K – Be Kind to Yourself. #AtoZChallenge.

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If you are a fan of Ellen Degeneres, you must know her favourite quote:

“Be kind to one another.”

It’s, indeed, so necessary in today’s world, what with the kind of negativity we see around us. However, the one thing we often forget to do is,


Now, pampering yourself at a beauty salon does not amount to being kind to yourself! But, trying to put yourself first, saying, “NO”,when you have to stretch yourself to accommodate others, giving yourself a much-needed break once a week (at least)–that’s what I mean by being kind to yourself.

Of course, it is not in our genes to say no to people, even when we know others are taking us for granted. We can never say no to someone who gets all emotional about how much they need our help and how much it would mean to them. We might be short of time and energy, but when someone pleads with us to do something for them, we forget about ourselves, our needs and agree to all that’s being asked of us.

How does that affect us?

We are forever exhausted from being over-worked, irritated for not getting the respite we need, and annoyed for getting used by others.

We spend our lives doing this and never understand the way we hurt ourselves in the bargain. Being kind to others is important, but being kind to ourselves, well, that’s a necessity–our responsibility towards ourselves, isn’t it?

Being kind to yourself also means not comparing yourself with others; not comparing their journey to yours or putting yourself down because of your failures/shortcomings.

Being kind to yourself means not stretching yourself over your limits–both, physical and emotional–to feel a part of the crowd.

Being kind to yourself means accepting yourself the way you are–flaws and all– instead of striving to ape someone you admire.



  1. Tell yourself you are wonderful, and that you lack in nothing.
  2. Be careful what you talk about yourself–in front of others and in private.
  3. Do not get into a race with the world–you will only lose, miserably.
  4. Make your own goals, draw your own plans/course of action and work on it.
  5. Be your own cheer-leader.
  6. And, learn to draw the line–in short, say “NO” when you know you cannot agree to something.


You don’t need to stretch yourself like a rubber-band to keep the world happy, for, the world will never be happy, whatever you do. Keep yourself happy, instead. It will do a world of good to you, your physical, mental and emotional health.

Think over it. If you don’t do it for yourself, who will?





It's important to be kind to yourself first!


I am participating in the April A to Z Blogging Challenge, and my theme this year is, ‘SELF-CARE’.

You will find my posts here.


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14 thoughts on “K – Be Kind to Yourself. #AtoZChallenge.

  1. One of the toughest things to do when we keep thinking we have screwed things up or failed in various aspects of life is this. Have struggled personally and watched others struggle too

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  2. Be kind to ourselves is very important. I am learning the process of saying NO when I actually can’t do that thing. It is wise to be happy first then we can think of making others happy.

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  3. This is a very important post and lesson for all of us. Showing kindness to oneself is often confused with guilt for some people because they don’t want to put themselves first or say No especially women. I have realised over the years that I have to actively nurture myself. accept my flaws and feel good about my abilities. Also I am not too harsh on myself when I make mistakes and try to forgive myself. It is not always easy but yes I am making progress.

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  4. Need to say a big NO to others where-ever and when-ever required. and no guilt should be associated with it. In school we are taught to be kind to elders, schoolmates, friends and even animals but never taught to be kind to one-self. It is high time that school teachings are changed.

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  5. We are so used to beating ourselves up. But they say that we need to be gentle and kind first with ourselves if we wish to be gentle and kind with others. A challenging thing, but we must learn to accept ourselves, our mistakes and be ourselves.

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  6. I like the part about being yourself and not copying others.
    Btw, I’m still working on saying “No”… definitely got better at it in the last few months. It is most difficult saying “No” to the ones you love the most.
    Anyway, I couldn’t finish L post today, but not going to beat myself for it. Tomorrow is thankfully a Sunday. So will stop by on your L tomorrow now.
    If you have time, you should definitely catch up with my J post… the train journeys. I think you’ll enjoy it.

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