buried in a book. My winged babies climb onto my shoulders to take a peep at what it is that has all my attention. They even try pecking at it out of jealousy!

Earlier, I used to read in bed. But, last year, after I began experiencing an unbearable backache, my doctor advised me to refrain from doing so. “Sit in a straight-backed chair to read; do not slouch, and DO NOT read in bed!” he said. So, I gave up that habit. On days when I feel like reading before sleeping, I do read in bed, but with a couple of pillows supporting my back. And, yes, I sit erect. No lying in bed to read!

Actually, if I have a book, I could read anywhere..even in a crowded mall, where hubby is busy window-shopping or looking at the cars on display at a car showroom. He is an auto buff and I am not. So, I prefer sitting with my book than torture my feet, standing and staring at those gleaming machines.

Come to think about it, my perfect reading spot would be at the beach. Just imagine….the wind, the surf, the soft, grainy sand, the sound of the waves, and I, with my book…and not a soul on the beach…just like in the image below.

Ah, bliss!

Hmmm….so, that’s it about me. What about you? What is your favourite reading spot?



Celebrating the Library Lover's Month!

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21 thoughts on “Where do you like to read?

  1. Plenty of favorite reading spots…but the truth is, it can be anywhere. When I consciously settle down, these days it is in my living room on a two-seater sofa I like to occupy fully, legs swinging over the sides and cushions behind me. Bliss! I enjoy going to the library or a book store though. The ambiance is unmatched. And of course, the smell of books! Ah!

    Love your sketch, Shilpa!

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    1. That sketch is nothing compared to your awesome sketches, Vidya! It’s just what I could manage with Cookie and Chikki pulling my hair and nibbling my ear as I tried making it. 😛


    1. Yes, I know, Sanch, how much you enjoy reading at the beach. And, I am so jealous! 😛
      There isn’t a beach anywhere in New Mumbai and the ones in town are really not as peaceful as I would like them to be. 🙂


  2. Library Lover’s month? Man, thank you for letting me know about this as I have so many fond memories of libraries. I’ll so a post on it, maybe 🙂

    My favorite place to read is at home, with a cup of green tea and no noise around. This is my guilty pleasure and I get cranky if I don’t get to do this. While I can read on flights, I do not read while travelling by road, it hurts my head. Also, I can’t read in crowded places. I need a quiet, lonely place for me to enjoy reading.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, yes, do a post on this topic, Soumya! Being a book lover, I am sure you will enjoy writing all about your fav reading places.

      Yeah, reading while travelling by road gives me headaches, too. How I wish we had buses that flew! There wouldn’t be any jerks while travelling and we could have read in peace! 😛


  3. Reading on a deck chair by the beach or even in a balcony would be my favourite place to read too! Alas no such luck. But I make do with a cozy diwan, feeling the sea breeze and a soft blanket to cover my outstretched legs. Else I read in my bed, slouched into the blanket…. But as you said I can read anywhere – in a lift, in a car, in the elevator anywhere at all!

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    1. I used to love reading in the bus, but it gave me headaches. Of course, reading in a moving vehicle is so not recommended.
      Reading in a lift…hahaha….now that will tell the world to leave you in peace! Best way to avoid people you don’t wish to communicate with, eh, Sunita? 😛


  4. Wow – A Library Lovers Month. That’s new! That last bit of your post had me sold on the idea of reading peacefully on the beach. That’s not happening though, for sometime at least. Sigh! For now it’s the balcony that’s my favourite reading spot. Oh and also in bed. I do love that, though the thought of a bad back is scary. I used to read on the bus when I was in school but now I end up feeling nauseous.

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    1. Same here, Tulika!
      There aren’t the kind of beaches I would like to read at in my city. And, whenever I do get a chance to go out of town, to visit the beach, I forget to carry my book! But it must be such a lovely experience, na?


  5. I can read anywhere, especially if the book is addictive enough. That being said, I mostly like to read in bed. But after reading this post on the issues it can cause, I think I must reconsider my posture.

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    1. Yes, Shan…sahi kaha. If the book is engrossing enough, one can read anywhere in the world. I remember reading under my blanket with the help of a torch light when I was a kid! 😛


  6. It seems that I rarely read books these days, but when I do, it’s usually in bed, late at night. Haven’t noticed any issues with doing that. Sometimes, the living room couch serves as a reading spot as well. Interesting to learn this is Library Lovers Month! It’s been years since I set foot in one. I should go, at least to see how it has changed over time. 🙂

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  7. I am so glad to read this content. Because I have been in very busy with job for past one year and I can’t spend time to read books like this. Thank you for reminding me my fevorate habit…….

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