The best chemical-free hair colour for beautiful hair.


To begin with, this is not a sponsored post. This is about a product I have been using for quite some time now and being satisfied with it, wished to share it with you all.

I began using Greynil about two years ago, on the behest of my cousin. Before that, I used to apply henna to cover my greys. It gave my hair a fiery red shade and then orange, much to my dismay. I did not want orange hair and neither did I wish to use chemical hair colours.

So, I opted for Greynil and am really happy with the way my hair feels today!


Greynil is a chemical-free, herbal hair colour. It is manufactured by Dr Jain’s Herbals brand and is prepared using the following ingredients:


Henna powder

Indigo (Neel)

Sofia Oil (Perfume)


Greynil is available in two shades: Brown and Dark Brown.

Choose the shade that suits your natural hair colour.

Take the required quantity in a bowl and add boiling water to it to make a paste. Leave it aside for a few minutes. Wear the gloves that come with the pack and apply the paste to your hair when it is lukewarm.

Part your hair and apply from roots to the ends with a brush.

Once you have finished, cover the hair with a shower cap and then tie a towel, or a cotton dupatta on top, like a turban. This will keep the hair colour warm and prevent you from catching a cold or experiencing a headache.

Keep it for two hours and then wash off with cold water.

DO NOT SHAMPOO the same day.

Once the hair dries, you will find it rough to touch and tough to comb and de-tangle. Do not worry. Just comb as gently as you can and tie your hair in a bun.

Oil your hair the next morning. Your hair will soften as soon as you apply oil.

After 2 – 3 hours, wash your hair using your usual shampoo and conditioner, or even shikakai, if you use it (you will find the lather turning blue–that’s because of the Indigo.).

Let your hair dry naturally, or towel-dry it, gently.

De-tangle the hair once dry.

Initially, you will need to apply Greynil every 8 to 10 days. Later, you may use it every fortnight.


1. Greynil, being a pure herbal hair colour, is free of any chemicals, and, is, therefore, not harmful for your hair and skin.

2. It makes the hair softer, silkier, improves hair-growth and the health of your crowning glory!

3. You will also notice a decrease in dandruff with regular use of Greynil.

I add half a spoon of methi seeds’ powder while making the paste. Methi is a miracle seed and a blessing for not just your hair but also your health.

4. Greynil doesn’t make your hair orange when it fades after some days, but leaves it with a brown tinge and then, back to your natural hair colour.

Greynil is available at your nearest chemist-druggist. You can also buy it online.

Hair colours–whichever brand they may belong to–contain chemicals that are harmful to our hair and skin and result in the hair turning grey sooner. Using chemical-based hair colours also results in excess hair fall, dry hair and dandruff.

This particular product suited my hair and skin and gave good results. Skin and hair types vary from person to person, so if you experience any discomfort while using it, you can always switch to henna.


Add beetroot juice to henna if you have brownish hair and wish for a maroon tinge. Beetroot also helps reduce hair fall.









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27 thoughts on “The best chemical-free hair colour for beautiful hair.

  1. Dear Shilpa,

    A very relevant post, given todays times when most people constantly reach out for the chemical hair colouring options which is such a bane for the hair. Everytime a friend tells me she is going to colour her hair or going for a touch-up I cringe, and so wish I can make them switch to a natural alternative.

    After using hair colour for a few years, I also switched to Kama Ayurvedics Henna and Indigo about two years back. My hair quality improved drastically thereafter. The texture became smoother and the hair thicker. I wish I had never coloured my hair which spoilt the texture and increased the greying.

    Well, to cut a long story short, I’m so glad I saw this post, as it’s a bit too tedious to use the Kama Henna and Indigo, as they require separate application. So it’s like half a day gone (rather the entire morning) But what I knew from experts that both Henna and Indigo can’t be mixed together.
    I’m intrigued that there is a product in the market that mixes both, thereby saving so much time.

    How long have you been using this?
    I would definitely like to give this a try. Thanks for the tip off.

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  2. I struggled with hair color which left my hair so thin and lifeless. Then I stopped coloring my hair which went all white and my family berated me for keeping it white and not coloring. So, am applying only Mehndi once in about four months. The hair quality has improved and it has become thicker. But, I dont like the orange tinge it leaves behind. I would love to try our this one.

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  3. I didn’t know indigo can be used on hair too. So glad your found a chemical free alternative. I tried to change the color of my hair once but my hair is so dark nothing happened, except massive hairfall. After that no more coloring. It’s really hard to find chemical free options.

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  4. Thanks to my useless hair, I’ve been dying since over a decade and it has left me with almost nothing. Definitely need options which are good for the hair itself and not just ones that provide shiny blacks and browns.

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  5. I am sure this post will be very useful for a lot of people. Henna has the orange colour problem and chemical hair colours damage the hair. A good and effective herbal alternative is good news. Personally, I am blessed genetically as I have not a single grey strand as of yet. Genetically, because my mother and my Naani, both got grey hair late in life and so will be my case, I suppose. Given my laziness with anything and everything, I am sure I am not going to take up the pain of colouring my hair. I will better have a white head to make a point – “Ye baal dhoop main safed nahin kiye hain main ne.” 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I know your aversion to hair colouring, Anu! And, you are blessed to have not a single grey strand as yet, so don’t worry. And, your line is good, use it if and when people begin questioning you about your hair colour.
      I hadn’t coloured in a long time last year what with all sorts of stress going on. But, hubby would complain that my head appeared as if someone had dropped flour on it, so could I please colour my hair!!!? And, so, finally, Diwali mein colour karna phir shuru kiya. It does feel good now. 🙂


  6. I streaked my hair years ago and damaged them in process. I havent colored all my hair and have no plans to do it too. I so want to have a lovely salt and pepper look. Havent reached there as yet, but hopefully soon. LOL 😀
    Glad that there are chemical free hair colors, thanks for sharing your experience, Shilpa.

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    1. I, too, have decided to go grey after a few years…the salt and pepper look does look classy and sexy, isn’t it? 😛
      Well, let’s see how long I continue having the patience for colouring. 😀


  7. That’s so nice of you to do a non-sponsored post on a product you love. We seldom get to see people like you these days. Love you for that ❤

    Thanks to my work stress and lifestyle, I have plenty of greys in my hair. I have been using hair color once in two months to just color my grey roots, and so far they haven't given me any problem.

    Good that you found a product that suits you and is natural too! I had to go through so many brands to finally find one that could suit me.

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    1. Yes, Soumya, I, too am glad I found this product to colour my hair. I so didn’t wish to use chemical-laden hair colours and spoil my hair.
      Stress and a busy life style can ruin not just our hair, but also our health. Good to know you take care of it all! 🙂


  8. Nice! Haven’t heard of this, Shilpa. Good to see it agrees with your hair/skin.

    Me, too lazy to color my hair and believe that I look fine as is with the grey wisdom thrown in. I have my fantasy! I do take care to oil and condition with a few homemade kitchen recipes, though. And while beetroot gives the lovely maroon tinge, adding curd to henna will minimize the orange or red. 🙂 I have a secret recipe for a hair pack if you’d like.

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    1. Oh wow! I always knew you are a treasure trove of knowledge, Vidya. Yes, yes, please, I would love that secret recipe!
      I have stopped applying henna, but when I did, I used to add beetroot juice and the tinge it gave my hair… I loved it! But, the orange returned soon after and I quit using henna.

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  9. Hi Shilpa,

    Thanks for this review. I have a few questions – are you still using this? Does this turn black hair into white/grey? A lot of stuff available in the market only aggregates greying even of nongrey hair as you begin to use them. Is Greynil one such product too? Please do let me know.

    I always used fresh mehendi leaves and ground them and applied on my hair. Now, I do not have means to fresh mehendi leaves and have no option but use store-bought mehendi powder. However, the anxiety whether I would do my hair more harm than good is killing me. Please let me know if I should go ahead with this one? Also have you tried Nupur by Godrej?

    I do not have a lot of greys, just a few here and there near my forehead and temples. Should I still give this a shot? Or wait till I have more greys?

    Sorry for asking so many questions, but I really need some help deciding. Thanks in advance.


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    1. Hi Jincy,
      I used plain henna earlier, for many years. But, it was on the suggestion of my cousin (whose mum uses it, too) that I switched to Greynil.
      Greynil does not turn black hair white/grey. If you stop using it, the hair eventually goes back to its white colour.
      I can vouch for the fact that Greynil improves the hair quality.
      If you are worried about using it, I would suggest another solution.

      Use Nupur henna powder to colour your hair. To it, add coffee powder and fenugreek powder and apply it on hair. Leave it on for 2 hours. Rinse well. Then, apply a paste of Indigo powder and water. Indigo Powder is also available at the chemist’s. It’s a Dr. Jain herbal product and is also very good for the hair.
      Once you have washed off the henna, mix a couple of spoons of indigo powder in water, make a medium thick paste and apply it to your damp hair. Leave it on for 45 minutes and then wash off.
      Once the hair has dried, it might feel rough/dry to the touch. Apply coconut oil the next day (after 24 hours) and then shampoo after 2 hours.
      This is also a very good solution for grey hair as well as dull, lustreless hair. I have tried both these techniques and have only benefitted from them.
      It has been a couple of months since I coloured my hair–I have become lazy ;P . But, now that I have shared this with you, I feel inspired to taking better care of my hair. I will colour my hair soon!

      I hope this answers your queries. Do let me know if you use it and what you think about it.

      Thank you so much for visiting, Jincy!


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