10 ways to help you become your # 1 fan.

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Have you noticed how we have grown so critical about ourselves? How, we are constantly judging ourselves, comparing ourselves with others in every way possible and disrespecting ourselves, shaming ourselves for all the things that go wrong?

We have this mental image of someone–a touchstone, so to say– who is perfect in every way–physical appearance, emotional stability, and strength, the capability to multi-task with the deftness of a professional juggler–an image in which we never fit!

We lack in some area or the other, and consider ourselves so-not-perfect.

We are:

either too thin, or too fat,

lacking in the looks department,

lacking in the self-esteem department, too,

lagging way behind in The Race,

Rarely do we pat our back and congratulate ourselves for having come this far in life; for having faced courageously every hurdle we came across. Instead, we find faults in how we aren’t as talented, ambitious,  confident and outgoing as those others, who have it all!

Not for a second do we think that we may not be all that the others are, but we most definitely are what the others are not.

We have a personality of our own; we are capable enough to face every curve ball that comes our way; we are achievers in our own way.

Yes, we have our idiosyncrasies, our shortcomings, our inability to carry out things that others can, but then, it’s these very traits that make us unique, don’t you think?

Why not accept ourselves with our flaws?

Why not appreciate ourselves for the unique way we are created?



I am the only one like me,

I accept myself the way I am.

I am proud of myself.

I have complete trust in my capabilities.

I can do anything I put my mind to.

I am not afraid of failure.

I have the courage to accept defeat because I am confident that someday I shall win!

Success for me is my happiness and my peace of mind.

If others have a problem with me, then it’s there problem, altogether.


  1. Each time you look into the mirror, don’t focus on your flaws, but on how those flaws enhance your beauty.
  2. Send yourself a flying kiss and gush over how awesome you are (It might make you feel like Narcissus, but, believe me, most of the people around  are narcissists. So chill!)
  3. Change your attitude towards yourself.
  4. Compliment yourself for every little victory and DO NOT criticise yourself for the blunders. Remember, to err is human.
  5. Be proud of whatever you do, because YOU make a world of difference to someone’s Life!
  6. And, finally, DO NOT wait for compliments from others. You will have to keep waiting. Instead, compliment yourself!

So, get going, dear reader!


Much love





*I am participating in the April A to Z Blogging Challenge, and my theme this year is ‘SELF-CARE’.

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Published by shilpagupte

Do you know the secret to living a happy life? Eat. Pray. Love. Or, watch what you eat, wish well for all and fill your heart with love! That's precisely what I try to do through my blogs: 'Metanoia', the wellness blogazine, and 'Fictionista', my blog for fiction and non-fiction. Welcome to my virtual homes!

28 thoughts on “10 ways to help you become your # 1 fan.

  1. we are critical and harsh on ourselves and should learn to appreciates the plus point and accept the flaws. love all your self-care tips, Shilpa.

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  2. . . . . And when you wake up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I love you” and smile at yourself. We ARE enough. Comparison is the thief of joy. 🧡 Love the post, Shilpa!

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  3. If these are the kind of posts for your A to Z, I am going to have to save all the articles. Heaven knows this one 100% resonates with me.

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  4. Love it, Shilpa. Your post has a certain thehrav, a tranquility about it and of course every word you say is true. It took some time but now main apni favourite hoon. 🙂

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  5. Good theme, Shilpa. I’m going to enjoy coming back here every day.
    This topic… we all know this theoretically, right? But implementing it and actually getting it to be our default state… that is soooo damn elusive! 😛
    Well, you’ve already dropped by at my blog, so you already know that my post for today is similar! 😀
    Happy AtoZing!
    P.S.- I love the top this girl-in-the-pic is wearing! 😛

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    1. True, Kaddu!
      We know we are supposed to take care of us, but we rarely do so. And, hence this post, to remind myself, too, that I need to now focus on myself more! 🙂


  6. With every passing day, I am accepting my flaws a little bit more. Now I am no more bothered about my fat nose or broad shoulders. This post is so beautiful, just like you.

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  7. Some people have admiring themselves down to an art form. Unfortunately, it’s usually the WRONG people, and those who are most critical of their flaws are least deserving of the harshness.

    Self-awareness, and acceptance of what we cannot – or will not – change, is a good thing. If we see our own flaws, can we improve ourselves a little, over time? Not to be like some ideal other person, but to be the best version of ourselves that we can be? And if we’re going to complain to ourselves about ourselves, but change nothing, why bother? Why tear ourselves down for things we’ve no ability or intention to change?

    We ought to love ourselves honestly. We’re the only person we can truly count on to be with us from birth to death – the one true friend we have complete control over. I don’t know that everyone needs to admire themselves more, but we can all be genuinely kinder to ourselves and give ourselves credit where it’s due, and allow ourselves to be flawed and imperfect and differently gifted. To have the self-confidence to admit that that’s enough.

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    1. Your words sum up the entire series of my A to Z posts, Holly!
      Perfectly expressed through every word why we need to love ourselves and care for ourselves instead of waiting for others to do so!
      Thanks a ton!<3

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  8. Such a beautiful theme, Shilpa and I am getting all emotional reading this. I’ve been terribly stress with no time to take care of myself and I feel like I look and behave like a mess these days. This is something I needed to read today. Thank you so much. Lots of love!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. But we all are messy sometimes, Soumya!That’s life–at times messy, at times beautiful! Stress will do that to us each time it comes for a visit into our Life.
      I hope my posts help you, as well as help me, to change the way we think about ourselves in relation to our life! 🙂


  9. This is right up my alley, Shilpa. I have started to focus on self love after the burnout and I’m doing better. One of my tactics is to write down how helpful I was. Also when I feel not so great I do something to rectify that like applying a face mask or getting a haircut or just smiling at the mirror. Writing down what a great soul I am might sound bragging to others but it helps me feel good on a not so good day. Why wait for someone else to compliment us. You are so right. Great start to the AtoZ challenge, my dear! 😀

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    1. I am so happy to hear this, Vini. We all need to make self care a part of our everyday schedules, but we either forget ourselves or ignore our needs, which in turn affects our health.
      DO take care and you know I am just a ping away, whenever you feel like chatting!
      Hugs! ❤


  10. I hope you know it well that even if I read none of the bloggers who are doing A to Z posts or if you were to choose a topic of not my interest, I would have still come here from time to time to read your posts.
    Self-care is one topic which is bound to touch each and every life. Admire yourself is a reminder I need to give myself repeatedly. There are phases I do it then fall off the track and feel the worst. Looking in the mirror does not come easily to me. Talk of negative physical self-image. Writing it down, having let it out now I have to add a positive affirmation for this in my pocketbook.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You need to force yourself to look at yourself in the mirror, Anu. It’s YOU you will see in there! And, if you don’t like what you see, how will you be happy from within? Love yourself, unconditionally, Anu!
      And, thank you so much for dropping by!


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