Simple tips for grooming. #AtoZChallenge

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Have you noticed how happy you feel after a visit to a beauty salon? Be it a hair-cut, a mani-pedi, or a head/body massage, pampering your body is one of the most therapeutic activities we indulge in.

Not only do these grooming sessions take care of our body, physically, but mentally and emotionally, too. Of course, not all have the time or even the energy to visit a salon every week/fortnight. But, we definitely can find time to do a little something at least over the weekends, can’t we?

Maybe a mani-pedi, or a facial, a head massage, or exfoliation with ingredients from the kitchen…you can do it all in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Women prioritize all the extra chores that need to be completed over the weekends. Add to it, there are the school projects that kids need help with. There’s hardly any time left.

But, grooming at home hardly takes a lot of time, really. Believe me, it takes no more than 10 minutes to 40 minutes in the bathroom depending on whether you decide to scrub your feet or your entire body, plus a hair-wash. Yes, I timed it all–I had to write about it here, so the R&D was much-needed!

Also, staying well-groomed is a necessity, not to impress others,  but to feel good about yourself!

Women, usually, tend to let themselves go after marriage. Correct me, if I am wrong, but don’t we become ‘lazy’ about grooming matters? I know I was! But, since some years now, grooming is a part of my weekly schedule, and I do it so that I FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF.







  1. Use ingredients from the kitchen for preparing face and body scrubs.

  2. Be gentle with your skin–especially your facial skin.

  3. A facial done at home might not be your idea of pampering, but trust me, there’s a lot of difference between how a beautician massages and how you do it–you know the kind of pressure you find comfortable.

  4. Scrub your feet every night. It takes just a few minutes. Apply Vaseline or a foot care cream and you have beautiful feet, free of cracks and dead skin.

  5. Apply coconut oil to dry hands and feet, at least, at night. The skin soaks it all up and the oil softens your skin better than a chemical-laden cream.

  6. Include a head massage at least twice a week. Heat some coconut oil, add fenugreek seeds and curry leaves. Heat for a few minutes. Allow to cool and store in a glass jar. Apply this oil to your hair regularly to reduce hair-fall and dandruff and make your hair stronger and silkier.

  7. Opt for henna or chemical-free hair colors.

  8. Look after your hands well. They show the first signs of lack of care.

  9. Never compare yourself with others. Be happy with how you have been created.

  10. And, finally, SMILE. It’s the best accessory to enhance your beauty!


Much love,







I am participating in the April A to Z Blogging Challenge. My theme this year is ‘SELF-CARE’. You will find all the posts here.


24 thoughts on “Simple tips for grooming. #AtoZChallenge”

  1. I do a few like apply coconut oil to my fair before washing. I even make my own shampoo at home. But I am a bit lazy with homemade packs and home pedicure etc. I prefer to get them done at a parlour but miss them more often than not. Sigh! I am regular with threading.

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  2. I have someone never liked visiting parlors until absolutely necessary. But, I do like taking care of myself and it is very important to me. I’m always known to be well dressed and well groomed and I take pride in that because a lot of effort goes behind it.

    Women need to take care of themselves in every way possible. It should be made a birthright!

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    1. I know how well dressed and well groomed you always are, Soumya! It’s something that inspired me ever since I started following you.
      So, thanks for the inspiration! ❤


  3. Absolutely right, Shilpa! I do all the kitchen stuff. And dressing as if I got to work all the time 🙂 Great feeling. I wish I had listened to my mom about taking care of my hair. Sigh. Now after losing most of it I fret and oil it regularly. Of course, the diabetes does not help. Just today, I chopped off three inches to get rid of thinning ends and feel happy about it!

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    1. We all ignore ourselves sometimes, Archana. There are a hundred things that need our attention. Precisely the reason why we need to find a little time to pamper ourselves!


  4. Grooming and me have never been friends. The only grooming I do is threading and once in 6 months haircut. I have always been known as jhalli because if I ever managed to take out time for myself, I ended up sleeping or reading a book instead. But great post Shilpa and very helpful tips.

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    1. Sleeping and reading a book do a lot more to your mental and emotional health, which, in turn, reflects on your face. So, Sonia, I would say, carry on! Enjoy what you do and keep smiling, dear Jhallii! 😛


    1. I liked that line you mentioned, “Apply on your skin what you can eat.” That makes so much sense, isn’t it? I realised the benefits of using natural ingredients pretty late in life, but, I guess, better late than never! 🙂
      Thank you for dropping by, Kislaya!


  5. Grooming is important, it is not only good for your skin but does wonders to your confidence too. I use ingredients from the kitchen to scrub and clean, regularly. Thanks to colored streaks/highlights done years ago, I now have to take more care of my hair with natural ingredients.

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