Never put up with abuse.

ABUSE: Treat with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly.

Be it mental, physical, emotional or financial, abuse of any kind devastates the victim, completely, and scars her for life. It leaves the children traumatized and fearful and causes a breakdown in the family, beyond repair.

It’s what we hear from someone else; someone getting physically abused by her partner, someone being mentally abused by a man who promises to change but doesn’t.

Someone, who fails to find the courage to raise her voice because she is financially dependent on the man and has little kids to look after.

Someone, who is desperate to flee her marital home, but can’t, because of societal pressure or for lack of parental support

Often, it is also something we fail to notice in our own world, rather, something we try to ignore.

It could be something as “minuscule” as a taunt repeated every once in a while. A taunt that has a sting to it that pierces the heart and leaves a deep wound that seldom gets cured.

Usually, the person inflicting the wound promises it was “just a joke”, or that they are “sorry”, and they will be careful with their words–a promise that gets forgotten soon enough.

The taunts, the verbal or emotional torture, the behaviour oscillating between good and bad–it goes on and on, often leading the victim to suspect her own mental condition.

She keeps mum, hides it from her family and lives her life wondering, and hoping, that things will get back to “normal”.

But, do you know that keeping mum is the biggest mistake you make?

You actually give the man the power and the confidence to continue with his behaviour, which in turn, ruins your Life. And, one of the most important parts of self-care is to NOT allow anybody to damage your self-respect, your peace of mind and your Life.

Never put up with abuse


Seek support if you find yourself in an abusive relationship.

DO NOT STAY SILENT. Wipe those tears, raise your voice and show him you cannot be dominated. I know, it isn’t as easy as it sounds and is possible only if you have a support system in place. So, ask for support–from your parents, siblings, friends, someone you are close to.

Contact a therapist to share your fears, your story, if you cannot share it with anybody.

Get in touch with a psychiatrist if you feel your anxieties/panic/fear getting out of control.

Contact a lawyer, or police, if you wish to get out of the relationship.

Contact the National Commission for Women to help you with your rights, entitlement, legal aid et al that you will need.


Remember, you deserve respect.

A relationship which abuses your trust treats you with disrespect, inflicts physical, mental and emotional wounds is not the kind of relationship you need. It’s a short, uncertain Life we live–one you cannot spend living in fear every minute. Get out of it and seek support….TODAY!

Love and hugs,





Never put up with abuse



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10 thoughts on “Never put up with abuse.

  1. What you said is so true. It need not be physical or verbal loud verbal insults. It can be verbal taunts that sting, added subtly into conversation over and over.

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  2. This is such an essential to talk about. Most of the people don’t even know that they are being subjected to emotional abuse. A chunk of domestic abuse cases are brushed away under the carpet. I’m sharing this far and wide hoping it created some kind of change.

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  3. I have so many women staying in abusive relationships.Many times, they dont even realize that they are being abused, they consider it to be the norm. Abuse of any kind destroys the self-esteem, making it feel impossible to start fresh. Such a sad state which affects on so many levels! 😦

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  4. You know, the moment you start calling out their taunts, they come back with another one, that you are too sensitive! And the worst part is that the people closest to us do this the most!
    It seriously takes a lot of courage and introspection to put your foot down against such behavior.
    I see this happening around me all the time. Especially with women. And nobody says a word!
    Find my N post @ 10 Personal Skills Of Narendra Modi That Truly Inspire Me

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