Why therapy is good for you.

Stress was a huge part of my life for quite a long period. Dealing with mental illness patients wasn’t easy. It took its toll on me, but I had no one to talk to. I did attend a few therapy sessions after learning about hubby’s bi polar disorder, but then, I wasn’t sure if therapy was worth it.

Why therapy is good for you

It was last year that I decided, on the spur of the moment at our psychiatrist’s, that I needed to deal with my stress and anxiety. I was exhausted holding it all in for almost 19 long years and I just wanted to get rid of the fear that hampered my growth.

There were things I had pushed to some dark corner of my mind and needed a release. And, that’s when I realized why therapy is a good idea if you have mental and emotional issues you can’t deal with.

I also discovered that I suffered from Generalised Anxiety disorder–the most common of anxiety disorders in today’s world.

Today, after more than five months of my first session, and with the help of medication, here’s how therapy changed me…


I am in a much better mental health than before.

I have learned to deal with the fear and the anxiety that would torture me earlier.

I have realized that my anxiety was a result of my imagination going wild.

I have become aware of how my mind works and how the negative thoughts disturb me so.

I have learned to change my thought process and look for positivity in even the most trying situations.

I have learned a few facts about my panic and how to deal with the uncertainties with a calm mind.

And, most important of all, I have learned to live in the moment and take life as it comes.

It is such a relief, being able to live life without fear or anxiety interrupting every step of the way!

So, if you, too, find yourself suffering from anxiety or panic and fear and wonder whom to talk to, then I would suggest you approach a psychologist who will help you.

Why therapy is good for you.

Do go through the list below and if you tick off even 8 out of the 10 points, then know that you need therapy.


1. If your loneliness gets frightening and leaves you feeling crippled.

2. If your anxiety comes in your way and controls your everyday functioning.

3. If you have sleep issues: have trouble falling asleep/have a disturbed sleep/feel fatigued at the beginning of your day.

4. If you have thoughts that control you and leave you distressed on a daily basis.

5. If you have difficulty dealing with issues arising in your relationships.

6. If you have anger issues.

7. If you suffer from uncontrollable mood swings.

8. If fear/jealousy/sadness et al are the emotions that rule your world.

9. If you feel depressed all the time.

10. If you find yourself unable to deal with difficult situations with confidence and courage.

There is really no shame in visiting a counsellor or going in for therapy. Your mind and your soul deserve to be cared for the same way you care for your physical health and appearance.

All it needs is a phone call to make an appointment, and complete faith in your therapist. Oh, and complete honesty on your part, too!

Take care.



Why therapy is a good idea.


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20 thoughts on “Why therapy is good for you.

  1. I am totally in favour of seeking therapy. I’ve done it at multiple stages in my life and I have always benefitted from it. As a matter of fact, I would go a step further and say that therapy should be a regular part of our lives.

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    1. Therapy only benefits people, Rachna. Sadly, not all think of it as helpful. Most think it’s only meant for people who have serious issues with their mental health.


    1. True, Kalpana. That question, “What will people think/say?” is what ruins everything. Do they, even for a second think if people will actually think something?


  2. Totally agree.. Now more than ever, we need to normalise people going for therapy. More and more suffer from so many things and just refuse to seek help till they reach a breaking point.


  3. Absolutely agree, Shilpa! Stress and anxiety are used so frequently in the normal conversations that we tend to underestimate what havoc they can create in our minds and bodies when they go untreated for a long time. I have met people who deny they have anxiety issues and live and suffer in denial, causing enormous problems for themselves and their families in the long run and then there are some who think that there is such a stigma that they will hide their problems in the closet forever. Therapy does help and let’s hope more people learn to seek timely help and lead healthier lives.


    1. So true, Esha. At times, I feel like shaking such people awake and telling them how much they need therapy. Wonder when the stigma attached to it will be replaced with acceptance of mental issues as part of life.

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  4. I agree with Rachna. Therapy should in fact be a part of our life. Our problems seem big to us because we don’t know how to deal with them. Like algebra, or trigonometry. But when we discuss things with a professional, we get a completely different perspective. And we get to know of various ways in which we can deal with those stressful situations in our lives. It’s same as taking extra lessons from your math teacher.

    Find my T post @ 10 Interesting Truths About Bloggers


    1. How true, Kaddu. It’s only when others look at it objectively, with a different perspective, do we understand how our problems can be dealt with easily. And, that’s why therapy is so useful.

      I liked your maths analogy. 🙂


  5. I’m so glad you found some time and mental space to write this, Shilpa! You are a hero, you know that?

    I’m always in favor of therapy. It has helped me get better to a very large extent. In today’s life we all need a therapist who looks at us in a non-judgemental way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s only after I went for the counselling that I realised how precious it is! That’s the reason why I feel people ought to get over the shame they experience and just go for it.


  6. Cheers to you Shilpa for being so honest with yourself and about yourself. At first glance one can hardly imagine you have such a tough life but then you take it in your stride. But as you say, there is no shame on admitting you need help and I am glad you are taking care of yourself. Keep smiling dear.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s my way to cheer myself up, Sunita. I have needed the help all these years, but sought it only now. I wish I had done it earlier. I just hope to inspire someone out there, who might be experiencing something similar, to reach out for the help they so need.


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