Why you must maintain a Journal.

Journaling has been a favorite activity for many of us. Be it a diary you maintain every day or a bullet journal you maintain for your to-do lists, your daily/weekly/monthly goals, it’s something most of us have made an important part of our daily lives.

Writing my innermost thoughts in my diary relieves me from the stress that I don’t wish to share with others. It also helps when I make some goals and need to have a clear picture of where I stand and what I need to work on.

It’s a lot like sharing stuff with your friend/mentor without the fear of being judged or your secrets revealed!


Journalling everyday is like sharing with your closest friend your everyday stuff, some secrets, daily anecdotes–stuff that makes for wonderful reading when you find yourself sitting idle.

It also helps you get over issues that bother you every day. You express your stress through words, which often helps you find solutions to your problems. At times, it helps you realize how there have been no problems at all!

Maintaining a daily diary helps tremendously if you are an introvert (like yours truly) and prefer your own company. If there are issues bothering you, which you would rather puzzle out on your own, just share them with your diary and it will help you find comfort among its pages.


A bullet journal helps if you like planning.

Preparing daily to-do lists, to writing your weekly or monthly goals that you wish to accomplish, bullet journaling is one of the best ways to not only get a clear picture of all that you wish to fulfil but also improves your productivity because it makes you accountable to yourself.

All you need for a bullet journal is a book and a pen and you are ready to go.

Sharing today an article for bullet journaling especially for bloggers written by my blogger friend and mentor, Shailaja Vishwanath. She gives a detailed lesson on how to create a bullet journal and how it will help you plan for the future and also improve your productivity.


  1. Use a Bullet Journal to plan your goals, whatever they may be. Even if you aren’t working, you could think of something you need to do for yourself and work around it.
  2. Using the bullet journal definitely helps us work harder and make intelligent use of our time, in turn improving our productivity and giving us clarity regarding things we need to accomplish.
  3. Write a letter to yourself in your Daily Journal. A letter telling yourself how proud you are of the person you have become, and how much YOU matter.

Gift yourself a journal today. The varieties that are available are mind-boggling. You won’t be able to make up your mind which one to pick and which one to let go! It will be one of the best things you would be doing for yourself, you know!



The benefits of JOURNALING



I am participating in the April A to Z Blogging Challenge, and my theme this year is, ‘SELF-CARE’.

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22 thoughts on “Why you must maintain a Journal.

    1. I began writing down my goals sometime last year. Of course, I couldn’t achieve all of those, but it gave me a clear picture of what I needed to do in my life, what I needed to change about myself and what was good for me and my mental health.
      Thank you, Sonia!


  1. I’ve somehow never maintained a journal. I do have an online place where I jot down work tasks and have a diligent list of work tasks done and pending. Otherwise, I make small lists but don’t jot down in a journal or diary on a daily basis. Maybe someday.

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    1. I jot down thoughts that bother me sometimes, else I deal with things myself. I also do not maintain a gratitude journal, but think about all the things I am grateful for in my life, everyday. But, for certain things I do need to do, I have started maintaining a bullet journal. This helps me stay true to myself and remember what needs to be worked upon.


  2. One long lost art but I feel a few folks do keep it going. Daily journals are fun to read after years. It shows us clearly the way we have grown in life. And yes, a bullet journal can be very effective in organising things. Good post! Kudos!

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    1. Oh yes, daily journals make for enjoyable reading in the future. They are also helpful if you wish to find solutions to things that bother you. When we write it all down, we can see in front of us what’s bothering, what needs to be solved and what needs to be ignored. 🙂
      Thank you, Sonal!

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  3. I tried but failed at keeping a journal – online or a physical one! It just didnt do it for me. Somehow I have gone from a to-do list person to wing it when the time comes person! Lazy, bored or just uninspired – maybe I need to chat with you to get me into my writing mojo!!

    Veyr well written post Shilpa – hope you are rocking at AtoZ this year!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I, too, make my to-do lists and plans in my diary. But, my feelings find their way in my personal diary only when I am overwhelmed by something and don’t have anybody to share it with. 🙂

      Thanks a lot, Shalz! ❤ Yeah, I am enjoying my A to Z.


  4. During my school/college days I used to maintain a journal. Recently, while going through a bad phase I started journaling again and it helped me immensely.

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    1. It does, Soumya.
      Sometimes, when something weighs on me heavily and I jot it down in my diary, I get a clear picture of what the matter is, and on reading it after a few days, I realise I stressed for no reason at all, or that it was a matter that didn’t need so much importance! 🙂


    1. What would we do without our to-do lists and our planners? 🙂 I too make lists wherever I can to remind me of things to do and plans to be made.
      Thank you for dropping by, Debbie! 🙂


  5. I keep bullet journals for my daily to-do-list, blogging goals, shopping lists, practically everything. I can’t function without lists.

    Daily personal journal… that’s something I tried but it didn’t really work out for me. Every time I read it again, even after years, it would still take me back to the same emotional state. So anything sad penned there, made me sad all over again. Finally, I tore it up.

    Find my J post @ Memories Of Journeys With Indian Railways

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    1. Yes, Kaddu, daily journals where we pour our deepest emotions can do that to us when we revisit our past through them. All those memories come flooding back and take away our peace of mind. I,too, tear up the pages of my diary where I write stuff that brought a lot of sorrow in my Life. Why remind ourselves of it again and again and spoil the happiness we experience later?


  6. I used to write in a Journal daily years ago. I have a few of old journals, which I like to read every now and then. Now it’s a bullet journal for me. Cant start my day without listing my to-do lists, actionables and goals for the day. I like to see all the items in my list ticked at the end of the day. This listing part gives a sense of direction, goal clarity, prioritization and helps to manage time as well.

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    1. Haha! Our to-do lists are like our lifelines, isn’t it, Shilpa? If we hadn’t had these, we would have forgotten half the things we need to do in a day. 🙂 and lost our way to our goals, too!


  7. It has been a while since I wrote a journal! A few years ago, I would write one everyday. I’m planning to start a bullet journal now so that I can organize my day better. Right now my to-do lists s cattered in different places are my only help.

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  8. For a long time, I avoided this simply because of the fear of it being read by others…. but I kind of gave in this year and started writing with pen and paper on a journal again… felt good to be back.

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  9. I have a gratitude journal and I love it. I tried a bullet journal but I am not a big tracker and lister. So I use my gratitude journal to write to monthly to-dos, events of the year and the month. It works and makes me think and believe that different things can work for different people.

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