Book on nutrition, by Rujuta Diwekar


INDIAN SUPERFOODS, by Rujuta Diwekar.

I received this book from my blogger friend, Ashvini Naik for a quiz on Instagram that I won. I wanted to do this post on the book ever since, but somehow it got delayed. Nevertheless, here it is, today. It is certainly not a review, but about a book that I found extremely helpful, informative and practical.

Rujuta Diwekar is a famous name amongst Indians for the health and nutrition tips she gives; lessons on a diet that are easy to follow, make a lot of sense and are inspired by the food habits of our ancestors.

I totally agree with Ms. Diwekar’s motto of eating what’s grown locally; eating every 2 -3 hours and eating all that you like, but, within limits.

In this book, Ms. Diwekar introduces us to 10 Indian Superfoods that not only help in reducing weight but help care for our overall health.

The foods she has discussed are:











These are the ten foods she speaks about in a language and style that is so easy to understand and relate to.

She goes back to the times of our grandmothers and how they incorporated seasonal fruits/vegetables in their everyday diet to stay healthy.

How and why they insisted on avoiding certain foods in certain seasons as these harms not only our health but also that of the Universe!

She has beautifully explained how, according to Ayurveda, one should not eat food that disturbs our personal constitution as well as one that disturbs the constitution of the Universe–a principle based on the understanding that what can cause harm to the human being, can also cause harm to the entire Creation.

She has also given tips on how and when to incorporate these superfoods in our diet; ways in which these foods are used to manufacture snacks, health foods etc to be consumed by people when they need those nutrients the most.

She has cleared certain myths regarding foods like Ghee and Sugar–yes, the foodstuff that is abhorred by the health fanatics.

Her very casual way of explaining makes one feel like she is having a chat with us, telling us what, how and why we ought to eat foods which will improve our health in such a way that we stay healthy–right from our gut to our skin, or from the inside to the outside!

I would suggest you read the book. Making certain changes in our diet based on Ms. Diwekar’s teachings is sure to restore your health and vitality and give you the body of your dreams!




SUPERFOODS & why you need them

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22 thoughts on “Book on nutrition, by Rujuta Diwekar

  1. I’ve seen a number of her Facebook lives and I do think she makes a lot of sense. The idea of eating local and seasonal appeals to me too. This sounds like a useful book to have around.

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  2. I like rujutas way of writing but more importantly I like the way she promotes Indian foods. Though I haven’t read this one particularly I read it’s excerpt somewhere. Sounds like a good book. Lemme see if my husband doesn’t already own it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes, that ‘s precisely what got my attention. Also, hubby has attended her sessions on weight loss and liked the way she explains why we need to eat local foodstuffs and how we can manage our weight and our health without following any “diets”!


  3. I’ve found some of her advice to be contradictory sometimes, but I’m totally on board with eating seasonal foods. And yes, the 10 super foods she mentions are indeed vital to our health, especially ghee!

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  4. I have heard so much about the book. Even back in my hometown, people prefer to eat seasonal vegetable and fruits. These days it’s really hard to figure out what’s seasonal and what’s not since everything is always available in the supermarket. I love ghee… it’s the best 🙂

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    1. Yeah, Raj. Everything is available in the supermarkets, but it’s always best to eat what’s locally grown. The nutrients in these are fresh when we consume it, as opposed to the foodstuffs that are imported from overseas, which lose their nutritional value by the time we lay our hands on them! 🙂


  5. Rujuta Diwekar has been instrumental in demystifying diet in India. Her books have been beneficial for the everyday language in which it speaks to people. I read her first book more than 10 years ago and it opened my eyes. The concept of superfoods is worth reading about. But first,I need to know what is Kokum, ambadi or aliv.

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