The school that gave Mithu an identity. #HelpMithuSaveSchool

Sometime back, I met a blogger friend whose passion for her writing and a cause dear to her heart left me amazed. Damyanti Biswas introduced us to the Project Why that works towards providing educational support to underprivileged children under the guidance of Anouradha Bakshi.

It’s a non-profit, after-school support program that works towards the all-round development of children apart from imparting education and equipping them with life skills that help them in securing a decent  future for themselves.

Project WHY has, so far, reached out to almost 1200 children and 160 women. and since 2005, they have also been conducting a computer education programme which is in need of funds for its survival.

Damyanti proposed this Valentine’s Day Blogathon to spread the word through our blogs and find the much-needed help for the centre and for Mithu.

Sharing today, the heartwarming story of Mithu, from the computer centre and his fearless attitude towards life that has made him a real life Hero. A Hero who, today, needs your love and support to help him continue with his work as a computer teacher.


When he was a little kid, Mithu lost both his legs to Polio. A student at the Project WHY Okhla centre, he was never interested in formal education, but developed a liking for computers.

The centre, which was established about 14 years ago at the site of a dustbin, provided formal education to 350 children from the nearby underprivileged communities. Working on his passion for computers, Mithu climbed up the ladder of success with his hard work and is now a computer teacher at the same centre that gave him a new life.

A centre that worked towards saving the children from the demons of drug addiction, it was started at the dumping site with only a plastic sheet and four poles to offer the students some shade and a place to bring a change in their lives.

WIth the tireless efforts of Anouradha Bakshi, Mithu and other teachers, the centre went from strength to strength and today is a proud structure that offers primary and secondary education as well as computer education to the children and employment to the adults.

However, the school is in dire need of funds lest it has to close down and Mithu loses his job, his passion. And, it is our responsibility to spread the word and find the help for Mithu and the school, for the simple reason that it is a place that saves children from the negative elements of our society and nurtures them so that they bloom into responsible adults and make a life for themselves.



The centre needs sustainable funds to meet these needs:

  1. 4 Staff Honorariums for 6 months:      379, 104 (5,330 USD)
  2. Electricity for 6 months:                           9,000 (125 USD)
  3. Learning aids & Stationary:                    15, 000 (210 USD)
  4. Laptop for Mithu:                                   33, 700 (475  USD)
  5. Internet:                                                   3, 000( 45 USD)
  6. Bank fees for Fundraiser:                        48, 379 (680 USD)


    TOTAL:                                                   488, 183 (6, 685 USD)


I am sharing this post on my blog to spread the word about this wonderful centre and an amazing computer teacher who need help so that they can continue working for the underprivileged and save many more lives.

If you wish to contribute, just click here: #HelpMithuSaveSchool

You may either donate to the centre or spread the word through social media, either ways your contribution will be valuable for the teachers: Mithu, Sophia Tirkey, Pushpa Kumar, Naresh Bharadwaj and their school!



Let’s help Mithu raise Rs. 488, 183 (6,865 USD).

If you would like to know more about the school, click here to read some inspiring stories of the teachers who work at the centre and the Valentine’s Day Blogathon–Save a school here.



I am writing this post for We Are The World Blogfest where we share true stories of real life heroes from around the world, who make a difference to the society they live in. Do join in with your own posts if you come across such true stories that strike a chord or move you with their humaneness and their beauty!


We Are The World Blogfest

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16 thoughts on “The school that gave Mithu an identity. #HelpMithuSaveSchool

  1. Thank you for sharing this story – celebrating both the empowerment of those served by this noteworthy school, and the importance that we must be willing to support the initiatives that provide assistance to those in need.


  2. Hi Shilpa – I hope we are all being generous and the school will continue on – to send more bright intelligent children out into the world – who will remember their past and the help they were given … thank you – cheers Hilary

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