Get rid of the mental clutter.



Marie Kondo has been inspiring people around the world to get rid of things they have no use and keeping only those that “spark joy”! I agree with her vision for a de-cluttered, peaceful environment to live in. De-cluttering needs to be a way of life!

However, today, I am writing about ways to declutter your mental rooms that hold the mess that could harm our mental health. I believe, we have quite a few rooms up there, in our mind, that occupy different things: people, issues and thoughts, most of which we really do not need. Rooms, that need to be de-cluttered regularly along with those in our homes!

It’s quite some time now since I have been de-cluttering my mental rooms. My anxiety about the stress related to my life had driven away my peace of mind.

That’s not to say that I am totally in control of my thoughts and that my mental rooms are now squeaky clean. There are days when my mind is overcrowded with disturbing thoughts that affect my mental health, my sleep and my entire day. But, then, so’s Life–there are sunny days and there are stormy ones, too!



Ways to declutter the mental rooms

1. Maintain a daily journal:

Write down the thoughts that disturb you, whatever they may be, about people in your life, issues at work, your fears about the future, etc. Then, revisit those pages after a few days, and read your words, objectively. Are those thoughts and feelings real, or are they your anxieties? Answer this question and you will know which thoughts to toss out and which to work on.

2. Let go of grudges:

A grudge stays in our mind for years together and ruins our peace of mind. It doesn’t harm the person we have a grudge against but completely poisons our entire system. So, just let go of it. Forgive and forget for your sake. It’s tough, but it’s worth it. Moreover, it’s good for your mental health.


Ways to declutter the mental rooms

3. Practice mindfulness:

Focus on the activity at hand, whatever it may be. This, too, is tough, but get into the habit. Write it down in your journal every day when you were ‘mindful’ and reward yourself if you observe that you have been consistent in doing it. Remember: Live in the moment.

4. Learn to IGNORE:

Ignore the things you cannot change and change the things you cannot ignore.” Nothing is in our control except the way we react to life and to people–the two things you can never change! So, why not change the way we look at them?

5. Read:

A book can transport us to a world far away from ours, so, what better way to busy the mind than to read an engrossing story! Isn’t this the best thing we could do to declutter our mental rooms?

6. Pursue a hobby:

It could be anything you like–there are a million activities that help us improve our mental health. Choose one that is sure to spark joy and pursue it with passion.

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ways to declutter the mental rooms


7. Follow a fitness routine:

Working on your physical health will give your mind something positive to think about. However, don’t make it something like obsessing about losing weight–that will worsen the situation. Engage in a fitness routine that makes you feel good from within. Over time, it will show its results on the outside, too.

8. Spend time outdoors:

Like on weekends, when you have some free time, you could visit a theatre, or a museum or a nearby park. It keeps us mentally healthy when we are outdoors, amongst people, or surrounded by nature.

9. Ignore the trifles:

Things that are of little or no importance to us need not be encouraged to occupy our mental rooms. Just trash the useless stuff and free yourself!

10. Positive self-talk:

Begin every day with a positive affirmation. Tell yourself that you are an awesome person and how proud you are of yourself, and that whatever comes your way, you will face it bravely. Do it. Every. Single. Day.

Ways to declutter the mental rooms

11. Practice Gratitude:

For whatever you have been given by Life–good times and bad–be grateful. The good times brought you happiness, but the bad times taught you precious life lessons and made you a better version of yourself. That’s what difficulties do for us. I am so thankful for things that go wrong; I learn from them so much! Just a “Thank you, dear Universe!” is more than enough. But, do it with all your heart.

12. Let go:

Let go of people who serve no purpose in your life; let go of everything that does not matter in the larger scheme of things. Hold on to people who matter and who care, and memories that bring a smile to your face.


13. Focus on your work:

Be it as a homemaker, an office-goer or a student, focus on your work 100%. I read a quote that says, “Six months of hardcore focus and alignment can take you 5 years ahead in Life.” Why not tweak it a bit and say, “Every moment I work, I will do it with hardcore focus and alignment.”?

14. Communicate:

Share your fears and anxieties that bother you, with your close ones. Many a time, our fears are baseless, a figment of our imagination. Speaking things out loud also helps you listen to what you think.

15. Look for your stress-busters:

What is it that helps you de-stress? Listening to music, playing with your kids or spending time with your pets? Do it every time you find yourself sitting idle. Remember what we learned at school? “An idle mind is a devil’s workshop!” It so is.

Ways to declutter the mental rooms

16. Plan for the day:

Take one day at a time, make a list of tasks and work towards fulfilling those tasks to the best of your ability. At the end of the day, tick off those tasks you completed perfectly and in time, and push those you couldn’t to the next day. Do not fret over the latter ones. It’s okay to miss out on a couple of things, but not at all okay to lose your sleep over it.

17. Make short term goals:

Make goals that are doable and for a shorter duration than planning for the next 6 months. Life doesn’t need even a moment to change your world, spoil your plans and leave you heartbroken. I don’t mean to sound discouraging, but, it’s a fact, isn’t it? So, make tiny goals that you can turn into habits for a lifetime.

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18. Change old habits:

Make a list of habits you need to really change and work on 2 of those for 21 days. Work diligently, consciously and see the results!

Ways to declutter the mental rooms

19. Spend less time on Social Media:

Social media ruins our mental health simply by sharing with us picture-perfect moments shared by people, who, we think “have it all figured out”. Believe me, it will take us a lifetime to “figure things out”…Life is such a mystery, I tell you!

20. Do not compare:

Comparing your life with others will only give you heartache. You never know the real emotions that hide behind those smiles!


So, these are the things I am working on and which are really helping me. Touchwood.

Do try out these de-cluttering ways and share with me if these helped you. Also, share with me any ideas you may have for de-cluttering–of the mental rooms. I would love to know!





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28 thoughts on “Get rid of the mental clutter.

  1. We are all so particular about how neat we look and how tidy and clutter free our living spaces are, however clearing mental clutter is the last thing on most mind. a cluttered mind does not allow us to live life fully.
    i am glad you wrote such a detailed post on this subject, Shilpa. Also, following your helpful tips should serve as a guide to anyone who wishes to declutter mentally.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Every single tip works! Pick two or pick them all! Mental decluttering is more important than physical clutter-clearing–because we need to be in the right state of mind to function. Thanks for the comprehensive list, Shilpa! Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very true, Vidya. Making sure our mind is in the right state will help us much more than making sure our homes look beautiful!
      Thank you so much! Hope you have a good weekend and hope the Instagram issue gets resolved. ❤


  3. Yes, everyone is high on discussing mental de cluttering these days. But the key is to take baby steps using the pointers in your post. It takes time, but results are definitive. Thank you for sharing such a useful post.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Did I tidy up the books scattered around the house owing to Marie Kondo effect? Decluttering proved to be good. And then I agree mental de-cluttering is utmost important. The tips you have shared make a lot of sense. Focusing on the present task, keeping the mind occupied with hobbies and volunteering and de-stressing with music and colouring are the ones I am resorting to in the present.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so so happy you took up colouring and volunteering, Anu. It will definitely help you reduce the clutter in your mind and live a much peaceful, calmer life. You deserve it!


  5. What a wonderful set of tips, Shilpa; each so bang on and relevant. Yes, so many times we forget to declutter our minds of all the negative thoughts and emotions. So very pertinent, to be able to do so.

    This is a fabulous ready reckoner.


  6. For a moment I thought you were going to talk about that Kondo woman who my daughters have been raving about. I myself don’t approved of her kind of de-cluttering. I have my own method of purging. But I did like your thoughts on de-cluttering the mind. Giving up grudges is the best …. you really have one less piece of baggage to carry.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course, Sunita. We all have our own different ways to get rid of unwanted stuff. But, it is the stuff in our mind that we need to purge on a regular basis. And, grudges are the number one unnecessary load on our mind and our heart that needs to be just thrown away ASAP!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. All these are effective tips, Shilpa. Mental decluttering will take much more time than tidying up a house or room. You have given so many sensible tips to make room inside the mind. I am already following most of them, but decluttering completely needs patience. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes, mental decluttering isn’t an overnight job. It takes days, sometimes months and loads of hard work and patience, Vini. It’s an everyday thing we need to do without fail.
      All the very best to you and me, too! ❤


  8. Having a cluttered mind is a lot more worse than a cluttered house, but usually we focus on de-cluttering the latter. Valid pointers and we need to follow them religiously for clarity, focus and peace of mind. Thanks for the reminder, Shilpa!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Wowza- you have this down so well Shilpa!! Its great that you have slayed your own demons and now powering ahead to help others with these tips! Its very brave of you to share your fears and the ways to overcome too!

    Hugs and cheers for a great day ahead Shilpa!!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Yes, yes, yes! All the points speak to me. It feels as if you’ve written everything that was on my mind. Mental decluttering is so important to me. I find myself doing this ever so often these days. Nothing else is on my mind as much as this is! Trying to get the family to do it alongside is the challenge. Working on the two men and their minds in this respect seems like hard work but when did I ever give up something because it is tough? So, yes, my mantra too, dear Shilpa. I’m so glad you wrote this beautiful post as a reminder for all of us. You have an awesome weekend ahead. We need to catch up soon. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, Esha!!!
      I have been thinking of calling you up since a week now….will do it soon!
      I am glad you are doing your best to de-clutter not only your mind, but also of your family’s. It is so essential today, what with all the trash that goes on swimming in our heads all day long.

      You keep working, Esha….you are a brave girl and I am sure that some day you will definitely succeed in ridding of the clutter that brings you all down.



  11. Decluttering should always begin with mental clutter. Such wonderful points you have brought out here, Shilpa.

    My anxiety has been at its peak for months now, but it is time I take matters in my hand and get it sorted.

    Liked by 1 person

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